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Downtown New Hope restaurant/bars carry on through blizzard

Patti Patti at John and Peter's.

Patti Patti at John and Peter’s.

Disclaimer: The emergency management folks are asking everyone to stay at home, and stay off the roadways. There’s been a state of emergency declared. It’s neither safe, nor legal in some jurisdictions, to drive, let alone stagger around in the snow inebriated. It’s dangerous outside.

But even with winds bringing visibility down to almost zero, and drifts up to four feet high on most sidewalks around New Hope, there’s still a pub open in New Hope waiting if one lives within walking distance.

Mark Steven opens Havana.

Mark Stevens opens Havana.

We took a quick tour of South Main Street’s main music clubs, and they’re all open and ready for customers. Most are being run by owners and managers who live within a few blocks.

Despite the seemingly endless snowfall, a few brave souls were enjoying themselves at the bars and on the empty streets, and neighbors chatted while walking their dogs or digging out.

New Hope’s Public Works Department was doing a stellar job, despite being clearly overwhelmed.

Be smart, stay warm. If you go out, and haven’t covered up or fall, you could get hypothermia or worse. But if you decide to hit South Main Street, you won’t be alone.

New York and New Hope. Two cities that never sleep.


Open for business at Fran's Pub.

Open for business at Fran’s Pub.


West Mechanic Street neighbors chewing the fat.

South Main Street.

South Main Street.




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