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SNEAK PREVIEW: Proposed Four-Unit Residential Development at 46 N. Main St. in New Hope

Rendering of proposed structure at 46 N. Main St.

Rendering of proposed structure at 46 N. Main St.

Owners of the building formerly occupied by Bucks County Trading Post at 46 N. Main St. in New Hope have had a tough time in recent years finding a development formula that’s acceptable to New Hope’s Borough Council and its advisory committees.

One complication: the building sits in New Hope’s commercial zone, and the shrinking of New Hope’s downtown business area is of concern to many. Yet, an opulent Italian Restaurant that appeared to meet all necessary requirements was previously turned down, as was a prior residential development proposal.

This time around, Scott Kelley is leading an investment group, including New Hope notable Glenn Stephan, who want to convert the building into a four-unit condominium complex. Kelly is also a key player in Gateway to New Hope LLC’s planned conference center at the former Odette’s Restaurant site.

46 N. Main St. in 2012, with Elisa Fusco's flowers in foreground.

46 N. Main St. in 2012.

Whether or not the plan manages to strike the Goldilocks balance between commercial, residential and other interests remains to be seen. We wanted to see what it may actually look like, and the folks at Ralph Fey Architects were kind enough to send along the latest sketch.

Next stop for the proposal is the Zoning Hearing Board.



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  • Not sure the design is in keeping with New Hope’s historic and eclectic ambiance. I’ve worked in the Princeton area in the past and buildings similar to the one proposed in the rendering are often seen in corporate office parks.

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