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Stockton Avenue Bridge reopening commemorated at ribbon cutting ceremony Tuesday in New Hope

Bridge Bris: Officials from Bucks County and New Hope pose for the cameras as a porta potty watches on.

Bridge Bris: Officials from Bucks County and New Hope pose for the cameras as a porta potty watches on.

Amid a dreary drizzle Tuesday morning, officials from the Board of Bucks County Commissioners, along with a handful of New Hope politicos, cut a ceremonial ribbon, and the Stockton Avenue Bridge was re-opened after months of repair.

“We are pleased to have the Stockton Avenue Bridge Back in service for the residents of New Hope, as well as those who visit this wonderful destination,” Commissioner Chairman Robert G. Loughery said.

The structure, officially designated as “County Bridge No. 36,” was built in 1910, and widened to include a second sidewalk in 1974. It is Bucks County’s longest span bridge currently in operation.

Work included concrete repairs beneath the roadway to both the north and south abutments and the south pier of the 259-foot reinforced concrete “open spandrel arch structure.” Other repairs are visible on both sidewalks and the concrete roadway. Total cost: $236,538.

Needless to say, many residents are thrilled to have the bridge back in service, and just in time for the busy days ahead.

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  • Imagine that…a construction crew that completes a public job in a perfectly reasonable amount of time. Non-union crew? Payment upon completion of a job well done? Certainly nothing like the project on a couple mile stretch of 95 just north of Philly…still ongoing and inconveniencing drivers since I moved here 5 years ago. Clearly a neverending (very high paying) jobs program for union workers in exchange for union support of the dirty Philadephia polititians (redundant I know) who hired them.

  • Geez, you’d think they had just built that ugly bridge. All of the work was done on the underside too, so we can’t see the improvements. And the borough didn’t do any of the work. Love the port-a-potty in the background.

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