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New Hope Reluctantly Agrees to Talk After Solebury Threatens to Hike Athletic Fees for Borough Kids

Say it ain’t so!

Solebury has never been known for being stingy, so why did the township’s board of supervisors at their Sept. 19 meeting float the idea of hiking fees for New Hope kids seeking to use their recreational fields?

After all, New Hope and Solebury have split the cost of athletic facilities since 2006. But now Solebury is saying it’s had enough not only with New Hope failing to pay its fair share, but also its leaders ducking discussions on the issue.

“I would like residents of both communities to continue to participate in the Solebury Park and Rec programs, but I would also like both municipalities to​ pitch in their fair share of the costs,” said Supervisor Helen Tai in a communication to residents. “Right now, Solebury taxpayers are paying about 25 times more than New Hope taxpayers.”

In fact, Solebury Township supervisors have been asking New Hope Borough Council to contribute more of its fair share since 2014, and New Hope has refused, Tai said. The township recently sent another formal invitation to New Hope council to meet and determine an equitable cost sharing agreement, but New Hope attempted to delay the meeting until next year.

Finally, on Wednesday afternoon, three hours after receiving a request for comment from the Free Press, New Hope Borough Council President Alison Kingsley agreed to discuss the issue with Solebury Board of Supervisors President Kevin Morrissey on Thursday.

“I hope this is the start of a series of thoughtful meetings to resolve the issue of expenses for shared services/assets between Solebury and New Hope,” Morrissey remarked.

Kingsley did not respond to a request for comment.

“Each year, Solebury taxpayers are paying approximately $15 per capita, while New Hope taxpayers are paying 59 cents per capita, and this does not include the cost of land acquisition or construction of fields and accompanying infrastructure such as parking lots and restrooms,” observed Tai. “Back in 2006, the two municipalities agreed that New Hope Boro would pay $1500/year to offset the cost of park and rec administration and also help pay for grant acquisition and matching. In exchange, their residents could participate in the Solebury programs for the same fee as Solebury residents.

“The amount was to be frozen at $1,500 from 2007-2011, and subject to increase thereafter,” continued Tai.  “Given that 11 years have passed since the agreement was signed and that our costs have continued to increase, I believe we are long overdue to reset the amount. This year, Park & Rec administration & operations are projected to be about $188,000, of which $59,000 comes from program revenues; $127,500 paid for by Solebury Taxpayers $1,500 paid for by New Hope Taxpayers.

“As a representative of Solebury residents, I can no longer in good conscience ask our taxpayers to continue to subsidize this expense for New Hope.,” Tai added.

The Solebury supervisor proposed what she and the board consider a more equitable split.

“Looking forward to 2018, we are projecting net expenses of approximately $141,000,” Tai explained. “An equitable split would be about $12.50 per capita, or $109,000 for Solebury, and $32,000 for New Hope, which makes up 23% of the population and 18% of the participants in the field sports programs.”

Solebury Supervisors instructed Morrissey to contact Kingsley and reiterate their desire to meet. “If they refuse, then we will rescind the agreement and discuss alternative ways to recoup the losses,” Tai said in her communique.

Solebury Supervisor Mark Baum Baicker agreed.

“New Hope Borough Council is on the clock,” he said. “It’s up to them to decide if they want to support their kids the way we support Solebury’s kids by increasing their contribution to a more equitable level, or whether they’d prefer that the parents of the participating New Hope kids be burdened with significantly higher registration fees than they’re now paying.”


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  • Build and they will come…that is what the Solebury Township board of supervisors has been agreeing to do for decades from the passionate pleas of Solebury parents. We need more playing fields! Over and over again. Well, you got the fields, now you have to deal with it. ST took the action thinking it was I guess, good for the community and property values. This isn’t a New Hope issue. Without the numbers by NH kids in the programs, well, what would Solebury parents have done without their coveted and prized playing fields…with their kids?

  • Seriously? This coming from solebury who has packed the area surrounding new hope with townhouses and approves develooment on our border that impacts our water and sewer and on top of all that, sends their kids to our boro in a private school setting on public taxes. Get over yourself, solebury. Build your own school on your own property.

  • My house isn’t on fire and it never will be. Why am i paying for the fire department?

    Send like a pretty big disparity. It will take quite a few traffic tickets to make up that shortfall.

    I think it would be important to read the original agreement as well. Can you post that Charlie?

    Local Man prefers his town over other local town.

    • It’s not anti-youth. It’s typical behavior based on a liberal mindset. They are getting a huge benefit and not paying for it, better known as a free ride. This should surprise no one, considering who we are dealing with. New Hope has the same mindset in regards to EMS services. They are shared with Solebury, yet New Hope, with all their tourists, makes the majority of requests for EMS to respond. New Hope refuses to pay their fair share for that or show up for a discussion about it. I think we need to “Make Solebury Great Again” and renegotiate deals that put Solebury taxpayers first.

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