North X New Hope Music Fest: Two clubs, three days, 36 acts

north x new hopeThe North by New Hope Festival III is getting ready for liftoff at John and Peter’s and Fran’s Pub in New Hope Aug. 28-30, and New Hope may never be the same.

This year’s event is bigger, badder and has more music for the buck than ever before. Creator/Promoter Guy Heller is experimenting with running a fest across two venues this time around, with an eye towards eventually staging a town-wide music festival, Borough Hall permitting.

For now, Heller says he wants the event to help salute John & Peter’s as the nation’s longest-running rock club, and help generate awareness of the “great new stage at Fran’s Pub.” Heller also believes North X New Hope is about “giving people a shot — so they can shine.”

Creator/Promoter Guy Heller

Creator/Promoter Guy Heller

And shine they will, with an incredible 36 acts in all. Some of the bands are fairly well-known, and others are virtually unheard of outside the Philadelphia area. But having seen many of them, it’s not a reach to say it’s all solid, hard-hitting rock, with a few surprises thrown in for good measure.

Tickets are a buy: One can watch every show at both locations for only $50 (that’s $1.38 per show), or pay $35 for all weekend at a single venue, $25 for all day at a single venue, $15 for all night at a single venue, and $10 for all afternoon at a single venue.

John and Peter’s is located at 96 S. Main St., and Fran’s Pub is located at 116 S. Main St. in New Hope.

Here’s the full schedule:

Friday, Aug. 28

John and Peter’s

9 p.m. – The Parasitix
10 p.m. – Came Without Warning
11 p.m. – Sicman of Virginia
12 a.m. – Ammunition

Fran’s Pub

9 p.m. – Fastride
10 p.m. – Snackpile
11 p.m. – Wineskin
12 a.m. – TBA

Saturday, Aug. 29

John and Peter’s

3 p.m. – Faust/Fulton Duo
4 p.m. – Hot Rodriguez
5 p.m. – Lovetester
6 p.m. – James Seward
9 p.m. – Black Cowgirl
10 p.m. – Keith Kenny
11 p.m. – Grasshopper
12 a.m. – St. James and the Apostles

Fran’s Pub

3 p.m. – Little Red Rooster
6 p.m. – Dixie Pix
7 p.m. – BKWG
8 p.m. – Working Class Hussies
9 p.m. – Satellite Hearts
10 p.m. – Weird Hot
11 p.m. – Sound of Urchin

Sunday Aug. 30

John and Peter’s

3 p.m. – Homeless Apians
4 p.m. – Dusty Mason
5 p.m. – Disgruntled Sherpa
6 p.m. – Instant Folk Death
7 p.m. – Dutch Oven
9 p.m. – Workhorse III
10 p.m. – We Used To Cut The Grass
11 p.m. – Room For Mojo
12 a.m. – The Boobs

Fran’s Pub

5 p.m. – Jack Talcum
6 p.m. – Strange Brew Crew
7 p.m. – Lyle Richards
8 p.m. – The Boobs
9 p.m. – The Rips
10 p.m. – Brother Eye
11 p.m. – Mayflys
12 a.m. – Prison Escape

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