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Survey focuses on access to public transportation in New Hope and Lambertville

Weekend traffic often resembles the PM Rush Hour (Photo: Steve Chernoski)

Weekend traffic on Route 29 (Photo: Steve Chernoski)

Does the New Hope area have a public transportation problem?

The Free Press would like to hear your views, and has launched a survey to gather data on local public transit concerns.

Currently, our area has a bus service that links Doylestown with Midtown Manhattan. But there’s a “Philadelphia public transit gap” that cuts off our area from the City of Brotherly Love, as well as other places like Trenton. And while the New Hope area does not share larger cities’ traffic problems, concerns still exist.

Some respondents have already mentioned parking and the length of commutes as issues, where others seem content with the transportation status quo.

“I would frankly like to see more cab service, especially at night, in both New Hope and Lambertville so people who live in the region can enjoy our bars and restaurants without needing to drive home,” reads one response.

Nearly two dozen people have taken the survey so far, and we urge you to let your voice be heard — results will be shared with our public officials. The survey is for residents of New Hope, Solebury, Lambertville, West Amwell, Delaware Township or Stockton, and the link can be found here.

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Steve Chernoski

Steve Chernoski is a writer, film director and teacher who lives in Lambertville. Here's his website:


  • I live in Lambertville and work in New Hope. I work in the service industry and my hours are late night. Other than cabs, there is no easy way to get around without a vehicle. There is no local bus system to easily get around other than Trans bridge and they don’t run frequently enough or gave enough stops without walking about a mile to get to them. And the cabs have at least a 30 minute wait time, if you’re lucky. I’ve lived in large cities and smaller towns outside of the larger cities and most have an efficient and useful public transportation system.

  • New gear at Stephen J Buck Memorial Theater at New Hope Solebury HS.
    Top notch sound and lights.
    Danaher/Lynch Family Foundation donated 3 new chairs for the tech booth.
    Looking forward to a great WinterFestival Concert.
    Special thanks to Peter Rivera for his “Never too much” attention to detail and helping make our concert a success.
    I need to say that his staff are the best and we truly need them to pull this off year after year.
    Thank You

  • I live in Doylestown and don’t drive. I take Trans bridge bus to Lambertville, but I can’t use it in the evenings without leaving before social life begins for the night. Therefor I don’t go to the restaurants or any nightlife in the New Hope/Lambertville area.

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