Rrazz Room New Hope opens its doors at Raven with crowd-pleasing performance by Will and Anthony Nunziata

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Will and Anthony Nunziata

The Rrazz Room New Hope opened its doors for the first time at the Raven on Saturday night at 7 p.m. with a fast-paced, funny performance by Will and Anthony Nunziata.

Dubbed “Broadway, Our Way,” the brothers Nunziata belted out their own versions of “Being Alive,” “What Kind of Fool Am I?” and “Some Enchanted Evening,” while mixing in enough outrageous banter and shtick to keep the audience laughing while singing along. Their vocal and comedic timing were impeccable, and provided moments that were more Catskill’s resort than New Hope bar.

Bottom line: If you can catch a show with these guys, grab a ticket; Saturday’s event was a sellout, and worth every penny.

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Rrazz Room co-owner Robert Kotonly dedicates the new stage.

Robert Kotonly, co-owner of four Rrazz Rooms around the country, was on hand to keep things running smoothly, dedicating the new stage and introducing the Nunziatas.

Playing host to the Rrazz Room is one way New Hope’s Raven at 385 W. Bridge St. is helping to create an even bigger entertainment mecca at Sugan Road and West Bridge Street, one that includes the New Hope Lodge, and New Hope restaurant Tastebuds.

What does new Raven owner Steve Lau think of West Bridge Street as an emerging hot spot, along with the established live music venues of South Main Street?

2015-11-14 20.10.10Said Lau, “‘West Bridge Street hot spot’ — I like that. The more we can make this area a local enclave, the better.”

Raven dance floor being readied for post-show action.

Raven dance floor being readied for post-show action.


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