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Wawa Eyes New Superstore Location in New Hope

Wawa superstore in Horsham.

The Wawa store at the corner of West Bridge Street and Sugan Road in New Hope is reputedly one of the busiest locations for the privately-held convenience store chain.

So, it comes as no surprise that Chester Heights-based Wawa would like to expand its local footprint, and the company has submitted an initial proposal for a new “superstore” location just up Sugan Road, across from the New Hope Eagle Volunteer Fire Company, according to multiple sources.

The parcel of land involved is adjacent to Route 202, and straddles New Hope Borough and Solebury Township, so approval from each municipality would be required. New Hope officials have already begun their preliminary review, while Solebury’s leadership is still gathering information, sources said.

It’s not clear what will become of Wawa’s original location on Sugan at West Bridge Street. The company and its public relations agency of record ignored requests for information.

On its surface, the proposed gas-and-go megastore could theoretically enhance local tax revenue, generate jobs, and break up the local Lukoil monopoly at the pump. But similar development plans have met resistance in the past on environmental issues like noise, increased traffic and exhaust, nighttime illumination, and potential leakage of petroleum-based products into the local aquifer.

“We are very concerned about the environmental impact, as well as increased traffic on Route 202,” observed one source with knowledge of the plans.

The proposed Wawa superstore would also perpetuate the dearth of sensible grocery alternatives in New Hope, Solebury and nearby Lambertville, N.J. Consumerists chide Wawa’s high prices and generally low nutritional value offerings, while some shoppers enjoy their hoagies, coffee, and cigarettes.

Wawa is the largest convenience store chain in Pennsylvania, and also operates in New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, Florida and Virginia.









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  • The area involved although discected by 202 and sugan surprisingly has a large amount of amphibians and other wildlife inhabitants as well. It’s surprising that the Wawa in new hope is one of its busiest spots, but maybe that’s only because there’s nothing else around for many miles in any direction. Too bad they can’t just be happy with that.

  • I’m so excited!!!! Think of the tax benefit for our school!!!!!! and Wawa is such a family and community driven company! They would and already have (donated scoreboard etc) for our town!!!

  • I would be concerned about access to and from a major highway (202).

    Wawa applied for a superstore at 313 and Ferry Road in Fountainville (similar situation), and there was great concern there about the traffic hazards posed by entering and exiting on Route 313.

  • I do not want to see this in our small, quaint historic town of New Hope. I want to keep the feel of our town and let as few chains in as possible. This would take a lot of business away from small businesses and lessen the personalized service you get from our local stores. From Forbes magazine: Beyond actual dollars being kept within your local community – which is significantly higher when dollars are spent at a local business vs. corporate one – small business owners are also more likely to “do good” for your community, as well. Small businesses deliver community character and economic advantages to the town they are positioned in, but also strengthen partnerships among neighbors, residents, other small business owners, community leaders and even schools by offering social and economic relationships. Many also support local causes, creating even more good within a community.

    • WaWa is already in our boro, so they have already been ‘let in’. The irony of your statement is that very few business owners in the boro are also boro residents. Other than sales tax the financial benefits evaporate. The ‘do good’ is much less than you perceive, unless you have some empirical specifics and examples of impact in this community.

  • I would rather see the new Wawa located at the old Fountainhead location. That space has been sitting empty and dilapidated for over 10 years!

    • My husband and I thought the same thing – seems like a much better location than right across from Northpoint. I’m all in favor either way; I always say the best drivers ed course is navigating that parking lot – if a 16 year old can do that, they can drive! will be interesting!

  • If the Wawa superstore would go through, the old property would make a nice expansion spot for the Post Office. The parking is terrible there.

  • As much as I would like to see a better location for the New Hope WaWa and would appreciate some competition for gas sales I just don’t see this location being appropriate for a Mega Wawa…I have visited many with gas pumps and the model is a disaster due to not enough land for good traffic flow between the pumps and the store and it’s just a cluster…the only one that seems to have planned it appropriately is on 263 in the Jamison location. Maybe just a larger store in that location but I don’t see how a mega design would work at that location.

    • The expansion for the Wawa corp is a no-brainer. The area seems to be okay with and already approved Lukoil just down the road so no real argument applies here. The current Wawa is too small for the growing population and additional approved housing going up further up 202.

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