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Dream of being a Solebury Supervisor? Now’s your chance.

The Solebury Township Board of Supervisors has announced a vacancy, and the only requirement is that you’ve lived in town for a year.

Member Jim Searing announced his resignation from the Solebury Board of Supervisors at their Tuesday night meeting. He’s served since 2011, and is ready to move on.

So, if you’ve dreamed of being a Solebury Supervisor, as long as you’re a continuous resident of Solebury, you’re eligible. There are no educational or other requirements for the position, and neither a criminal record nor insanity seem to be an obstacle to holding public office in the township.

So what does it take to be a Solebury Supervisor?

“The primary requirement is for the Solebury citizen/future supervisor to want to treasure this community as so many other have done for over 315 years,” explained Kevin Morrissey, chair of the Solebury Township Board of Supervisors. “I feel honored to serve on the board, and help carry the baton and pass it forward to keep this wonderful/historic/natural setting of a community continuing into the future. I believe the person to fill this vacant position should feel the same way.”

Wise words. But are there any other specific characteristics needed to be a supervisor, beyond a love of the community? What about demonstrated leadership ability, extensive community service, or even good personal hygiene?

“A supervisor needs to be flexible in terms of requirements of the job,” said Morrissey. “Sometimes you are walking through a field to understand a zoning request, running to a meeting, or responding to a interview! The most important requirement is being able to adapt to change.”

Yes, but is there a lucrative compensation and benefits package associated with the position? Is a supervisor provided with a private helicopter, or are they able to cut in line at Dilly’s?

“The maximum annual salary of a supervisor of a township our size is $2,500,” said Morrissey, rising above the ridiculous line of questioning once again. “Obviously no one does do it for the money. However, there is a great sense of achievement, for example, when you are able to resolve a community issue that many have existed for quite some time. Nothing can compare with that.

“Currently we’re advertising for Solebury citizens to send their resume to the Township,” Morrissey added. “Very soon after that, we will arrange for an interview.”

Those interested in appointment to fill the vacancy on the Board of Supervisors should submit a letter of interest and resume no later than July 13 at the Solebury Township Municipal Building, 3092 Sugan Road, or mail it to P.O. Box 139, Solebury, PA 18963.

The appointment will be made at the regular meeting scheduled on July 18, 2017, at 7 p.m. at the township building, according to the supervisors, and the successor will hold the office until January 1, 2018.






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