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Photo of the Day: Nazi Items Continue to be Prominently Displayed at Golden Nugget Flea Market near Lambertville

golden nugget antique market

Open display of Nazi items continues at Golden Nugget flea market in Lambertville, N.J., despite repeated complaints.

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  • Enough already. I have known the individual in this photo for years. He us a military collector and dealer. He is NOT a nazi sympathizer or in any way a proponent of that ideology. To deny a military history buff…especially one with a strong focus on ww2…the ability to deal in legitimate historical period items (as thus person does) is an infringement of his freedom of choice. If you do not wish to buy from him…move on. But by making him out to be a Nazi solely because of his selection if merchandise is like saying anyone who dresses like a soldier for Halloween deserves Veterans Benefits. It’s stupid. It’s asinine. It’s an outrage. And frankly…it’s appalling. The most important collectors of slavery memorabilia in the USA are African Americans. The true problem here is the mentality of the people who judge the man by what they can see with their eyes and do not take the time to dig deeper. I have further witnessed this other individual harass numerous other sellers because of their choice of inventory. It may be true that this seller exercised poor judgement in the case of the helmeted skull…but there is no need to ban him for that. I frequent the Nugget regularly and will continue to do so…but would remind it’s management that their ejection if sellers for their choice if merchandise may be within their right…but that does not make it right.

  • While I personally despise the Nazi party, please keep in mind that it sure as hell wasn’t fleeing Nazi war criminals that brought said materials into this country… Uniforms, captured battle plan maps, as well as weaponry were routinely sent back to the States by our own soldiers as “trophies”, which does make them valuable historical artifacts, especially to the WW2 Vets that brought them back or fought the Nazis personally… The very same Vets that fought or died to protect the “freedoms” of humanity, such as our right of “life, liberty, etc..” are now being persecuted against, as if they themselves are Hitler supporters? I can understand the gripe if people were passing out propaganda to further the Nazi Party, but come on…

  • The item in this photo, and the vendor, have been permanently banned from our market. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Our company policies forbid these type of items to be sold. Moving forward, please report table numbers where these offensive items are being displayed to the office immediately as we have a large area to police. Any help is appreciated.

  • It is outrageous that the Tarnished Nugget allows nazi material to be openly
    displayed and sold. This material usually has no historic or any other productive
    purpose. Shame on them. Let’s stay away.

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