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Update from Solebury Township police on recent residential burglaries

soleburyThe following was issued Wednesday by the Solebury Township PD:

Since April 2015, the Solebury Township Police Department has investigated six residential burglaries. The burglaries occurred on the 6000 block of Stoney Hill Road, 6400 block of Deerfield Drive, 3200 block of Sawmill Road, 2800 block of River Road, 5900 block of Upper York Road, and unit block of Hillside Lane.

Other police agencies in our area have also seen a recent increase in residential burglaries. We are working closely with these agencies to investigate these cases.

The Solebury Township Police Department has increased patrols, and is actively pursuing investigative leads in these cases. In addition, along with our partners from area departments, we are utilizing all available technology and investigative tools to aid in our investigations.

Some of the items stolen from the homes have included a handgun, jewelry, computers, watches, cameras and currency.

In five of the six Solebury Township burglaries, there were no residential alarm systems installed. In the one burglary case where the alarm was activated by the intruder, the suspect fled rapidly and this reduced the potential loss for the victim.

The Solebury Township Police Department strongly encourages the use of residential alarm and camera surveillance systems.
In addition, it is strongly recommended that residents lock all doors and windows of their homes and that sliding doors be supported by a dowel or other locking mechanism.

The Solebury Township Police Department also encourages all residents to be vigilant and to report suspicious people and vehicles immediately.

In addition, you can get updates from the Solebury Township Police Department on Twitter  and Facebook.

Burglary Prevention Tips

Prevention Tip 1 – Surveillance Cameras
Installing camera systems can alert residents to an intrusion, and save valuable evidence of the identity of the perpetrator(s)

Prevention Tip 2 – Security Alarms
You don’t have to pay the big bucks for a professionally installed one if you don’t want. There are plenty of do-it-yourself home security alarms that will work just as well. Normally, if an alarm is triggered, any burglars inside your home will start running when the siren sounds.

Prevention Tip 3 – Lock Doors and Gates
This one is really easy – lock your doors.

Prevention Tip 4 – Deadbolts
Deadbolts are a great way to make breaking into your home more difficult. They are almost impossible to pick, and the thief will have to spend quite a lot of time working on your door to get past it.

Prevention Tip 5 – Hiding Valuables
Close curtains or blinds around your windows and doors whenever you are not home, and pack valuables away out of sight when you are finished using them. If a thief looks into your home and doesn’t see anything of value, then there is less reason for him to try and get in.

Prevention Tip 6 – Notices
Having notices or stickers around the house on your windows stating that you have an alarm system installed can be a great deterrent.

Prevention Tip 7 – Collect Mail
Having a heap of newspapers on your lawn or mail overflowing out of your letterbox is a great way for burglars to know you aren’t home. This gives them more confidence, as they know there is less chance of them getting caught if there is no one around to catch them.

Prevention Tip 8 – Outdoor Lights
Having motion sensor lights that turn on whenever movement is detected can cause a burglar to think twice about entering your home at night time.

Prevention Tip 9 – Know Your Neighbors
Get to know your neighbors. They can be invaluable in helping to keep your house safe, and to alert you should something be amiss.

Reporting Suspicious Activity
Remember: If you observe something unusual or think something looks ‘wrong’, report it. DON’T HESITATE TO CALL 911! FOLLOW YOUR INSTINCT! You WILL NOT get in trouble with the police- and you WILL be doing a service to your community!
Consider the following activities suspicious, and call the police:

A person or vehicle stays in the same place for an unusual length of time.
A parked car with the engine running- regardless of a person inside or not.
A person behaves strangely or exhibits unusual movements, looks out of place, or is wandering aimlessly.
A person concealing an object, carrying a weapon or suspicious bag.
A person looking into cars, moving from car to car, and/or tries door handles.
A person looking into windows of homes, or forcibly entering a car or home.
A person running from a home for no apparent reason, especially at night.
A person carrying/transporting unusual/valuable objects, day or night.
A person sells/conducts business out of their car, van, truck, or other vehicle.
A vehicle drives around your block frequently, slowing down, speeding up.
A vehicle without lights on, arriving or leaving at night.
A person leaving a neighbor’s house who isn’t the neighbor or someone you recognize or uniformed.
Police 24/7 non-emergency number (215) 348-7400
Update, 3:45 p.m.: Number of burglaries corrected to six, from five.

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