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New Hope police nab disorderly man after alleged restaurant incident

At around 11:15 p.m. Saturday night, an apparently intoxicated individual was denied access to Havana by the head bouncer of the establishment. The bearded white male crossed the street to the eastern sidewalk of South Main Street, where our video camera picked him up weaving and staggering down the sidewalk, attempting to hold up his falling shorts. Another Free Press photographer followed him as he doubled back, proceeded north on South Main Street, and was subsequently denied access to the Sandbar at 90 S. Main St.

The apparently intoxicated individual then entered Yogurt Town at 88 S. Main St., where he was observed loitering, then nearing an unattended cash register. Confronted by owner Han Pan, the suspect grabbed the confused merchant and after whispering something in his ear, spotted our photographer, and fled the scene. New Hope Police Officers Rich Joyner and Eric Freas gave pursuit and arrested the man, who was cuffed and loaded into a police vehicle.

At press time, Officer Joyner’s investigation was still ongoing.

Bouncer at Sandbar says “no way” (Photo: Bryan Montgomery)

Yogurt Town owner Han Pan spots individual behind counter near unattended register (Photo: Bryan Monthomery


Busted (Photo: Bryan Montgomery)









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