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Hotel Du Village in Solebury proposes new B&B/Spa; requests public feedback

Lhotel du vilageandmark Developers, the new owners of Hotel Du Village just north of New Hope on River Road, have presented a proposal to Solebury’s Historical Architectural Review Board to renovate and expand their buildings and grounds. Expansion plans include contracting to purchase the Bulb House, located at 7091 Philips Mill Road, “contingent upon approval for a use that would complement Hotel Du Village and the area,” according to Landmark.

Said the company in a letter to Solebury residents, “We are proposing a bed and breakfast comprised of six guest rooms and a spa for the Bulb House property. The house will be restored to include the six guestrooms with no additions or outside alterations. ”

The letter, signed by Landmark Developers President & CEO Frank Cretella, goes on to explain why the variances the company is requesting from Solebury zoning officials are justified and desirable for the community, and invites public feedback.

Providing further detail on the proposed spa, Cretella said, “The Spa will sit on the footprint of the Packing House (enlarged by approximately 1,600 s.f.) in the rear of the property and go up three levels. We feel this is the best approach for the following reasons:
1.    We would not impact the existing or planned views of our neighbor adjacent to the west of the bulb house located on parcel number 41-028-033-001. Our consulting engineer for our bulb house project analyzed the topography for both lots and based on his analysis determined the following.
“In summary, based on the dwelling on the adjacent parcel having a first floor elev. of 139 and it being the most commonly used level of the dwelling, someone sitting and looking out toward the Spa Building would have an eye level of around elev. 142 which would be 14 ft. above the roof peak of the Spa Building.”
2.    We would have minimum impact on lot coverage.
3.    The Spa structure sits away from the historic Bulb House and is not part of its view frame.
The Spa is planned as a luxurious top in class venue that will help the Bed and Breakfast and Hotel weekdays and off season business. Its size is important to incorporate the numerous choices in treatments and give the luxury of Space and privacy. The Bed and Breakfast as well as the grounds will be renovated and decorated with its past history as the Mueller Bulb House in the forefront.

“We realize that the project will require variances for approval. We are doing our due diligence to determine the appropriateness of this proposed use in relationship to the Township’s zoning ordinance and surrounding uses.

“From our due diligence we have determined that zoning interpretations will be a critical determinant if we will be able to move forward with this proposed project. In reviewing the zoning ordinance and land development codes of Solebury Township we have comprised several arguments why we feel that that this proposed project should be permitted.
1.    This proposed Spa will be accessory and be customarily incidental to the bed & breakfast. It is common for today’s bed and breakfast establishments to have an attached Spa to their facility. A Spa complements and furthers the enjoyable experience of patrons who stay at these types of bed & breakfast establishment. Most people who will be staying at the bed and breakfast at the Mueller Bulb House will be also be using the Spa thus synchronizing these uses.
2.    The proposed bed and breakfast will complement and support the Hotel du Village. Many patrons of the Hotel du Village will also be using the Spa and staying at the Bed & Breakfast.
3.    A full time employee will be living and operating the bed and breakfast.
4.    We are proposing to provide 24 parking Spaces on the property which will be obscured by walls and landscaping. We feel that this is an appropriate number based on the following reasons:
a) Will provide 8 parking Spaces for the guests and bed and breakfast staff.
b) The remaining 16 parking Spaces will be for Spa use and staff. As most guests for the bed and breakfast will also be using the Spa, these Spaces are already being provided for. Several Spa patrons will be coming from the Hotel du Village right across the street in which their cars will be parked there.
c) The facility will be designed so that there is a maximum number of 12 Spa patrons that can be accommodated at one time
5.    The proposed use will rehabilitate and restore the previous historical character of the bulb house. The house has remained vacant for over 7 years. This use coupled with the Hotel du Village will create a vibrant corner and corridor.

“With all this said, we would really like to know if our proposed use and site plan is one that the community and local government would support. We value a relationship as a good neighbor above doing the Bulb House project. Please view our proposed site plan and Spa building design renderings. You may contact me directly by email at or on my cell phone at 917-838-0617.”

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  • I don’t understand this proposal. Hotel Du Village has just sat for over a year without any visible improvement or opening. Why should this suddenly be contingent on the house across the road? I really thought that Bulb House was empty for longer than 7 years. I once stayed there and could have sworn it was absolutely haunted.

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