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Borough Council candidate Cliff Montgomery focused on securing New Hope’s quality of life

Cliff Montgomery (Photo: Charlie Sahner)

Cliff Montgomery (Photo: Charlie Sahner)

Cliff Montgomery is one of four Republicans running for New Hope Borough Council in next month’s election. He lives on Riverwoods Drive with his wife Karen, a rescued cat and a golden retriever puppy, and serves as president of the Riverwoods Community Association. A U.S. Army veteran, he received his BA (history and public affairs) and an MBA from Rollins College.

After a career spanning more than 40 years in corporate human resources, security, environment, health and safety, and risk management, he’s currently working as an executive career coach. He’s also a published author, and speaks German, Dutch and Spanish.

The Montgomerys are triathletes in their spare time, enjoy golf and tennis, and Cliff loves his 2000 Harley-Davidson Dyna Glide. He played at the U.S. open in 1967-69, and is no stranger to notoriety.

“I grew up a bit in the shadow of my father, who played Hall of Fame college football as captain and quarterback of Columbia University’s Rose Bowl-winning team in 1934,” recalled Montgomery. “He played one year of professional ball with the Brooklyn Dodgers, then entered the service as a Lieutenant Commander and received a Silver Star for valor at the Battle of Okinawa.” But the elder Montgomery neither talked much of his achievements nor put undo pressure on his son. “He was very supportive; he encouraged me,” said Montgomery.

So why did Montgomery decide to run for Borough Council? “I started my career with GE, was mentored by Jack Welsh, and while I attained my goal of heading human resources for a global company, my responsibilities included environmental health and safety, corporate security, and risk management. It’s those skills that I hope to apply to Borough Council as my way of giving back to the community.

“When Bill Scandone and Larry Keller called me and asked if I would run for borough council, I gave it some thought and made sure I could be fully committed, and the more I thought about it, the more I saw that it was a great opportunity to give back to a community that my wife and I love,” he added.

In terms of goals and priorities for public office, Montgomery said, “I see myself as an open and candid individual, and I’d like to be known as someone who brings  that same kind of openness and transparency to the council and government of New Hope.

“Also, the combination of my business background and other experience can provide me an opportunity to assist in assuring the viability and growth of the business community, while simultaneously assuring that individual citizen’s rights are respected — so that an expanded business community does not in any way infringe on the quality of life of the people living here in terms of increased congestion, noise, and taxes,” he continued.

Montgomery’s security background makes “risk mapping” potential environmental threats to New Hope, like floods, a priority. Additionally, he said, “I have some concern about future incidence of crime in the town. We in Riverwoods have had several break ins. There’s an opportunity to do an evaluation of our current security processes and procedures in coordination with Mayor Keller and Chief Cummings to see if what we have now is getting us ready for the future.

“In terms of the schools, the last thing I want to see is headline news about some crazed individual doing something,” he added.

Montgomery would also like to tackle “environmental issues” like “congestion, parking, and some of the things that don’t help our community, like risks to pedestrians.” But aside from risks, he said, “I’m interested in quality — how can we have continuous improvement? I want to improve the quality of life for the citizens of New Hope.

“I want it to stay as good as it is, and I love it, and I want it to be better for the people who live here. My wife and I jogged across the bridge this morning, and we were waving at people and seeing the diverse nature of the town, which I think is so attractive. This is my thirteenth location since I left college. Where else would you want to live?” he asked.

“I’m very flattered and proud to run with Larry, Clair, Bill and John because I think this team represents the future of New Hope,” concluded Montgomery.







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  • As far as environmental issues, I wonder what Mr. Montgomery would have to say about the recent situation involving West Nile. I would like a comfirmation. I heard a person from New Hope died from the disease? True or not true? It IS TRUE that the town was recently sprayed one night. Why wasn’t a digital sign put up in front of WAWA to alert the people going into town? Bad for business?
    As far as school security.It’s not only keeping dangerous people out of the school,it’s being able to deal with kids who are in the school who could snap because of a school district that turns a blind eye and a deaf ear to its bullying situation.

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