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Interfaith community outreach organization HOPE welcomes Rev. Michael Ruk as sponsor

churchThe community organization HOPE (Helping Other People Every Day) is happy to announce that Reverend Michael Ruk of St. Philips Episcopal Church in New Hope has become its latest sponsor.

The original Sponsors of the HOPE partnership, Geri Delevich (New Hope Borough), Father Fred Kindon (St. Martin’s Church) and Rabbi Diana Miller (Kehilat HaNahar) welcomed their newest supporter at a meeting held in the New Hope Borough offices. During their discussion, Reverend Ruk noted that his parish has a long history of national and international outreach, and that his congregants were pleased to become part of a caring organization such as HOPE. “I see great possibilities with HOPE in not only serving the needs of New Hope citizens, but also in creating a deeper sense of community in this wonderful town,” he said.

Rabbi Diana Miller, a relative newcomer to the New Hope area as head of congregation Kehil HaNahar, the Little Shul on the River, advised the attendees, “A community has an obligation to take care of its own. When individuals are not already connected to religious or other local groups, organizations such as HOPE can make sure that people in need of help do not fall between the cracks.”

The volunteers of HOPE began their service in 2006, seeking to share their time, talent and resources by assisting and caring for people in the New Hope community.  They are available to:

·    Make telephone calls and house visits to those unable to leave their homes

·    Provide local transportation to medical appointments, bank, post office, supermarket, etc.

·    Prepare and deliver meals when an emergency arises

·    Help with small chores around the yard or home

Individuals interested in becoming volunteers with HOPE can find a brochure and other related information at any of the partnership offices or through the Borough website. If you believe one of our community members is in need of assistance, you can visit the same website or call (215) 862-3347.


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