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New Hope Event Promoting Gun Legislation Draws Large Crowd

Photo: Hal Janssen

A community gathering in New Hope on Sunday that focused on “common sense gun legislation” drew an enthusiastic crowd of around 130. The meeting was held at the Event Center by Cornerstone at 46 N. Sugan Road from 3 to 4:30 p.m.

Sponsored by Indivisible Lambertville NJ/New Hope PA, and featuring speakers from Moms Demand Action and the newly-formed Bucks Students Demand Action, the event was organized to help “turn prayers into action.”

“Pennsylvania has one of the most relaxed background check laws in our area,” explained Allison Glickman, membership lead for Moms Demand Action – Bucks County. “Many guns used in crimes in N.J. are originally purchased here in P.A. We need to pressure our state legislature to close the ‘Long Gun Loophole’ which allows any gun over 16 inches (including an AR-15) to be sold legally in a private sale — including internet sales — and pass SB209 and HB 1400, so we can have a background check for every gun, every sale,”

“The time is now to turn thoughts and prayers into action, Glickman continued. “We are moving the needle and speaking truth to the masses on what common sense gun legislation should be in P.A. We are heading to Harrisburg this week to get the job done on SB 501, the Domestic Violence Bill, which will save lives by keeping firearms out of the hands of domestic abusers.”

“Indivisible Lambertville – New Hope is proud to highlight and support the work of Moms Demand Action and Students Demand Action,” said Indivisible LNH leader Cindi Sternfeld. “We look forward to supporting the student marches next Saturday in Doylestown, Trenton and Washington D.C., and to supporting candidates who align with our common values, including those who earn the Moms Demand Action ‘Gun Sense Candidate’ designation.”

Student-led #MarchForOurLives demonstrations are scheduled for March 24 throughout the U.S.


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  • I subscribe to the a service provided by the New Hope Solebury School District which not only informs the school community of the goings on in the schools but also in the district. I did not see anything posted last week about Sunday’s event. Also nothng mentioned thus far about the NHSD student government organizing a trip to Washington on March 24th. Is it just one and done- a rally on March 14th at the high school stadium field.

  • I certainly applaud the intentions of this organization. I do, however, question the statistics of crimes committed in NJ with guns purchased in PA. But, more importantly, where is the outrage against teen suicide? Where is the outrage against teen driving and texting? 11 teens die EVERY day while texting and driving. As a NJ paramedic I see the consequences daily. Two years ago a young teenage girl was beheaded in car crash on 195, OK, I know anecdotes do not validate an argument, but I see far more issues with teen suicide and mvc due to texting than anything else. Now get mad!

    • Senseless teen deaths that they bring upon themselves, suicide, texting while driving and drug overdoses happen everyday. They bully one another, they ignore the law and they experiment. Almost none of these tragedies involve guns, not even the suicides. Given the above statistic about texting & driving, over 350 teens are no longer alive since the Parkland, FL shooting. Where is the outrage?

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