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Have you heard the moos? New Hope’s oldest ice cream shop gets a new name

Moo Hope Ice Cream in New Hope (Photo: Charlie Sahner)

Moo Hope Ice Cream in New Hope (Photo: Charlie Sahner)

Holy cow! The new owners of 22 S. Main St. in New Hope have said they plan to refurbish the structure there and re-open it as an ice cream business (it was formerly Gerenser’s Exotic Ice Cream), and now the establishment’s new name has been revealed: “Moo Hope Ice Cream.”

Owners Marlene and Larry Panzica have previously indicated that tackling the requisite renovation there is their first priority, and a quick look at the building’s superstructure and public health records reveals what most locals know already: the building needs a lot of work, and that won’t happen overnight. One South Main Street business owner expressed quiet satisfaction that renovation is already underway. “Thank goodness,” she said.

So, for those that follow such things (and we do), the questions remaining are: When will New Hope’s mooest ice cream shop open, and what other menu items might be offered? Stay tuned.

Rear yard of 22 S. Main St. in New Hope

Rear yard of 22 S. Main St. in New Hope


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