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Trees removed or trimmed as new Nektar restaurant landscaping begins in New Hope

new hope free press tree cutting nektarTrees were getting trimmed or cut down Tuesday morning front and rear at the former Wildflowers Restaurant at 8 W. Mechanic St. in New Hope, as new owner Nick Gialias set into motion his landscape plan for the property.

The action was undertaken as part of the metamorphosis of Wildflowers into the new Nektar wine, beer and spirits bar/restaurant.

Said Gialias in a letter to neighbors, “The goal is to create a plan that utilizes plants that are indigenous to the region and enhance the aesthetic appeal of Mechanic Street and the Ingham Creek. We intend to replace all removed plants with more appropriate plants that support the local environment, ecology and habitats of native plants and animals.”

All of the affected trees, according to Gialias, “are either unhealthy, unsound, misplaced, invasive species or cause serious safety hazards. We have received Borough approval from the Shade Tree Commission to perform the work.”

New Hope Free Press Tree Cutting Nektar 2

The Shade Tree Commission said in a statement, “The three trees in the front of 8 W. Mechanic Street are a Ginkgo, a Norway maple, and a dogwood, and will all be removed in order for the new property owner to comply with the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). The property owner will donate a tree and it will be planted next door in front of Mechanic Street Mugs. The trees in the rear of the property are not within the Shade tree’s jurisdiction.”

Neighborhood reaction was mixed.

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