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Bicyclist Injured Saturday in Collision on North Main Street in New Hope

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A bicyclist was injured Saturday afternoon in a collision with a car on North Main Street in New Hope.

Bicyclist Ronni Robinson, 49, of  Huntingdon Valley, struck a car driven by Maryanne Garber, 48, of New Hope. Police say the accident occurred at 12:28 p.m. in the area of 99 N. Main St., when Garber, traveling northbound on North Main, attempted to turn left across the southbound lane into a residential driveway to gain access to a nearby parking spot on that side of the street.

Police say bicyclist Robinson was making a “passing movement” on the left side of Garber’s vehicle when Garber began her left turning movement. Robinson ran into the side of the left of Garber’s turning car, say police, and a witness observed Robinson lying immobile on the road surface following the collision.

Robinson was transported to St. Mary’s Medical Center in Langhorne for treatment of injuries sustained in the accident, the extent of which were not available Monday. Police are still investigating the incident.

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  • it’s a very congested area for pedestrians, drivers, motorcyclists and cyclists. everyone needs to be aware of everyone else, as we all have a right to be there. there is really no other way to get out to river road and beyond, besides going through main street. and btw, i’m not sure where this reporter got their information, but i did not hit the car. if i had, i wouldn’t be sitting in my home typing this right now, i’d still be in the hospital. also, the driver turned left in front of me with no turn signal, illegally crossing a double yellow line. they were very sweet and couldn’t have been more helpful after realizing what happened.

  • Sorry somebody got hurt but I got no sympathy for these bicycle dweebs who insist on riding on Main St/Rte 32…which has long stretches with NO SHOULDER. Go put on your silly bike riding uniform and ride somewhere that’s not going expose my kids to seeing a horribly injured person on the side of the road.

  • Sorry to hear of injury, both physical and emotional in New Hope.
    I do have to say that on more than one occasion I almost hit a person on a bike who came up right along side of me, in between cars and created a dangerous situation. Luckily, I was not turning and I always look 3 & 4 times in my mirrors.
    Hope to see some good outcome from this.

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