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New Hope Chamber of Commerce bows out of Christmas

new hope free press chamber of commerceThe New Hope Chamber of Commerce announced late today that it “will neither initiate nor sponsor any specific events during the 2014 holiday season.”

Chamber President Roger Green in a press statement said, “We are pleased to see the initiatives that the North Main Street merchants and the newly-forming ‘Hope for New Hope’ group have taken to organize. We look forward to the new energy these groups will bring to implementing the novel holiday ideas they have discussed at public meetings and in private conversations.”

The chamber goes on to say it “estimates that the number of merchants involved in these groups is at least six times the number of volunteers engaged in chamber events. After running successful events such as the First Fridays series and the recent High Heel Drag Race on Oct. 26, chamber volunteers need a break to attend to their other work and family obligations.

“The chamber is delighted that these merchant-driven groups are prepared to take responsibility for promotional activities in New Hope,” continues the group’s statement. “The chamber wishes happy and safe holidays to all local residents, and reminds everyone to shop and support our local merchants,” concludes the business group.

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  • Not so sure this article is clear. Would appreciate it if you would publish the entire statement. This article makes me think the Chamber is leaving the merchants to decide what and how to advertise, market, and decorate, which is fine by me but, this article sounds like the chamber is just too concerned with being PC than recognizing the reason why people are willing to shop our store in the winter months. Ignore the reason and people will just ignore our merchants too. Short sited and sad!

  • I have been reading for, some time now, the articles about the NH Chamber of Commerce and it appalling how this Chamber can totally collapse and simply fall apart in just seven short months with the election of a new president, and it is even more appalling to read about the past Chamber. Why is it that there are some hard working people on that board that worked hard to get things done, but had little support from the merchants, community, and from what it seems, its own president. It is a shame that the children and community of NH have to suffer without the joys of the Christmas lights and the tree, that we loved each year, because the top leadership can not pull together his team. Yes, the past was the past, but this is now, and it looks like little has changed in New Hope Chamber leadership. Mr. Green needs to step down and allow those that care about the community and merchants to step up to the plate. Obviously he lacks leadership skills and the ability to promote New Hope for the rest of us.

  • I really hope the new groups pull it together and make this season something special. It would be nice to see some excitement and positivity before the long, cold winter to build upon in 2015, without having to worry about if the CoC is busy throwing themselves parties like last Christmas, or just completely taking the year off like this one. Hopefully a real replacement forms in the next few months that will be the light going forward.

  • When we had our store on Mechanic Street, in time to decorate for Thanksgiving weekend, I went up and down the street and took the orders for pine roping, from each store and asked for a small (then it was $3@) donation to get the public areas like the bridge. Roping was delivered and we all made a party out of our decorating day.

  • The chamber screwed up, but it doesn’t deal with store selection, and Main Street has been hurting for years, not just because we didnt have summer fireworks (though you’re right, we need them back). It takes a full spectrum of people and groups to revitalize a town. Odette’s would be a great start!

  • Why should anyone be surprised. Can’t light a X-Mas tree or have any other Holiday events. The NH Chamber of Commerce is the same gaggle of nitwits that killed the summer fireworks. Damaging New Hope’s commercial brand seems to be the only thing they’re really good at. (That and pilfering their own treasury for personal gain and party-throwing). You need no further proof than to take a walk past New Hope’s tattoo parlors, headshops, and empty storefronts and into Lambertville to see the contrasting effects of smart vs moronic economic planning and investment.

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