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Those cold P.A. winters: New Hope under blizzard watch starting Friday, Lambertville has winter storm watch

winter storm mapLocals have always known that Pennsylvania winters can be tougher than those of New Jersey, but now the National Weather Service (NWS) has finally offered hard evidence. New Hope, P.A., hardly a stone’s throw from Lambertville, is under a blizzard watch, while its balmy N.J. neighbor remains under an NWS “winter storm warning.”

One reason is the NWS’ somewhat archaic mapping system, but the main cause for the disparity is that both towns appear to be on the very edge of this weekend’s winter storm system. That means it’s best to prepare for a blizzard, no matter which side of the Delaware River you’re on, because conditions look ripe for one all around us.

The NWS says that “snow is expected to overspread the area from south to north Friday — primarily after the evening commute, then continue to be heavy at times into Sunday morning. The strongest winds and greatest potential for blizzard conditions will be on Saturday.”

A spokesperson at the weather service said they’re most concerned about potentially high winds which, added to wet snow, could cause power outages from downed lines. NWS also cautions folks against overexertion while shoveling snow, and says roads may become impassable.

Unless, of course, one is located in the relatively tropical climes of New Jersey.

In all seriousness, there are weather conditions forming which are conducive to a very nasty winter storm in both Lambertville and New Hope, and while the area may well wind up on the lower side of final snowfall tallies, it just as likely may not.

The NWS spokesperson, who was a great sport in putting up with this reporter’s ribbing, summed it up best: “Hope for the best, but expect the worst.”

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