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Proposal for Supersized New Hope Wawa Moves Forward

WaWa “superstore” in Horsham.

New Hope Borough Council stayed largely on the sidelines early this week as Wawa’s engineer detailed plans for a new “superstore” that would straddle the border between New Hope and Solebury on Sugan Road.

Approval from both municipalities is required.

The current Wawa store at the corner of West Bridge Street and Sugan Road in New Hope is reputedly one of the busiest locations for the privately-held, secretive convenience store chain.

So, it comes as no surprise that Wawa would like to expand its local footprint, and their proposed superstore across from the New Hope Eagle Fire Company would sit on 3.5 acres of land adjacent to Route 202, divided evenly between New Hope and Solebury. The store itself would encompass 5,500 square feet, with around 70 parking spaces, and the gasoline service areas would feature six pumps.

Satellite view of proposed superstore site.

New Hope officials have begun their preliminary review, and an initial presentation last Tuesday by Adam Benosky of Bohler Engineering was relatively uneventful.

On its surface, the proposed gas-and-go megastore could enhance local tax revenue, generate jobs, and break up the local Lukoil monopoly at the pump. But similar development plans have met resistance in the past on environmental issues like noise, increased traffic and exhaust, nighttime illumination, and potential leakage of petroleum-based products into the local aquifer.

Detailed sketch of proposed superstore.

The superstore would be accessible from Sugan Road and both directions of Route 202.

Wawa is the largest convenience store chain in Pennsylvania, and also operates in New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, Florida and Virginia.



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  • Not that I would approve of this plan or have frequented WAWA- more then a handful of times-but the lack of markets in the New Hope area will make this successful for the company. WAWA- has long-hours and is always opened. North Point development destroyed significant natural beauty, ditto-all the development behind Village 2—- keep protesting– which some times is a determent for good and sometimes not such as the outbreak over having the music hall in Lambertville.

  • Who can we contact to stop this progress? This will bring nothing but profits to Wawa. No need to taint the beautiful town of new hope with commuters, all night neon lights, out of towners. Not to mention it’s directly by the New Hope high school. Most Wawas are not in such residential areas. They are capitalizing on the tourism that new hope brings and trying to get the 202 commuter crowd. There are plenty other spots along 202 for them to set up shop away from the town, the school and the residential areas.

  • Wawa stores at some of the other locations have exits at the traffic light, and that seems to work out OK. This plan does not, which means that a lot of cars will be turning in and out against thru traffic – which is congested in that area already.

    The existing Wawa at Sugan and 179 is a never-ending movement of cars in and out against thru traffic. The new Wawa would double the congestion since there will be the gas pumps added to the proposed property.

    How do the neighboring residents (North Pointe/Fieldstone) feel about the proposal?

  • 28 year New Hope resident and huge fan of Wawa (New Hope’s little store and elsewhere), but this would be needless, trashy sprawl, way too big and completely out of character with the location and the town. Something like this might be great at a major highway interchange, but totally inappropriate at this location. Sad that one of my all time favorite stores would consider doing this. I hope both municipalities push back hard.

  • The level of greed and corruption has reached a new low in the once quaint and beautiful town of New Hope. There are fewer original families every year. Anyone who mistakes the over development of the countryside that remains as good progress and job development is delusional. Tourism was a problem thirty years ago and has driven away most of the magnificent artists and artisans who thrived here, thirty to fifty, and 100 years ago. If a fraction of the time, energy and money had been spent to preserve the town, the history, and the land, there would be something of value to see and experience now and for future generations. I weep at the sight of “new”, and for the diminishing “hope” that once stood and worked together with character, conscience, and principles.

    • Yes I agree with you Mary! They let George Michael come in and tear down one historic building after another! At least five and Union Camp which was also done very corruptly and by deep pockets! The only way that got built was both the school and George Michael wanted and needed the back door road to be put through taking away again the land that was originally deeded by William Penn to the Roads family! That family originally donated land for the High School and now look what they have taken away from them! They also owned the land that crossed over 202 where Scannapeico got his development put in. All was taken by eminent domain! Hardy Bush while alive bonded with Scannapeico and George Michael to push all this through because nobody stood up to them, wasn’t paying attention and allowed this corruption to take place in New Hope and ruin the town!

    • Last week I noticed a sign on 202 across from Wegmans that one is going in there also. My biggest concern is the ability for the emergency vehicles across the street at The Firehouse to come and go without the interferance of traffic.

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