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Bucks County residents bringing covid-19 back from other states

A growing number of new covid-19 cases in Bucks County are being picked up outside Pennsylvania, the county health department says.

Of the 28 cases reported Wednesday, eight infections occurred in other states. Another six are residents of long-term care facilities, five resulted from household contacts, two were attributed to pure community spread, one was transmitted at a workplace and six were unable to be immediately interviewed.

“Multiple cases today were infected due to out-of-state travel,” Health Department Director Dr. David Damsker said Monday. “Unlike much of the pandemic where Southeastern Pennsylvania was a ‘hot spot,’ Bucks County now has fewer cases than many of the places people are traveling to. Please continue practicing caution when leaving the area.”

The death Monday of a 62-year-old man who had underlying health conditions was attributed to covid-19, the health department reported.

His death pushed the number of Bucks County deaths blamed on covid-19 to 504, of which 404 have been residents of long-term care facilities. A total of 3,333 patients are confirmed to have recovered.

Seventy-seven patients remain hospitalized, 11 of them in critical condition and on ventilators.

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  • In line with what Reggie is saying, of the 504 deaths of which 404 were from long term facilities,how many of the 404 were the result of returning these poor infected souls back to the facilities from the hospitals? Also the increase in suicides from this time frame from last year to this? Also the increase in deaths from opioid and alcohol addition?. You won’t get these numbers from the main stream media?

  • So we have a low mortality rate a treatable flu that most recover from and people that do sadly pass on who are people in my age group with multiple other issues diabetes,heart and morbid obesity. 504 deaths out of 638,000 residents.How many had died from regular FLU or were sent by our Governor to Nursing homes????
    Get ready for New Yorkers,New Jerseyians and other states that contributed to high mortality move to our area with there failed Governors and not learning that their leaders were at fault and bring there misguided views to our happy county.

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