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Max Hansen Carversille Grocery celebrates National Pastrami Day Jan. 14 with sandwich giveaway, special menu

Short Rib Pastrami on Cocktail Rye (1)Thursday is National Pastrami Day, and Chef Max Hansen is paying homage to the classic deli sandwich by giving away free mini-short rib pastrami sandwiches to anyone who stops by his Carversville Grocery between 2:30 and 4:30 p.m. No purchase necessary.

Pastrami was originally created in 1887 by a New York City kosher butcher as a way to preserve meat before modern refrigeration, and is made by brining meat, drying and seasoning it with various herbs and spices, then smoking and steaming it. But the pastrami creations at Carversville Grocery are not made with traditional brisket meat. Executive Chef Joseph Frost’s homemade recipe utilizes short ribs. They’re carefully brined, air dried, rubbed with secret spices, and smoked in a mixture of wood and pecan chips for a delicious melt-in-your mouth indulgence. For Thursday’s giveaway, guests will sample the “Carversville Cured” Short Rib Hot Pastrami sandwich on Cocktail Rye with Swiss Cheese and Dijon Mustard.

The grocery will also offer the following National Pastrami Day Specials: Pastrami Eggs Benedict with a Smoked Paprika Hollandaise Sauce ($8.95); Pastrami Cuban with Pastrami, Pork Belly, Prima Donna, Pickles and Dijon Aioli ($8.95); Pastrami Cheesesteak (1/2 Pastrami, 1/2 Shaved Rib Eye), Cooper Sharp Cheese with Caramelized Onions and Fennel Bulb ($9.95).

Max Hansen Carversville Grocery is located at 6208 Fleecydale Road in Carversville, just up the road from New Hope. Pastrami, please!

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