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Sneak Preview: Sketches of proposed new inn to replace former Club Zadar at Bucks County Playhouse

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View of Playhouse Inn looking north

Officials from the Bridge Street Foundation, parent of the Bucks County Playhouse, unveiled plans before New Hope’s Historic and Architectural Review Board (HARB) Tuesday for their new Playhouse Inn to be located at 50 S. Main St., with an annex at 8 E. Mechanic St.

The renderings provided by the Playhouse group were nothing short of impressive, especially for those accustomed to looking at the run down former Club Zadar. The Playhouse Inn will have 12 rooms on its third floor; nine facing the Delaware River, and three facing toward town, according to architect Mark Vicente.

The building’s second floor will contain the inn’s restaurant, kitchen, and a bar area, while the first floor will be divided between another bar and some type of retail space, possibly consisting of multiple small retail stalls or carts that could be moved quickly in the event of an impending flood.

new hope free press playhouse inn 2

Sketch of the Playhouse Inn showing western side of building facing toward parking lot

The Inn’s satellite facility at 8 E. Mechanic St., one of New Hope’s oldest buildings and in dire need of repair, will be refurbished and contain three supplemental rooms, one a two-story suite.

Its first floor will house a common area and storage, with furnishings that can be moved within eight hours in the event of impending flood (the structure is located within the flood plain).

new hope free press playhouse inn 3

View of additional Playhouse Inn space at 8 W. Mechanic St. as seen from Bucks County Playhouse


Overall, the initial presentation by Playhouse representatives was well-received, with HARB members making relatively minor suggestions regarding making the north side of the Playhouse Inn blend better with the bordering East Ferry Street Park, and adjusting the roof line on 8 W. Mechanic Street. Playhouse officials still have the the full approval process ahead of them, but seem off to be off to an auspicious start.

“We’re excited about the re-purposing of the building at 50 S. Main St. — to be bringing it back to its original use as an inn and restaurant, and to get people back down to the promenade area,” said Vicente. “We think it’s a beautiful riverside area that people can use and enjoy.”

new hope free press playhouse inn 4

Rendering of additional Inn space at 8 E. Mechanic St. as seen from Waterloo Street

Playhouse officials will meet again with HARB on Oct. 22 to continue the process and secure the building before winter storm season.



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