INTERVIEW: Comedian Julie Goldman talks about ‘People’s Couch,’ Commentary vs. Schtick, and Her New Year’s Gig at RRazz Room

julie goldman | new hope free pressComedian Julie Goldman’s New Year’s Eve show at RRazz Room in New Hope may be the hottest ticket in town come Dec. 31.

She’s currently a series regular on the Bravo hit “The People’s Couch,” and co-host of the “Vanderpump Rules After Show.” Former star of Logo’s “Big Gay Sketch Show,” and cast member of “Gay Skit Happens,” Goldman and creative partner Brandy Howard wrote for Joan Rivers on “Fashion Police” on E!, and are looking forward to the release of their “Dumb Gay Politics” podcast on iTunes.

Julie, how did you land that primo gig on “People’s Couch”?

Goldman: There was some kind of random audition notice, very ambiguous, so I called a friend, and they said, ‘why not?’ Once we found out it was for Bravo, we said ‘oh my god.’  There were many more auditions, but we got through. It’s been three great seasons, and its really helped as far as exposure — Bravo fans are very rabid. We love working with Bravo.

Your promo material said you were one-half Lesbian, one-half comic — what’s the other half?

Jewish. I don’t go to temple, I don’t believe in God, I just went to Jewish summer camp.

We all did. How much of your show is social commentary versus schtick?

It’s a pretty even mix. The basis is social commentary, even if it’s schtick. Anything I’m doing or saying — even a fart — I’m commenting on something. I want people to come away empowered. I’d rather they love or hate the act than feel indifferent. I don’t want anybody leaving the show saying ‘eh, she was alright.’

So will you take a shot at the President-elect?

Ridicule him? Yes. And ridicule ourselves, too. The inability to laugh at things has helped create the divisiveness.

You and Brandy have a number of projects in the works…what’s most exciting to you right now?

We’re launching a Dumb Gay Politics podcast on iTunes, and it’s airing next week. I’m gay, she’s a dumbass, and we’re just going to comment in a passionate and uninformed way.

And are you looking forward to spending New Year’s Eve in New Hope?

Yes! It’s gonna be super-fun to be back in New Hope again, and I’m super-excited that a bunch of friends from New York City will be coming down to see the show.

Get your New Year’s on with Julie Goldman at the RRazz Room at the Raven in New Hope on Saturday, Dec. 31, at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $40. The RRazz Room at the Raven is located at 385 W. Bridge St. in New Hope.





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