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New Hope’s Mansion Inn introduces its new sangria garden

Sangria Sammy at the Mansion

Sangria Sammy (third from left) details menu items to another local chef.

The Mansion Inn opened its sangria garden to the public at 5 p.m. Thursday, and South Main Street was abuzz with excitement over something new and different on the restaurant/bar scene.

Owner Zoe Vassiliou and chef Sammy Demiri have been in the business around New York City for nearly 30 years. And sangria has remained trendy, available in every variety imaginable, using top-tier red, white and rose wine, and newer ingredients like peach, strawberry and passion fruit. Tonight’s sangria special is Watermelon. Hurra!

With seating in excess of 115, including a lovely rear garden, the new Mansion makes an interesting night spot, with 11 varieties of sangria, and tapas, small plates and full entrees to accompany the beverage. “We bottle our own sangria fresh every morning,” explained Demiri, 43, who adds that its sweetness derives not from added sugar, but by fruit that’s been soaked overnight.

Intriguing appetizers on the menu include Mussels Vinaigrette ($11), Escargot Seta ($9), Cerviche ($14) and Traditional Greek Salad ($9). Entrees come from all around the Mediterranean and beyond, including Rustic Shrimp Fra Diavolo ($25), Paella Valenciana ($24), Paella Verdura ($18) and the 22-24 ounce grass-fed, Black Angus, bone-in Rib Eye Steak ($38).

Glasses of traditional red and white sangria are $9, with bottles priced at $32. Sangria specials like Georgia Peach are priced at $10 the glass, and $35 for a bottle.

The Mansion Inn is located at 9 S. Main St.; cash only.

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  • I visited Sangria Garden. We had a bottle of Sangria, good, but pricey.. I had the Paella and it was disappointing, came in a bowl, usually served right out of the paella pan, the rice was odd, tasted almost precooked, and didn’t have that much taste. The steak was good according to my husband.. The Chef came out and gave us some Flan on the house…. he went on about it being the best Flan. He talked a lot and really thought highly of himself, I prefer not to be bothered by someone during my dinner when he’s going to be annoying. I would never go here again. The owner and server were very nice but unfortunately I was not impressed with the Food or Chef.

  • Opa…Opa…how’s the Saganaki ? $10.00 a glass Sangria won’t cut it here in Vodka Valley.
    One reason is that you have to spend about $ 60 bucks to get a buzz, then ya get blue teeth and bad breath.

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