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Lambertville Police Officers Begin Using Body Cams


(L to R) Lambertville Police Director Bruce Cocuzza, Police Officer Albani, and Mayor David M. DelVecchio. (Source: City of Lambertville on Facebook)

The City of Lambertville Police Department announced Friday that it’s started deploying so-called “body cams” for all uniformed patrol officers.

The cameras will record in both audio and video, and will be utilized during virtually all interactions between officers and the public, say police officials.

“The cameras will be activated on all motor vehicle stops, arrests, accidents, routine service calls, and criminal investigations,” explained the police department in a statement. “Use of the cameras is strictly governed by both New Jersey State Attorney General and Lambertville Police guidelines and policies.”

“The cameras will benefit police officers and the public by providing an unbiased and irrefutable record of police-public contacts,” observed Lambertville Police Director Bruce Cocuzza. “They will allow for much greater objectivity whenever it becomes necessary to address any concerns or questions that sometimes arise as the result of police activity.

“The police have deployed in-car cameras for about 20 years, and they have clearly proven to be an invaluable tool,” he added.

Lambertville Mayor David M. DelVecchio said he’s “extremely pleased that officers will now be utilizing body-worn cameras because they will enhance police-community relations by providing increased transparency with respect to police operations.”

The cameras and associated equipment were partially funded through the N.J. State Body Worn Camera Assistance Program using state forfeiture funds, according to the Lambertville Police Department. The U.S. Department of Justice also recently announced that federal funds were available to purchase the cameras, they said.

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  • I’m happy for the police and residents of Lambertville but can’t believe the modest town I grew up in and employed my father on the force has to utilize this equipment. The times they really are a changing!

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