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Has construction of ‘Preserve’ townhouse community started?

constructionSeveral of our readers have asked about construction activity clearly visible in the area north of Route 202 that straddles New Hope and Solebury near Route 32. After a letter from a helpful reader, a few phone calls, and a quick trip to the site, it’s safe to say that significant construction activity is taking place at real estate developer Tom Scannpieco’s planned Preserve townhouse community.

The artist’s rendering of the residential development is certainly eye-catching, although a Scannapieco Development Corporation spokesperson indicated that the actual project has changed substantially since it was executed, and that the operation of heavy construction equipment about the site should be construed as merely “moving dirt around.”

Rendering of the Preserve

Rendering of the Preserve

According to the Preserve webpage, which the spokesperson said was outdated, the development “will feature 37 luxury townhomes.”

“The Preserve brings a new standard to semi-detached homes in the Bucks County area,” the page goes on to say.

So, while large construction vehicles churned up clouds of dust alongside Route 202 Monday, the folks responsible won’t say whether they are starting to build the Preserve, or just getting ready to start building the Preserve.

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  • I guess the free market has spoken and this is a done deal, but I couldn’t agree more with the posters above. Why can’t we get some new construction of modest single family homes? I wish the town could attract more families. We have enough townhomes for rich empty nesters, retirees and recent marrieds who move out after the 1st kid

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