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Truck careens across Route 32 into Delaware Canal in New Hope; no injuries reported

Sgt. John Goss manages the accident scene (Photo: Elisa Fusco)

Sgt. John Goss manages the accident scene (Photo: Elisa Fusco)

A dump truck driver traveling down a steep incline in the eastbound lane of Route 232 in New Hope Monday found himself unable to stop and screeched across Route 32, narrowly averting a passenger vehicle before landing in the Delaware Canal. Miraculously, the driver walked away.

According to police, the driver was unfamiliar with this section of Route 232, or Windy Bush Road as it is also known, having been detoured due to construction work near Newtown. They said he apparently didn’t realize the steepness of the road grade and “gear down” sufficiently. A man and woman traveling in a passenger vehicle on Route 32, also known as River Road, saw the runaway truck crossing the roadway in time to stop.

Responding at the scene were Sergeant John Goss, Officer Steven Gruber, and Officer Candice Tremblay.

Also depicted in the photo above are New Hope Borough Council President Claire Shaw’s home (center) and the visible top portion of the truck (far right).

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