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Outstanding Local Craft Beer Comes to Downtown New Hope with Great Barn Brewery Taproom on West Mechanic Street

Great Barn Brewery of Kintersville opened their new taproom at 12 W. Mechanic St. in New Hope on Thursday, and the crowd on hand seemed to love the suds and the view.

The spanking new beer emporium occupies the same space as did predecessors Teardrop Memories (funeral memorabilia) and the Gallery of the Stars (Jerry Garcia art), down the stairs next to Nektar. State law allows vineyards and breweries to run a tasting room in the same county in which they produce without requiring a liquor license.

We stopped by on opening day, and were greeted at the door by two soused revelers who couldn’t stop raving about the Sahti ale, which is brewed using juniper branches and a touch of honey. We started our hop-filled journey with a pint of Doan’s Lost Gold, a Kolsch-style ale typical of the Cologne area of Germany. Rich and delicious, it was an instant trip to Deutschland, and a great introduction to the range.

Head Brewer Chris Bowen.

The brew was named after the Doan Outlaws, a gang of Quaker brothers from Plumstead who spied for the British during the Revolutionary War and, legend has it, buried $2 million in gold near Lumberville.

Another pint with a local pedigree is the English Brown Ale infused with Hewn Spirit-aged coffee beans from Homestead Roasters, both of Bucks County. Reminiscent at first sip of Newcastle Brown Ale, the coffee note adds a distinct dimension that seems made for a crisp fall day, but was also refreshing on the muggy afternoon we visited.

“Instead of dry-hopping, we added whole coffee beans to the mix,” explained Great Barn Head Brewer Chris Bowen.

The Juicy IPA was mind-bending, a New England-style ale with a whopping 8.2% alcohol level. Through the buzz, an unusual note of grapefruit emerges, adding to a harmonious and idiosyncratic flavor profile that makes this the pint I’ll probably start with on my next visit.

Owner Steve Ferguson II fixes an uncooperative tap on opening day.

“Our journey began almost three years ago when we decided to grow our own beer,” say owners. “Starting with our own farm-harvested barley, we’re focused on capturing the essence of the Bucks County in every glass. Our microbrewery is committed to creating small batch, hand-crafted beers with a positive impact on the environment, and our philosophy requires that everything is made with extreme care and attention from basic raw ingredients.”

The atmosphere at the taproom is spare and unassuming, but the outdoor seating along the Ingham Creek, with gorgeous views of South Main Street, Nektar Wine Bar, and Bucks County Playhouse, is a coup.

Outstanding local craft beer served up in the heart of downtown New Hope — seems like a hit.






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