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Who the heck are these people and when is the election?

Surprise! There’s a primary taking place in New Hope on Tuesday, May 21!

Actually, many of us have heard of these primary “races,” but scant information has been published on the relatively reclusive candidates, who are running for four open seats on Borough Council, as well as Tax Collector and Mayor.

Here’s some publicly available info on the bunch in the photo:

Donna Deely: Mayoral candidate, Democrat, 51, BA Marymount College, recently employed as facilities bureau chief for Arlington County’s Department of Human Services in Virginia. Incumbent Larry Keller is a Republican, 58, and attended Lehigh University.

Connie Gering: candidate for Borough Council, Democrat, currently “President, Kostandina Designs; Manager, Gering Holdings; Manager, Las Tapas at Wildflowers.” She studied at Point Park University.

Iain Haight-Ashton: candidate for Borough Council, Democrat, currently on Historic and Architectural Board, consultant systems engineer, and has been a collector, historian and curator, and living history re-enactor of 17th and 18th century Americana.

Charles “Charlie” Huchet: candidate for Borough Council, Democrat; listed online as a Parent Advocate/Independent Consultant, once lived in Arnold, MD, former Board member of New Hope Historical Society. Received an Ed.D from Harvard in Counseling Psychology.

Candace Souweine: candidate for Borough Council, Democrat, is an “Independent Marketing Research Consultant who uses qualitative and quantitative methods to ‘get inside and up close’ with the target/prospect/non-user.” She received her BA in Social Sciences from Long Island University in 1973.

Again, the primary is Tuesday, May 21, 2013; the municipal election will be held on Nov. 5, 2013.


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