Workhorse III stampedes through John and Peter’s Dec. 3


Hard rock/metal band Workhorse III will take the stage at John and Peter’s in New Hope for one night only on Thursday, Dec. 3 at 9 p.m.

Fresh from the streets of Philadelphia, Workhorse III coalesced in 2008, and soon gained a rep as a take-no-prisoner, hard rock force to be reckoned with (or at least listened to).

The group is fronted by guitarist/singer Lisa “Lisa Christ Superstar” Flynn, with ex-Limecell/Rancid Vat drummer Eric Perfect, and bassist Steve McCarthy, who replaced Brian Bloemker (performing in the video above). The sound hasn’t changed, with Flynn absolutely shredding it from the get-go.

Give the video a minute, and you just might get hooked.

John and Peter’s is located at 96 S, Main St.; (215) 862-5981.




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  • Having seen ’em open for Karma to Burn at Kung Fu Necktie this past January, and owning both of their CDs, I am quite happy to attest to the fact that this is one group worth taking the time to go to see in concert! Support the independent and underground….or at least, Workhorse III!

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