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New Hope voter turnout seems heavy; some races appear tight

Polling area in New Hope (Photo: Charlie Sahner)

Polling area in New Hope (Photo: Charlie Sahner)

Voters were turning out in heavy numbers today, according to volunteers, candidates, supporters and others flocking to New Hope Borough Hall at New and Mechanic streets. Some observers say they thought the Republican turnout appeared more noticeable in the early morning, with Democrats arriving en masse by lunchtime. Candidates greeting arriving voters appeared weary but in good spirits and were campaigning hard as tight races are anticipated for several positions, with results unpredictable.

Polling seemed well-organized and moved swiftly. All in all, an exciting day to exercise one of the most basic rights enjoyed by American citizens. And the anticipation is only building.




frank deluca

Frank DeLuca in a suit (Photo: Charlie Sahner)


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