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VIDEO: Large Turnout for Indivisible Lambertville New Hope ‘Love Thy Neighbor Walk’ Saturday

Local citizens marched in surprisingly large numbers in Lambertville and New Hope Saturday against what they see as anti-Muslim views under the guise of “March Against Sharia” protests around the country.

The Lambertville New Hope Indivisible Love thy Neighbor Walk began at the Phillip Pattore Justice Center at 25 S. Union St. at 1 p.m., and another line of marchers joined in from North Union Street at Bridge Street. The group crossed the free bridge to New Hope, and proceeded south on South Main Street.

Participants kept to the sidewalks in order to avoid interfering with the bustling Saturday crowds, say organizers.

“The Love Thy Neighbor Walk has been created to directly counter the anti-Muslim marches planned for this Saturday,” explained organizer Doug Graiver earlier this week. “Indivisible Lambertville New Hope is marching to counter the intolerance and scapegoating that is happening currently in our country.”





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  • Nice “White Mans Burden” reference, Marfon. And ironically apropos of these elitist white marchers. Some level of subliminal inner racism is at the core of each of these people.

  • So easy to march and “Love Your Neighbor” when your neighbor is a carbon copy of yourself. I’m sure they all felt sooooo good about themselves. Probably all went out for brunch afterwards. I agree with Melvin. Hypocrites.

  • Good point Mel. Most blacks, Asians, Hispanics, American Muslims, etc just shake their head and laugh at these self-important elitist white “progressives” who purport to speak for and defend the poor “brown people” who are not enlightened enough to do so for themselves. Rudyard would be proud…

  • As I look at the photos in the article, I se that something is missing from the so-called inclusive community of New Hope. Where are the blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Moslems? Does anyone have a copy of the demographics of New Hope, a community that claims to be Sooo inclusive, ready, willing and able to welcome people of all creeds, races and nationalities? From what I see, New Hope is about 95% white and Christian. Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but don’t say that New Hope is inclusive when in reality New Hope is actually exclusive. Blacks, Asians, Hispanics and Moslems, where are they?

  • About 80% of these people are either free thinking women or gay. While all these elitist progressives are congratulating themselves on being so “tolerant” the adherents of Sharia, who they are supporting, are planning on how to murder them. They have no capacity for an independent thought. The majority of intelligent Democratic voters are embarrassed.

  • It’s sad to see liberal fools working to import the next wave of Omar Mateens into the US.
    Let’s remember who is for importing these jihadis and the bloody results.

    The liberals. They own the Pulse Nightclub massacre. Not the KKK or the Neo Nazis. Liberals brought them in.

  • Beautiful day for a Love Thy Neighbor stroll. Different races, ethnicities, multiple generations … All gathered in Respect, Harmony and Peace! Very Well Done INDIVISIBLE Lambertville New Hope.

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