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Holy cow: Moo burger opening in New Hope may be only ‘days away’

moo burgers in new hope pa

Moo owner Evan Asoudegan puts on some finishing touches

Moo, perhaps New Hope’s most eagerly-awaited dining experience this summer, may be ready to open moomentarily. Or at least in several days, according to owner Evan Asoudegan.

Asoudegan, 22, was seen Wednesday as he and crew continued to race against time to open the burger joint for New Hope’s busiest season.

The reality may turn out to be a couple of weeks away, but these folks are moving at breakneck speed.

The key to the Moo breed of burger is the high-quality ingredients used: it’s a McDonald’s-style classic American burger made with local, organic grass-fed beef, local onions, his own fresh special sauce, and hand-cut potatoes from Doylestown for the fries. The shakes are award-winning, and soda pop will probably be at the Boylan’s or Mexican Coca-Cola level.

Will Asoudegan’s combination be tempting enough to draw visitors to the far south end of town? Opinions vary, but if Moo delivers a better burger for $6, expect a line down the stairs and beyond.

Moo is located at 137 S. Main St. in New Hope.

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  • From what I can tell by the magic of Google, both the original Moo food truck here in Bucks county AND the Brooklyn spot opened for business almost exactly simultaneously in the Autumn of 2011. One named Moo, one named Mooburger.

    To call one “the original” is laughably ridiculous…it looks like they opened within seconds of each other, oblivious to each other’s existence.

    While I wouldn’t begin to guess where this leads, this seems like nothing more than a giant coincidence that hurts neither party.

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