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Moo burgers coming to New Hope, and not a moment moo soon

Moo - elusive double Moink

The elusive ‘Double Moink’

The aptly-named Ottsville burger joint Moo is working toward opening an additional location in New Hope by the end of April. Known for its fries, shakes, salads, natural ice cream, hot dogs, and burgers, it’s the latter which have attained something of a cult following.

The space they’re renting at 137 S. Main St. has always been challenging for those who have hung their shingle there. Located in virtually the southernmost commercial spot, it has typically been divided into two businesses sharing a single bathroom, both with limited kitchen space and stairs to climb.

Moo owner Evan Asoudegan, 22, said he originally had considered leasing only half of the building, but “this is a real business, and I knew I had to open both sides to have a restaurant where people can be more comfortable.”

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137 S. Main St.

Asoudegan’s real passion is for high-quality ingredients, and that’s the genius of his business model: he’s building a McDonald’s-style classic American burger, but with local, organic grass-fed beef, local onions, his own fresh special sauce, and hand-cut potatoes from Doylestown for the fries. The shakes are award-winning, and soda pop comes courtesy of Boylan’s.

With a small parking lot across the street on Waterloo Street, and the VFW lot above them along the Delaware Canal, parking may be somewhat manageable, but the bet is that if Moo can deliver a premium-quality, grass-fed beef burger, fries, and drink anywhere near $10, people will take the extra few steps down to New Hope’s south-south side, and this reporter will be one of them.

Affordable food is a wide-open niche for those with the smarts and experience to deliver value, and this wouldn’t be the first time in New Hope’s history that a burger joint has made a big splash. Definitely one to watch.

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  • Moo dudes and dudettes are super RAD and the Food is ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!!! These guys and gals bring the farm to the table and do a fantastic job of it!!! What a great addition to New Hope!!! Looks like the title of “BEST BURGER IN TOWN” is now going to be up for GRABS!!! Bring the NOISE~!!!

  • All these food places say fresh this fresh that local this local that…grass fed this. Unfornately economics take over and the above is just not true.

  • We’ve made the 25 minute drive to the Ottsville location many times. This’ll be nice and close! Looking forward to dining at his new location and wishing the new Moo all the best!

  • I am in awe of anyone with the cajones who will take the leap of launching a business in America’s current anti-business environment. I am pulling for you and I promise to buy late night apres-New-Hope drunk burgers from your joint

  • Wishing them the best of luck! That building and my businesses were good to me for 20 years! will looking forward to going there when they open! All the best! Annette, Alan and Brooke .

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