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New Hope’s CLUSTERS Bucks County Caramel Corn moves to Main Street

87APopular snack destination CLUSTERS Bucks County Caramel Corn at 7 W. Bridge St. is switching to a larger, more prominent retail space at 87A S. Main St. next to the New Hope Candle Shop in a bid for the big time, New Hope-style.

“We’ll have even more great popcorn, an expanded gelato offering, we’re adding coffee, and we’ll be open more. I couldn’t be more excited,” said owner Linda Sghiatti.

“We’ll be closed for February to move, and hope to open in March,” she added. “Meanwhile, we invite folks to stop by our original shop during January’s Winterfest.”

Construction is well underway, with the familiar two-level layout already (and thankfully) reduced to one.

CLUSTERS specializes in gourmet popcorn made fresh daily and available in a variety of flavors like Original Caramel Corn, Peanut Butter Blast, Cookie Explosion, White Cheddar, and this author’s favorite, Original Caramel and Peanut. Not cheap, but your significant other, children, friends and/or company will love you.

Tip: Ask them to fill the bag with the top left open (you’ll get more).




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