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Indivisible Lambertville New Hope to Hold Counter Protest Saturday Against ‘Anti-Muslim’ Marches

On Saturday, June 10, “anti-Muslim” protests are being held in 23 cities across the U.S., and Indivisible Lambertville New Hope is planning a “Love Thy Neighbor Walk” that day in response.

ACT for America is organizing the “March Against Sharia” marches, including one at the Harrisburg State Capitol, 501 N. 3rd St., from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

“This is a march against Sharia law and for human rights,” according to ACT for America. “Our nation is built on the freedom of religion — a pillar of our democracy — which we must always respect, protect, and honor. However, many aspects of Sharia law run contrary to basic human rights and are completely incompatible with our laws and our democratic values.”

The Lambertville New Hope Indivisible Love thy Neighbor Walk will begin at the Phillip Pattore Justice Center in Lambertville at 25 S. Union St. starting at 12:30 p.m. on June 10, proceeding to Main Street, then down Bridge Street, crossing the free bridge, and finishing up in New Hope.

“The walk will take place on the sidewalks in Lambertville and New Hope, crossing at all intersections, and following all state laws,” according to Indivisible LNH.

“The Love Thy Neighbor Walk has been created to directly counter the anti-Muslim marches planned for this Saturday,” explained organizer Doug Graiver.  “Indivisible Lambertville New Hope is marching to counter the intolerance and scapegoating that is happening currently in our country. Personally, I keep asking myself this:  ‘Who is next?’ What group will be the next victim of the intolerance that’s sweeping our country?”

Indivisible LNH is asking participants to bring signs “stressing the welcoming nature of our communities,” and “Hate Has No Home Here” signs will be available for $5.

A “Many Faiths, One Community: BuxMont Solidarity Gathering” is also being held at Doylestown Presbyterian Church.

Also on Saturday, June 10, from 2:30-4 p.m., Rise Up Doylestown and others are hosting a “Many Faiths, One Community: BuxMont Solidarity Gathering” at Doylestown Presbyterian Church, 127 E. Court St.

Supporting organizations include Showing Up For Racial Justice Delaware Valley, Bucks Equality Coalition, Welcoming the Stranger, Planned Parenthood Advocates of PA, and the NOVA Network of Victim Assistance.

“Next Saturday, June 10, our nation will be disgraced with more than 20 anti-Muslim marches around the U.S. and the world, including one in Harrisburg, Pa.,” said the group in a statement. “Many of our Muslim neighbors, co-workers, family members and friends are feeling afraid, upset, misunderstood and deeply hurt.”





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  • These people are the embodiment of the reason Trump won the election. They don’t really know why they are protesting against anti-Sharia marches, just that they’re told it’s the correct thing to do. Intelligent Dems want nothing to do with this. Just look at the picture…a bunch of gray haired stocky women and like 2 dudes all with the BLM shirts and Black Power fists. The Sharia people you’re supporting would like to throw you off buildings, burn you alive in cages, and cut your heads off. I can just hear the insipid “we shall overcome” after the pic was taken.

  • Indivisible Lambertville New Hope representatives who plan to lead a Love Thy Neighbor Walk are simply showing that participating in Community events is a Positive way to demonstrate Leadership by Good Example. More of that is needed now more than ever.

    • I think marching against sharia law could also be called a “Love Your Neighbor” walk. I don’t want to see people I love and care about, terrorized, beheaded or thrown off buildings. WAKE UP!!!

      • Do some research!

        51 percent of U.S. Muslims prefer Shariah

        There are now an estimated 3 million Muslims residing in the United States as citizens or with permanent legal status, and more than 250,000 new Muslim residents enter the U.S. per year as refugees, on work visas and student-based visas, according to the Center for Immigration Studies.

        A poll commissioned in May 2015 by the Center for Security Policy showed that 51 percent of American Muslims preferred that they should have their own Shariah courts outside of the legal system ruled by the U.S. Constitution. And nearly a quarter believed the use of violent jihad was justified in establishing Shariah.

        “That would translate into roughly 300,000 Muslims living in the United States who believe that Shariah is ‘The Muslim God Allah’s law that Muslims must follow and impose worldwide by Jihad,’” writes Frank Gaffney Jr., president of the Center for Security Policy.

  • “Next Saturday, June 10, our nation will be disgraced with more than 20 anti-Muslim marches. . .” So protesting against Sharia law is now disgraceful? You know what I hate? I hate those multi-language “hate has no home” signs.

  • So they are holding a march against those who are against Sharia law. Therefore they must be for Sharia law. So will they be wearing burkas and hajibs? Or are they just liberal posers jumping on the latest trendy bandwagon?

  • Indivisible LNH is not marching for “loving your neighbor” or anything like that. They’re not “for” anything…only “against”. Against people they view as inferior or whose opinions and views differ from theirs. Republicans, people who live in the icky parts of the country that voted for Trump, or in this case people who demonstrate against Sharia law, you know, that tenet of Islam that would burn in a cage or toss off a building the considerable number of free-thinking women and gay people that make up the ranks of Indivisible LNH. But who cares about that as long as you can put a “hate has no home” sign in your yard to tell everyone how “tolerant” and superior you are

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