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‘Love Trumps Hate’ March Saturday Draws Hundreds in New Hope and Lambertville

Love Trumps Hate in New HopeHundreds of protesters and their supporters bearing signs reading “Love Trumps Hate” and “Love, Tolerance, Unity” marched through New Hope toward the Delaware River and nearby Lambertville, N.J., beginning around 6 p.m. Saturday.

The marchers, who appeared to number around 150, proceeded across the New Hope-Lambertville Free Bridge to Main Street in Lambertville, N.J., where they were again met by supporters lining the streets.

“It was a very spur of the moment event,” explained organizer Sarah Bergenfield of New Hope. “I was just feeling so miserable about the result, and I thought I might feel better if I marched. So I posted the idea on Facebook and within a couple of hours people shared the event and responded very positively.

“My husband and kids were involved,” she continued. “They made posters and led the walk. We’re all shocked and saddened by what happened. It’s easy for people to simplify it by saying we’re sore losers, but it’s not about that.”

New Hope police were on scene, and helped keep traffic disruption to a minimum during what was a peaceful and orderly demonstration.

“We were notified through social media that this event was planned two days before it took place,” said a spokesperson for the New Hope Police Department. “The Solebury Police, New Hope Borough Police, New Jersey State Police and Lambertville City Police all worked in concert to provide for the safety of those individuals involved in the procession.”

The march began at the Giant Food Store, 6542 Logan Square on U.S. Route 202 in Solebury, and headed north on Route 202 until reaching Route 179 (West Bridge Street), police confirmed.

“The eastbound lane through New Hope Borough was closed, and the procession used this part of the roadway,” said New Hope police. “At the Free Bridge, the procession was asked to move to the walkway so the bridge could remain open. The people involved in the procession were orderly, obeyed our wishes as to staying in the lane designated, and moved at a quick pace.

“The intersection of Bridge and Main [streets] was closed for maybe five minutes as the procession moved from the street to the walkway across the bridge,” added the police official. “There were no incidents to report as a result of this event.”

“It felt good to march on Saturday in opposition to the things Trump has stood for throughout his campaign,” said participant Corey Glaser of Lambertville. “I have always believed in putting love before fear and hatred, so the message of the march resonated deeply with me”

A witness said that at one point traffic was backed up from Main Street in New Hope to the McDonald’s restaurant at Sugan Road and West Bridge Street.









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“Once you can accept the universe as matter expanding into nothing that is something, wearing stripes with plaid comes easy." - Einstein


  • On the contrary Pink, living in the blue hotbed of New Hope and having a front row seat to the writhing apoplexy of elitist progressives like you is endlessly entertaining. I’d much rather be here than living with the poor hicks in the icky parts of the country you so despise for their inferiority to your enlightened mind.

    This is why the snowflakes are smashing windows, beating up Trump supporters and calling for the assassination of Trump and the rape of his wife. If you’ve ever wondered how France’s Reign of Terror happened, observe the anti-Trump protests — the main result of which is to convince people who had misgivings about voting for Trump that they did the right thing.

    Oh and Paul Everson…I see you’ve got all the brilliant talking points about people who didn’t’ vote for Hilary are racists. This from you and other people who will knife one another in the back to get their kids into $50,000-a-year all-white preschools. But they think they’re less racist than other Americans because of their pleasant interactions with Rosa when she comes to clean. Trump is denounced for his alleged “racism, homophobia, sexism, anti-Semitism, Islamaphobia!” No one stops to think: Wait a minute! These are all groups Trump has showered with affection with his action, with the exception of Muslim immigrants — who persecute the other four.

  • Oh my, I bet your face was purple after that rant. He’s not a racist. I’m not a racist, but we’re used to the name-calling. It’s all you’re side is capable of in a discussion. Call us a few more names and see what else we can win. I prayed for impeachment for 8 years and it didn’t happen and it’s not going to now. Ever hear about wikileaks? It’s evidence IN WRITING. Nixon was nothing compared to the Clintons and their illegal activities. Tree huggers? Nixon formed the EPA, OSHA and signed the Clean Air Act. He opened diplomatic relations with China. He enforced desegregation in Southern schools. I was around too. He resigned. Would she have ever done the same?

  • A) Trump makes racist remarks. B) People who voted for Trump either support those positions, or chose to ignore them. C) Trump supporters are racists in my personal view.

    Not into citizens’ right to peaceful protest? Get used to it. There will be no peace until he’s impeached, Pence gone, and his fascist cabinet trampled into the dust of the Earth. Buckle your seat belts. A few of us were around for Nixon. We will keep the streets filled.

  • This reminds me of the time I marched to “make myself feel better” when President Obama was elected 8 years ago and again 4 years later. Oh no, that’s right, I didn’t! I accepted it and worked toward getting a winning candidate next time. Glad you set this wonderful example for your children. Hope the next time you deny them something, they don’t march around your home with signs and throw tantrums, because that’s what Mommy did. So many illegals and dead people voted for Hillary, that I have no doubt President-elect Trump(God,how I love typing that!) got the popular vote. So thankful. I thought it was going to take a house or a bucket of water to make Hillary go away. I’ll quote your guy, “Elections have consequences.” Not trying to scare anyone, Pink. Those are the tactics of your side.

  • Geez Mick, it must be awfully difficult for you to live in a town, county and country where the majority of people who voted didn’t vote for your candidate. You don’t scare me.

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