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Source: New Hope Borough Council President Scandone Resigns Again

New Hope Borough Council President Bill Scandone submitted his resignation from the group Monday, according to a source close to the situation.

The resignation will likely be considered and accepted by council at its Feb. 21 meeting, according to the source, who indicated that, “He doesn’t feel he has the time anymore.”

Scandone was not immediately available for comment.

Scandone first resigned from council on Jan. 6 following scathing criticism directed his way by a fellow council member. His stated reason for resigning at the time was “familial obligations,” with no further detail provided.

But at its Jan. 17 meeting, half of council voted to reject Scandone’s resignation, thus granting him 45 days to change his mind, and half voted for him to leave. Mayor Keller broke the tie, voting to give Scandone a “do-over” if he desired. The next day, Scandone said he’d stay on as president of council, after winning what appears to have been, in effect, a vote of confidence.

So a resignation to “focus on familial responsibilities” morphed into “under pressure” and has now been clarified to mean “a lack of time.” Either way, Scandone appears to have resigned for good.

And while the whole affair may not have been the paragon of transparency, the most recent developments would seem to add closure, and allow council to move on with its business.




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