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    1.' Melvin Band says:

      while I know that dogs off the leash anywhere in the New Hope Borough is illegal( $300 fine if enforced) is it also illegal to walk your dog on school grounds on a leash which is no longer that 6 feet during non school hours?

    2.' Red speculum says:

      The article said he suffered from PTSD and alcoholism, more than likely from PTSD furthermore likely from serving in Vietnam! That’s how I’m seeing it. There are reactions called triggers which at any time can cause a person to do something out of their normal character, like theft. It’s a switch due to mental trauma. It was a bad thing to do, however the way the PD and other detectives went about letting him know was pretty messed up. He lost his lifes work (pension) and I’m sure the rest of the ones convicting him are angels themselves right? It should’ve been handled internally if the dept had internal affairs and reimbursement should’ve been made to the owner along with a demotion due to worsening PTSD. Just hope that none of you guys have to experience anything close to what our vets have!!

    3.' John Bart says:

      Haven’t been to New Hope in years. Stopped for an early dinner before heading to Peddler’s Village. Parked on W Randolph St, short dead end side street, saw no meters or signs – plus it was Sunday. Came back out to a $35 parking ticket. Researched it and discovered it was pointless to fight it, the PD just wants their money. Unfortunately for the business owners, I won’t be back.

    4. I wondered who is responsible for the “trail” created by the LPS THAT “SNAKES” THROUGH.
      This past summer we has so many copperhead snakes in Hunterdon and Bucks co.
      I happen to be at the playground at the public school this past spring and fall and saw the children running up into the woods.I walked over and couldn’t help but not a big ravine filled with rocks and leaves and large timbers.I thought great for copperheads and timber rattlers. Couldn’t someone clean it up alittle or fence off areas so the children cannot wonder on there? There were kids 5yrs old to 10 yrs old by themselves crawling around in there.They told me they had seen snakes in there.
      I just think someone should make it alittle safer.

    5.' Ray says:

      Hunterdon County’s Solid Waste & Recycling Coordinator has been left out of the conversation. I wish the City of Lambertville would play ball with neighboring municipalities and County programs. Also, the city’s DPW is a disgusting mess. (have you ever seen it?) Try cleaning up after yourself and maybe you’ll find a functional space to work in. Hopefully the City’s next Mayor will be less obstinate and more experienced…

    6.' Peter Newburger says:

      I was a regular visitor to New Hope in the ’80s and ’90s. Sadly I have not been back since as I had some health problems from 1997-2015 and after that, my trips have all been to either Ptown or New Orleans. I remember gay life largely revolving around the Raven in New Hope and I enjoyed both staying there and enjoying the scene. It is really sad to hear that the gay scene in New Hope has kind lost its spark and I hope more places for us to congregate and dance return. While I too am fond of Grindr, I do not think these kinds of sites are nearly as much fun or as healthy meeting in person at our LGBTQ or non LGBTQ venues.

    7.' Will Johnson says:

      Though written many moons ago, this article was incredibly helpful in my trying to clearly differeniate Lamberts Hill from Connaught Hill with a friend.

    8.' Joseph says:

      New Hope was great in the 1977 era. I especially enjoyed the New Prelude, a fabulous gay bar later knocked down and replaced with a boring bank.

      I have a glorious memory of one of the New Prelude co-owners (dark hair/moustache/name unknown) dancing with me. At that time I was a closeted seventeen year-old gallivanting in a state with a 21 year-old legal drinking age. At the conclusion of the dance the owner pressed into the palm of my hand his Rosary beads. I’ll never forget that kind gesture nor the disco dance song with the refrain “it’s good to be Alive!”

      On a subsequent sneak into the sexy Gay Bars in New Hope I met the iconic Freddy Mercury who evidently had performed his rock and roll show 9 miles south in Trenton, NJ at the War Memorial theater the previous night. In retrospect, I wished I had those Rosary beads to give to Mr. Mercury. Wow! What blessed memories. How lucky I am to live in the USA. MAGA. Trump 2024!

    9.' Pebbles says:

      Andrew Patric Abruzzese was arrested in Florida on March 4, 2021 at 5:03AM by Delray Beach police. He is charged with possessing a fake drivers license, using a fake credit card, and cocaine possession. He gave police an address in Boca Raton, Florida as his residence.

      If you enter his name in the link below to the sheriff’s website, you’ll see the arrest record.

    10.' Stevey says:

      The raven just had shitty management, never changed with the times never ran themed nights or happy hour or sponsored events like rainbow mountain resorts or the woods campground still did ok but tge potential was there just never utilized

    11.' Evan Taylor says:

      Yet the town is still becoming just another North Philly suburb. That is why I moved out from there. Cosmos killings, destruction of houses without permits, moving historical buildings to other sites, out of control cops arresting tourists with no reason, several people drowning in the fetid canals with no explanation, blech. It has become a “Pottersville” from “It’s a Wonderful Life” movie. Stay away from there. No more arts community, no more multi-cultural community, just a swamp of North Philly criminals picking your pockets. And no more “fine” restaurants.

    12.' Hunter says:

      The Raven- I had loved the place so much. I went there off and on for about twenty years. I had met someone in NJ in 2000 and him and I went there the week of September 11, 2001. We had already had the plans and reservations in place. I remember that he told me he called that Tuesday and the bartender told him everything is the same here…baby come on up, so we did. Him and I got there that Friday September 14, 2001 and had a wonderful time. I remember on the TV at the bar seeing ground zero. I hope they build a new place. In the end. I had so many wonderful memories at the Raven that I will always will remember forever. All my Love to you all XX OO.

    13.' BRENDA says:

      I have not seen any signs of abuse in Human Rights in New Hope or Lambertville. Can someone send me an instance. Paul said the majority get along and I totally agree but that one person who can make the majority us all suffer for some injustice they can’t even give an example of.

    14.' REGGIE says:

      Forgotten but not gone yet.

    15. These Human Rights Commissions are a waste of time and taxpayer money. As is, most people have been relentlessly badgered into submission by the media for decades, and the reports of police abuse have been been slanted and exaggerated by that same media, so this is all redundant. It’s time people put aside their 1960’s playbooks and wake up to the reality that generally everybody gets along quite well. The city council should do the right thing and focus on lowering taxes and running the government more efficiently and not chasing phantoms.

    16.' REGGIE says:

      What a farce.What an act from misguided Governor Wolf.Thank God we have term limits unless the courts stick their nose in and usurp the Legislators again.

    17.' REGGIE says:

      Don’t these people have anything better to do than sit and wring their hands and talk,talk,talk. Always looking around the corner for the bogey man and STILL getting nothing done.Pick up litter on 202 or better yet in Lambertville after the tourist leave.

    18. We are Sadden by the Loss of Jim, On our many trips to New Hope my Wife always made a point to look for Jim & Coco, Jim was always a Pleasure to talk with, A real Gentleman, Always smiling and always Happy! ~ He will be Truly Miss by us! – May He rest in peace!

    19.' Kris Douglas says:

      Thank you, Mayor Fahl, for all you have done for the city. You will be missed.

    20. New Hope isn’t fun or interesting anymore. Stopped by on Sunday oblivious to the new parking rules, and no warning. Just missed getting a ticket, but certainly not worth the ride or bother anymore.

      •' Kathy says:

        Yes I agree! I lived there more then half my life and all the money coming in has destroyed the magic and charm created by the locals years ago. Too much money always ruins everything! They destroyed every single club or local place to go. You used to have so many options to go out dancing and now after the Raven was torn down there is none.

    21.' Francis says:

      Quit playing with the f****** politics or you senators and representatives are on your way out we’re sick and tired of your nonsense gerrymandering you all need to be voted out

    22.' REGGIE says:

      This is what happens when Progressive Puritans are allowed to govern us. More to come. Science be dammed to date that can’t even predict a snowstorm or any weather correctly.What makes you think Dr Doom even as a clue after all no HIV vaccine he was working on as never come about to date after almost 41 years.Rachel is also in that catagory.

    23.' Sarah says:

      These PA Government officials felt no financial pain due to shutdowns. They continued to collect their 2020 salaries in full. Tell me again how we are all in this together.

      Gov. Tom Wolf – $201,729

      Lt. Gov. John Fetterman – $169,451

      Attorney General Josh Shapiro – $167,838

      Health Secretary Rachel Levine $161,382

      Labor and Industry Secretary Jerry Oleksiak – $161,382

      Education Secretary Noe Ortega – $160,979

      State Police Commissioner Robert Evanchick – $153,313

      PEMA Director David Randy Padfield – $148,011

      Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar – $145,244

    24. The affordable housing is required under state law because of people trying to keep out low income residents from their town. Just like in Mt. Laurel, local townsfolk don’t want diversity or “others” from coming in. Just a bunch of racist and anti-working class organizing. All the talk about the site being inappropriate is just a cover for why they really don’t want this in town.

    25.' Bill Brasky says:

      And yet the powers that be won’t open until the 11th. Why does the NH school board continue to ignore the science? It is unconscionable what they have done to New Hope students. Careerist Lentz has students’ welfare a distant second priority and School Board President Sheehan, well as a “part time museum curator” quoted as “more than zero percent Covid risk is too much”…that’s comforting. You’re actions are unconscionable.

    26.' Enon O'moss says:

      We walked past the ice cream place today. It really looks like a dump. That said, the historical society is not going to give you money if you do not restore the property back to its original historical state. That is just common sense. Nevertheless, you don’t need the permission of the historical society to slap on a coat of paint, clean the awnings and groom the property. The place looks like a dump. They simply do not show any pride in owning a business in Bucks county.

    27.' Sarah says:

      Pennsylvania Health Secretary Rachel Levine pressed the need for . . .blah, blah, blah. I wouldn’t take “Rachel’s” advice on anything.

      •' Theresa says:

        Sarah….370,000 people dead in this country. The virus isn’t out control, the people are!!!! Wake up and do your part instead of criticizing the people trying to keep us safe.

        •' REGGIE says:

          Wolf has a huge amount of deaths on his hands.He did not follow science. Wolf could care less as Sarah said he and his group have never suffered as well a his family business.The Virus as been used as a means to an end.The American people are far wiser than our politicians.

        •' Sarah says:

          Theresa, I truly believe Rachel Levine is mentally ill and I will criticize that person at every turn. Advice from that office is worthless to me. Destroying this country economically will kill more people than the virus ever will. I do not need to “wake up” because I have never closed my eyes to the power grab behind this pandemic.

          •' BRENDA says:

            Good for you Sarah.It seems only you and Reggie are fighting back.We are not looting or burning or throwing cinder blocks at anyone.As Reggie said the New Puritans have used the pandemic for their own ends.

    28. My sincere condolences to Chick’s family and friends .
      Murray Middleman ,
      Music Director , Saxophonist /LosAngeles ,California

    29.' Frank DeLuca says:

      Well that’s a relief! Initially word was they had planned it right next to the Borough Hall and Police Station! The area now is a much better and desirable location!

    30.' Stuart C. says:

      No, the new hotel already tore down the Raven to put up their parking lot.

    31.' JoeSchmoe says:

      Another monstrosity to be built in New Hope. The Logan Inn, Odette’s, what is happening to this town? Not the same place I grew up in. Sad.

    32.' Greg says:

      WOW north main street area, would increase foot traffic down there, could be great for businesses and restaurants on N Main currently.

    33. After Governor Wolf gets done destroying struggling small businesses from the lock-downs & draconian orders there wont be much need for a garage.

      •' Dom K. says:

        Yes, and also perfect opportunity for developers to knock down all the stores and build riverfront condos. Also, they will buy the properties for pennies on the dollar.

    34.' Suzanne H says:

      This insane idea of a huge parking garage on New Street is just credulous. With out any though of the people who live near town we have to see this eye sore everyday to accommodate the visitors that don’t even spend any money in town. Yes, how many people do anyone see with shopping bags, very few people. They come just for something to do. Walk around eat something have a drink look at the river go home. People spend their money at Peddlers Village just a few miles down the road. New Hope will never be the Mecca that town council wants it to be it’s just too small. Is this all about the huge new high end hotel and restaurant on the river needing parking???

    35.' Paul says:

      I never spend a second looking for parking in New Hope since there are plenty of free parking spots in Lambertville outside of the commercial district. And then I walk. I urge others to do the same, since New Hope is going to have to gouge motorists to pay off the 4 million (minimum, expect cost overruns).

    36.' Suzanne h says:

      How could New Hope even think of putting a parking garage one block from Main Street. Have we who live in New Hope have any say on what in going to be build in our own town? This monstrosity will be a huge eye sore built right near historic buildings and homes. And homes that are in the surrounding area that were built there because of the charm of old New Hope to have a garage for visitors in their view. This will be in the back yards of Riverwoods million dollar homes wow what a view for them. And the new town houses on Mechanics St. they will just adore having all that traffic and blight in front of their homes. Oh please tell me it’s all a joke. There is plenty of parking if only people would walk to the huge lot near the train. So, So, stupid. I will be out there to protest!!!

    37.' Melvin Band says:

      Will the 1.75 million dollar grant be enough to cover the cost of the entire construction project, cost of hiring and maintaining personnel, cost of maintenance and other costs such as accident insurance? Another question- will there be a problem getting the cars from Odettes to their new location on Route 202 near Wawa’s?

    38.' Melvin Band says:

      There was once talk about building the garage at the far end of the Triumph parking lot which I think would be very feasible and NOT add to the congestion. But other questions are this. How much money will visitors be charged for spots by the penny pinching parking meter obsessed New Hope Borough Council? How much will it cost to hire more cops to prevent break ins and assaults? Of course we won’t have to do this because we never have crime here in New Hope. Right? LOL.
      Next, Will the town be able to take the increase in horn blasting by drivers anxious to get in or out of the their parking spots? Honk Honk!!!

    39.' Evan Taylor says:

      The death of New Street. New Hope has become another Ellicott City, MD. I’m so glad I moved away from that street. The house I sold was turned into an AirBnB with the character of an ice cube. New Hope is just another extension of North Philly. Disgusting.

    40.' Brian H says:

      New Hope used to be a nice quaint little town to go to but not any more parking garages now you have to pay for parking traffic’s a mess no thanks

    41.' Nancy says:

      I don’t know what the borough is thinking (their not IMO) putting the parking lot there on New Street.
      The ability to get in and out is difficult enough from either end of that street so to even consider building a parking lot you’re creating not only a traffic jam, you will be creating frustrating tourists who will never want to come back again – and that parking area will become an unused lot overtime and be a waste of badly spent money.
      There is no need for a
      5-story parking lot.
      It will become an ugly eyesore and detract from the very feeling that makes New Hope New Hope which is it’s Unique stores and touristy vibe.
      If you were really concerned about your town or your people, you would leave New Street alone because that beautiful side street is one of the few places that the residents of New Hope can actually enjoy living on without all the heavy traffic or they would have chosen a home on Main Street.
      You need to reconsider your location to make it more feasible logistically

    42.' BRENDA says:

      Don’t see anyone refuting Reggie’s claim.Sad how misinformed the general public is.Reggie’s claim is correct.

    43.' Lucinda Hall Ashman says:

      This poor little HISTORIC TOWN IS GOING TO CRUMBLING DOWN INTO THE RIVER. Why would you need this?

    44. Good evening. Fantastic concept and much needed for the community. Has a contractor or construction management firm been on boarded as of yet or will this bid as a public project?

      •' REGGIE says:

        Sealed bid from one contractor only.Get it.

      •' Evan Taylor says:

        Yes, fantastic. Also, they may build a Walmart on North Main Street. Starbucks is closing many stores, so hopefully that location will become a bodega (just like in South Bronx). Add a OTB (off track betting) to South Main and a Taco Bell on Bridge Street. Throw in a few discarded shopping carts in the fetid canal, replace Love Saves Day store with a Dollar Store, and voila, you will have what the city planners desire. Don’t forget a sprinkling of bail bond locations around the town.

    45.' Joe Schmoe says:

      I got a sandwich to go on Friday, excellent.

    46. Let’s hope the new council (and especially Mayor Fahl) will be more considerate to the taxpayer, and put aside their grand schemes and work to reduce the economic burden on Lambertville residents. With the Covid crisis being as stressful as it has been, now is not a good time for local government to squander other peoples money. Let the example of the eviction of Council Members Asaro, Urbish be a lesson to all government officials not to anger the taxpayers with frivolous projects.

    47.' Don Sparks says:

      I just don’t get it: how busy can Odette’s be? I’ve been trying to book rooms and dining room accommodations for myself, my husband, a half dozen children from Bethanna Home, and their mental health specialist, and have been repeatedly told that, as was the case so many Christmasses ago for Mary, Joseph, and their, as yet, unborn child, there is no room for us in the inn.

    48.' Sarah says:

      First and foremost, I hope it keeps our police officers safe from danger & lies.

    49.' CommonSense says:

      I hear the funding for Karen’s to monitor our ‘scary’ police is next.

      Simple advice. Don’t commit crimes.

      Back the Blue

    50. Ate at Chive on Saturday, the food was delicious, will definitely go back.

    51.' REGGIE says:

      Please can someone tell me Mortality rate and recovery rate!!!Never mind I will tell you 1%Mortality 99% Recovery for the USA.

    52.' Sarah says:

      Great news. I wish you the best of luck and will be stopping in very soon!

    53.' Ash Wurthing says:

      This message has already been sent to the Mayor and now is being presented to Lambertville United to consider carefully as well. This isn’t just to offend or vindicate– obviously consideration was careless if that is what is taken away from this. Nor is it meant to be argumentative but precautionary and like Judgement’s sword, doubled edged.

      (true victory)
      Vanquishing often just castigates
      till another battle of matters unsettled.
      Conquering always just subjugates
      sowing further conflict, honing its mettle.
      Victory to truly celebrate
      is winning agreement and matters settled.
      A strategy elusive to consummate
      on a divisive field of conflicts unsettled.
      Of bitter entrenched stalemate,
      low hills stands serving only the Devil.
      For some side must fixate
      upon high horses, blindly refuse to settle.
      Insisting on benefit at someone’s detriment.

      AFWT XV:7:v

    54.' Steve says:

      No one pushed anyone out. You guys were just no longer interested in going to gay bars because you could do your hooking up online.

      This is sad. The end of an era. I preferred going to a bar because you could at least see what you were getting instead of some fake online profile.

      •' Fred says:

        I think you hit the nail on the head. No one wants to admit it but a Gay Bar is a business. If the Raven was doing so well it would never have been sold.

    55.' Gordon Wolfe says:

      Here’s something you could write about the New Hope borough council.
      There is a ticket blitz going on here and the residents of W. Ferry Street are taking the brunt of it. We buy a parking permit that isn’t worth the paper that it is printed on. (Example: permit allows us free parking on Saturday and Sunday from 10am to noon. We must then feed parking kiosk for next 9 hours @ $1.50 per hour. You do the math.) Our free parking time has been reduced by 21 hours per week. Residents are being ticketed at an unprecedented rate. (Parking tickets have very recently been raised from $20 to $35!) I have spoken to the Mayor, the Borough Manager and a member of the Council. I have gotten the same response from each: “I’ll look into it.” You know what that means.

    56.' Ash Wurthing says:

      Frederick Douglass said “The feeling of the nation must be quickened; the conscience of the nation must be roused; the propriety of the nation must be startled;…”. Just as necessary these days as it was in his day. So…

      Gathered to watch our struggle- their favorite sport-
      spectators, Divine and Infernal, dwelling inside us all.
      Some well mannered, others the foul obnoxious sort.

      Zealots echoed Intolerance’s jeer, its battle call.
      The field paved and ether was mobbed by their thralls.
      Hatred hooted, hollered, “Let thy blows indiscriminate fall!”
      Hot tempered Anger exhorted, “Burn what is thy enemy’s!”
      Strife condoned bloody foulness, “Lynch those thee abhor!”
      And Havoc, rabid, roared, “Let loose the dogs of civil war!”

      It is unknown what the other side cheered for.
      For the raucous, riotous roars
      drowned out what the Righteous may had deplored.

      A Fate Wrought Testament XV:8:30 Cry Havoc
      woven somewhere on the Web

    57.' Glae says:

      Love Lambertville with it’s eclectic mix of businesses and citizens. Do not allow the bullies to change what Lambertville has always been…a charming American small town.

    58.' Mike S says:

      To paraphrase an old saying “Being a critic is easy. Being an author is a whole lot harder.”

      Maybe one of these critics should run for mayor and try to author the kind of change the critics with an opposing view will embrace. Good luck with that.

    59.' REGGIE says:

      “Elections have consequences.” It’s the political way for winners to tell losers: “Tough luck, you lost. Get over it.” You voted for her you’ll just have to roll over and accept whatever she wants.Always when it’s too late do you learn.

    60.' Sarah says:

      What a surprise. Liberal elected officials trying to push through a personal agenda without public input. I’m shocked! Love the “Light up Lambertville” campaign. Great idea.

    61.' Harry Young says:

      Great Job Lambertville United. Julia Must Go!

    62.' Judy Gleason says:

      Thank you for explaining Lambertville United, its activities and the role it is playing.
      I am a supporter of LU and appreciate what it is doing. I am a participant in the effort to find the facts and share them. I am also a participant in the effort to support our businesses – retail and restaurants.
      Thank you and keep up the effort.

    63. I would like to support some of the merchants in Lambertville. But Lambertville needs to remember that it is a democratic bastion, and has supported Governor Murphy who insists on these draconian and excessive Covid lockdowns. And so the democrats (and I am registered as one) have to be honest with themselves and realize that you can’t have it both ways. Either Covid is a highly deadly disease that we need to take drastic measures to fight, or it’s just a very bad flu and it is up to the individual to take precautions. So as for now, I will stay home since Governor Murphy considers this a very deadly disease and isn’t concerned about the economic effects of closing down small businesses. We are getting what Lambertville voted for.

    64.' Melvin Band says:

      With a Pa. Right to Know Request, I followed up Supt. Lentz Nov. 19th claim to the school community that NUMBEROUS[ my emphasis] parents requested the district to transition to a virtual setting for the week following Thanksgiving.
      I received a response today, Dec 4th that stated, No Responsive Records Exist.” So, is the Supt’s. claim of “numerous” a fabrication? Did the “numerous” parents all call the supt. on the phone thus not leaving a paper trail? Are we to believe that numerous people called the supt. and he made no note of that? So what do we say about his credibility?

    65.' Jerry Aldini says:

      Sorry you’re experiencing this, you seem like a good person and nobody deserves to be bullied. Unfortunately though, you’re not special…social media, especially in the political realm, is a miasma of meanness. Look no further than the months before our election. Online wishes of death to our president and his opponent occurred almost every second. I’ll keep my opinion as to the more guilty side to myself. Also, I would hesitate to conflate online “bullying” of a politician like yourself with the bullying you and other kids experience at a young age, which is truly horrifying

    66.' Andrea D. says:

      Dear Julia,
      you ran against a man and won! You were elected as a mayor. Indeed that proves that our community is very open minded. The bullying has nothing to do with your personal life. We believed in you and entrusted you with our money, but you forgot about “We the People”.
      You should not pay any attention to bullies, ignored them, rise above them. Instead concentrate on what the citizens want, let us vote and decide on the important issues. Thank you.

    67.' Bill R says:

      Threatening, rude, and harassing behavior have no place in public discourse, that is certain. I have stopped attending Mayor Fall’s council meetings because she has been quite rude to people who voice disagreement with her. She cuts them off, she interjects, she speaks over them, and she rolls her eyes and acts much like a bully herself. She has pushed through at warp speed several multi-million dollar projects while people are being laid off and businesses are boarded up due to the pandemic. Even her own council looks exhausted by the number and length of her monthly meetings (which appear to be an attempt to rush through legislation before the newly elected council members take office in January). Of course citizens are concerned and scared about the fact that their taxes went up over 10 percent this year and she is proposing to take on millions more in debt. If she would allow for open, honest, civil discourse – at a normal pace – she would not be the subject of such anger and desperation.

    68.' Rob W says:

      Classic blame accusing others of what you yourself do. Right out of the KGB playbook. I have some sympathy now that I know how she became a bully herself.

    69. Julia Fahl had presented herself as a fiscally responsible citizen when she ran for office, but as soon as she got in she went on a spending spree, with big plans to spend 14 million on a new government complex. Now she wants to spend over 3 million to buy the Closson property. So after pulling such a flagrant about face, she now feels like she is being bullied. If Miss Fahl would modify her behavior and do what she said she’d do, she’d find that people like her. So her being bullied is because she provoked it. So grow up and stop playing the poor persecuted lesbian card.

      •' Doug Graiver says:

        Paul, when someone compares Julia to sexual preditors, calls her employer to malign her, and calls her a “fraud”, among many other things…that is not “playing the poor lesbian card”. That is atrocious behavior that warrants being called out.

    70. I think that transparency and community voice is the civilizing issue. Bullying is unacceptable, threatening behavior is serious , I’m sorry it has gone that far for you, it’s dissapoints me that people can be so cruel in our otherwise good city. . I also realize that as you are smart, capable of things I couldn’t begin to wrestle with. I realize you are young and also have not lived here for very long to perhaps understand fully what makes this city special and has for decades. Acceptance, diversity,community,friendliness, creative souls and not wanting excessive change.ive seen some ugliness pop up also during this stressful time that I did not expect but I’ve also experienced more kindness. I’m glad you expressed yourself and transparency and authenticness should prove beneficial, hopefully. Stay well, peace

    71. That’s Mayor Fahl for you. Big big plans with no regard for taxes or the citizens of Lambertville.

    72.' Dan Opdyke says:

      The Mayor is right, the divisiveness , name calling and bullying has to stop. Unfortunately, it will not, especially with the false sense of security of hiding behind social media or as a public servant.

      I too have been bullied severely as a child growing up in Lambertville due to childhood poverty and being in special ed classes growing up in Lambertville. Unfortunately, social media has the effect of lowering inhibitions when it comes to human behavior. This is a human behavior problem, which has been goin on for a very long time, has been enhanced by social media and partisan politics and will not go away any time soon.

      I think it important to confront these behaviors and address the underlying issues with them. It is not OK to be bullied, it is OK to be angered and upset by bullying, but I also think it is important to understand where the bullies behavior comes from so that we can be less hurt by them and disarm their behavior before it hurts us. These are the lessons I have learned in my life anyway.

      I also, think it is a bad idea to disengage from the public via the City’s Facebook page because it gives the impression that the bullies win, they have forced you off of social media and a means of direct communication with the City of Lambertville has been taken away from those who have done no wrong. Please reconsider this.

      Also, I have directly asked you, Mayor Fahl and City Council about the discrepancies between a job posting for the City of Lambertville Public Works Department and the Director of Public Works and still not have recieved a reply. It is a simple question and I would like an answer please. I believe the residents of have a right to know why their Dept of Public works is having problems.


    73.' Peter Destamp says:

      This article is the mayor’s attempt to save face. I will give her the fact that some people have been way too harsh and aggressive towards her. A lot of that needs to stop. Having said that, there are members of Lambertville United who have sound reasoning and are legitimately pushing back on ideas the mayor is trying to push through without truly engaging the community. She claims to listen to the community but the reality is the Council and mayor push through voting on ideas the city residents don’t agree with. At the end of the day the council votes…I haven’t seen the townspeople be able to vote on some major changes. The mayor wrote this article to play victim. I don’t agree with the bullying but I also think she needs to be held accountable for making bad judgement calls and decisions, and she has not addressed some of the root issues which have caused this negative reaction from Lambertville residents.

    74.' Sharon Owens says:

      Reading the negative comments on the Lambertville page since Julia has been elected has been so disappointing and uncalled for as she tries her very best. I kind of knew when Julia was elected it was going to be easy for her, because I witnessed and heard those who did not want things to change after 28 years of one mayor. Of course, things would be different and of course some mistakes will be made but overall Julia has been exemplary in her role. So please everyone, let her know you believe in her efforts and if you do not, please don’t resort to name calling and negative comments. Thanks Julia for all you do for Lambertville! Take care of yourself!

    75.' Mike S says:

      Delete Facebook. It’s toxic place that is poisoning society. Your life will improve 1,000% immediately.

    76.' LH says:

      I’m so sorry this is happening to you. Folks should be grateful anyone volunteers and/or runs for office these days. They deserve respect for the office or position they hold, and for the fellow human being they are. Disrespect is a poor reflection of the giver. It has nothing to do with any issue and just highlights their immaturity. The silent majority needs to get vocal about stopping this harmful harassment, especially the threatening kind. It should be done in strong unison, and will set an example of intolerance for such poor behavior, for others of any age. Wishing you the best in this otherwise fabulous town.

    77.' Deb Vari says:

      Here’s to “modeling behaviors and language we want our children to use”. As we look forward to a new administration to heal our nation I’m hoping Lambertville will follow suit with everyone treating each other with respect and civility regardless of differing opinions. It takes a village but it starts at home.

    78.' John DanaherYour Name... says:

      I’d really like to hear a rebuttal.

    79.' Gary Toth says:

      Bravo Mayor.

      The people of Lambertville who resort to this and spread misinformation are dispicable. They follow the tenor of our outgoing president and are disgrace to decent folks of Lambertville. You are right they are bullies as an example those who are anti-development; I understand many of these folks live in the developments that are new to Lambertville over the last 25 years. It’s a classic case of entitled people saying lock the gates now that I’m in here.

      The decent people of Lambertville stand behind you whether we agree with you or not. Thank you for your courage.

      PS: Guess I can expect the bullies to come after me now.
      Gary Toth

    80.' Don Tripp says:

      This is a sad commentary on a community that represents itself as open minded, accepting, and liberal.

      Just like Trump’s MAGA gang, apparently LAMBERTVILLE UNITED operates the same way, using the same threatening tones and misinformation (actually lies)

    81.' Amy Ann says:

      Practice what you preach, mama.

      According to your ex-hire, Alex Torepy, you are the worst offender.

      Get some integrity and stop spending money on image consultants and PR pieces, Julia. This is not the series, “Billionaires”.

    82.' Louisa says:

      Facebook is a cesspool an inch better than Parler. It was constructed for meanness at its origin. Well past time for governments, businesses and any one of any actual reputation to rid themselves of that kind of ilk.

    83.' Lisa Stolzer says:

      Just as an FYI, when one signs up for the email and text systems, one is asked if one wants to add the city’s address to one’s address book. When one chooses “yes,” it is Alex Torpey’s email address that is added to one’s address book.

    84.' Louise says:

      How egotistical can you be to destroy a historic building such as the Logan Inn? It’s a giant white monstrosity that spills into the once historic town like a gigantic plastic beer gut. It’s no longer the town tree. It’s no longer a town, its just a place for people to exploit. New Hope has totally lost its charm. Really sad to see a once vibrant community destroyed.

      •' Kit Taylor says:

        Totally agree. I moved down here to NC eastern shore to retire, and I see PA license plates here every day (to escape, I guess). New Hope has become a north Philly burb. I commuted to NYC from NH, but it is now just a north end bucket of sludge. The once graceful canal is full of discarded shopping carts, etc.

    85. How can anyone justify the same school tax rate when this whole year (don’t worry I know it’s only Nov, but school’s not coming back) and a third of last year there is no school. NHSHS and it’s board have abandoned our kids, left them uneducated, and sentenced them to lockdown, loneliness, depression, and in some cases drug abuse.

    86.' Mike S says:

      The tree lighting ceremony is so important to bringing this community together. This year will not be like most but this tradition must endure. Thank you.

    87.' Don Sparks says:

      Any news about what’s happening at Odette’s?
      What’s going on with the razed Raven?
      Inquiring gay minds want to know.
      Please do some hard-hitting New Hope Free Press follow up.

    88.' Melvin Band says:

      Too bad the same can not be said for Solebury. As far as school taxes for New Hope/Solebury? FORGETABOUTIT! the school board, all nine of whom have kids in the district will tax us to the max and even more so if they could.
      At a recent school board meeting, I believe that it was Sept. Supt. Charles Lentz said that even though there were savings in the Spring when the District went virtual, we will still have to dip into our savings to the tune of $500,000 to cover costs of covid 19.
      And with a new teacher’s due this coming $pring, need I $pell it out for you>

    89.' Melvin Band says:

      As Recommended by Supt. Lentz, The school board voted to go all virtual until until Dec.4th with 7 in favor of his recommendation and 2 opposed. the two opposed who wanted brick and mortar were Mr. Patel and Mr. Augenblick.

    90.' Dave says:

      I used to shop there all the time until Country music became the norm. Tried again recently and still playing so I turned around and went to McCaffery’s.
      Country music, in New Hope, Pennsylvania, in 2020 no less. I get some folks like it, but to me, its nails on a chalkboard.

    91.' Melvin Band says:

      Part of the notice that went out yesterday from Supt. Lentz was quite an eyeopener.” We have received numerous requests [from the parents] for a transition to virtual setting in the week following Thanksgiving Break because of family travel plans out of state. which will substantially impact our instructional continuity.”
      WOW !!! Do you believe this? This district, which is funded almost exclusively by taxpayer’s money to have students learn in the traditional brick and mortar setting, the best setting, is being dictated to by parents so as not tom affect their out of state vacation plans. Talk about the inmates running the asylum. What a wonderful opportunity for the families to pick up and bring back corona.
      And by the way , I asked for Supt. Lentz to quantify the number of parental requests for out of state. No answer from him.
      Too bad that we don’t have a school board that would say that the schools will be opened for brick and mortar with those who are away on vacation will(1) have to make up the work and (2)have unexcused absences noted on their records.

    92.' Melvin Band says:

      I attended and spoke at last night’s virtual meeting. As far as getting substitutes, should anyone be shocked that the district has a hard time finding subs when day to day subs earn just $100 a day which is at the rate of $18,000 per year.
      Who in their right mind would want to teach for that amount when a new teacher earns at the rate of $256 a day for a $50,000 salary. Even offering $200 a day is at the rate of just $36,000 a year.
      In order to get subs the district has(1) pay more- at least match a starting teacher’s salary (2) have some of your 15 administrators including Supt. Lentz chip in and teach( 3) Expand the district’s hiring policy which means put ads in other counties besides Buck’s such as Philadelphia and Trenton. After all, New Hope -Solebury is supposed to be a diverse community. Right?

    93.' Melvin Band says:

      It seems that just about every day a new directive comes down from the state. From the state’s top doctor, Rachel Levine, according to the New Hope Solebury School District all intramural and school interscholastic athletic indoor events will now require masks for the athletes. Just imagine two basketball kids going up for rebound with their hands going for the ball but instead having their fingers entangled in their opponents face mask strings. Real genius.

    94.' Melvin Band says:

      The New Hope Solebury School District Community, including myself, received an email today from Supt. Charles Lentz who stated, ” We have been informed that a student or staff member at the Middle School has been diagnosed with Covid -19. This person was on the school premises on Nov. 10, [ last Tuesday] 2020.and did have direct exposure with other members of our community.
      Last Thursday, Nov. 12th I attended a virtual school board committee Facilities meeting via Zoom wherein I asked the chairman how many positive cases, if any have been reported since March for out school district . While Supt.Lentz answered other questions related to Covid 19 , he did not answer mine. So much for transparency. Followers NOT leaders.

    95.' Matt Foley says:

      The virus doesn’t go after the working folks, only those that commute for fun and games. Unreal.

    96.' Sarah says:

      So . . . will those “official” men in orange vests on the bridge who sit in their little huts and refuse to discuss what their actual responsibilities are, be stopping people & asking for test results? Maybe not yet, but don’t be surprised when it happens. Democrat states going for complete control.

    97.' Wellis says:

      You are THE problem. Sure, be selfish. That’s all that matters. Only YOUR rights count. Not those of 260,000 people who died because people like you think individual rights are more important than human life. Do you think it’s ok to drive drunk because no one’s going to tell you what to do? We put people in jail for this- as we should people who think they must prove wearing a mask or not is their choice.

      •' Guy Buzzocco says:’s a virus. Viruses don’t care about your perceived selfish thoughts of your political opponents. It doesn’t care about your enemy Trump, nor your Savior Biden. It doesn’t care about virtue signaling on social media and it doesn’t care about mask theater. Let’s continue living and protect vulnerable people.

    98.' about time says:

      It’s refreshing to see people with some common sense complaining about this fraud’s “orders” that have no rule of law. Live your life. Stop listening to these fools, and attend any protest that’s organized.

    99. When will these idiots who keep harping on “cases” and “safety” actually start to be concerned about actual safety? School kids’ cases poses zero incremental health risk…not statistically zero, just ZERO Covid risk. You want to talk about health risk? Let’s talk about loneliness and isolation, drug abuse, depression. Those are the older kids. Let’s talk about the psyches of 8 year olds who have heard a 9 month drumbeat telling them that being near other 8 year olds will kill them and their parents. Let’s talk about ALL kids K thru 12 being deprived of an education. The election is over…you don’t need to do this anymore!

    100.' Free Citizen says:

      well, last time i checked, this is a free country. I’m travelling, and I’m not social distancing with my family. I’m also not wearing face coverings. End of story.

      Second, this is a FREE COUNTRY. People are not going to be punished when they did nothing wrong.


      •' Polly Anderson says:

        Hey Free Citizen, I respect that you feel that way. But I wish you would post your name and your picture so that if I see you out and about I will know to keep my distance. You have to understand that your not taking any precautions puts e and everybody else at risk and the least you could do is let people know that we need to stay away from you.

    101.' CommonSense says:

      Ah yes. Right on cue. Faux-rona 2.0

      Coming to a community near you…Levine’s elderly relatives who are too precious to shelter in place with us normal folk.

    102.' Mike S says:

      The county health department reporting is no longer credible. Their reporting of a 7 day average of 27 cases doesn’t square with other sources including the NYT showing average daily cases of 252. Even Johns Hopkins is showing 13,050 cumulative cases while the county is reporting 11,549. What benefit is there from marginalizing a the health and death consequence of a pandemic ?? Why has the county taken the position that it will only update it’s web site twice per week ? They don’t want you to know how bad it is. STAY HOME. WEAR A MASK.

    103. Correction: the Lambertville total of 37 is cumulative since April. In the past two weeks, there have been 3-4 new cases. I check the stats daily.

    104.' HM says:

      Paper ballots are too antiquated.

      The vote cast is far to visible to too many fallible human eyes

      Who came up with the idea of paper ballots?

      I thought they ditched insecure paper ballots years ago…. in the 1800s.

      Also if one uses the wrong type of pen, it invalidates the vote.

    105.' HM says:

      The new paper ballots are definitively NOT more secure.

      When a poll worker was showing me how to insert my paper ballot, she could clearly see who I voted for.

      Also mail in ballots are taken OUT of the secure privacy envelope and handled by a human.

      How is that more secure?

      Paper ballots are too retro.

      We can send a man to the moon, but we can not figure out a way to cast a ballot without someone possibly being able to tamper with it.

    106.' Melvin Band says:

      Perhaps the co- presidents of the League of Women Voters of Bucks County will answer this question. As of 9 PM this Sunday night Nov.8, 2020, Pa. has 6,375,000 counted votes while other states are far ahead of Pa. Here are some other numbers: California 13,900,000. Florida 10,942,000. Texas 11,082,000;New York State 13,904,000.So what’s the holdup?

    107. I rarely look at The New Hope Free Press. But I did just now …AND was very saddened to hear of the passing of Jim Martin . An Icon in the New Hope Community . I knew for several decades. He taught me ” A lot ” about life .
      Ie: my philosophy after knowing Jim is ” Live every day as if it was your well as ” My glass is always half full”
      Thank- you Jim for allowing me into your life and your home , as well as being fond of all your ” Little Girls” and lastly Coco.
      May God and and the Angels take good care of you…as they do for me every day 24/7…they were there for me this past June when I was rushed by Ambulance to Jefferson Memorial with a Blood Clot in my left lung and my heart 97 % full of fluid . The Cardiologists told me if it had been 15 minutes later …I would be Dead.
      So Jim..
      I will miss you .

    108.' Fred Oster says:

      Covid won’t disappear…but the manufactured panic will. The real leaders of this nation, the media (mainstream and social) no longer have to propagate this to hurt Trump…they won. If that’s what it takes to stop the pain…then I’m happy with the result.

    109.' JoeSchmoe says:

      I thought it would disappear on election day. Hahaha another stupid Republican theory debunked.

    110. Mel I’m disappointed you should know better. Risk is literally zero for these kids. If they live with grandparents or at risk people….protect those people. At least New Hope administrators seem to be paying attention to the science when it comes to sports.. School is another story. I thank God my son and his friends have had human interaction with their friends in football the last 3 months. And I worry about other kids locked in their rooms. I happen to know first hand that depression and drug abuse is a huge problem with teens thanks to this Covid shutdown idiocy.

    111.' Melvin Band says:

      Last Friday, Oct.23rd, I was watching A New Hope Solebury High School home football game wherein throughout the 2.5 hour game the 40 or so players who were not in the game were moving together on the sidelines like Siamese twins and obviously no face masks.
      As the players on the field were moving up the field, the “Herd” on the sidelines moved up the field.
      As the players on the field were moving down the field, the “Herd “on the sidelines moved down the field. Contrast this with the people in the stands who were for the most part sitting 6 feet apart wearing masks.
      Is there a problem getting the players to sit on benches at least a few feet apart? This is a question we should pose to the superintendent who was in attendance. Apparently Everything was okay with him.

    112. Ron Gorodesky Why did u lie and all your cohorts lie to the press on how you were how u know how the Raven a gay club, was an icon in thw New Hope area and that it will store contents of the Raven to be included in the new desgin of the Raven. Did u have any intentions of do what was said in the New Hope Press.

    113.' Common Sense says:

      Sun wasn’t out. No way to run those solar powered green new steal cars. Would have had to cover their “Bern” stickers anyhow.

    114.' Raysa Santos says:

      Wonderful to see people riding for Boden today. Let’s vote and say Bye to Don.

    115.' soundos says:

      I enjoyed reading, thanks.

    116. I’ll drive over to Giant to see a half dozen cars with skinny little dudes and big girls with blue hair representing. Oh and I can’t wait to witness the 4 person misfit conga line on the bridge

    117.' Shari Spaeth says:

      Is the tour and the webinar the same thing? I want to do the tour, do I pay for that? I lived in the Holcombe house on River Road and am excited to see it.

    118.' Ryan Field says:

      May she rest in eternal peace. I knew Elaine for a long time and was very fond of her.

    119.' Common Sense says:

      How funny. “If some asks for your identification…”. This is PA. I can simply play dumb and pretend not to understand English.

      Not only will they count my vote twice for the liberals but I can probably get a new Obama phone and free ultilities…

    120. I was at your location Tuesday October 20 at 9:30Am and there’s no one at the location I was wondering when and what times your open? In New Hope Pa!

    121. What hours is New Hope Biden center open? I’m here at 9:30 am and it’s closed, no phone number

    122.' Mike S says:

      This article is very poorly written and context misleading. Instead of providing color on the Cross-County Trail in Solebury as the headline would have you believe it talks about the Route 202 Parkway Trail in Doylestown. Who are you trying to appeal to ?

    123.' Joe Simone says:

      I didn’t know The Onion had a New Hope chapter

    124. These slimy doofuses are there at the New Hope muni building every election…electioneering 10 feet and 1 inch from the front door

    125.' REGGIE says:

      Are they serious.This is beyond ridiculous.Next Virtual eating in your basement.Virtual call letters of the lazy.Sad very sad.

    126.' Kit Taylor says:

      I’ll always remember that house (Union St?) that had the bulwarks of a pirate ship on the front porch with cannons going off.

    127. I know about the sept 16 memo. But It’s now Oct 10 and our fearless, I mean fearful, Gov Michael Keaton Wolf changed the guidance 4 days ago…250 is no longer the limit Lentz! Our facility has a capacity of a couple thousand so you can now let in 25% or 500 people. If our careerist Supt or our milk toast AD had a brain or an ounce of courage we would be able to admit more than 100 people (there are 50 football players). Covid risk is statistically ZERO percent for the player and parent demographic. When will someone show some leadership or logic? You and your ilk keep parroting “follow the science”… yeah why don’t you try doing that. Our spineless school board, led by a “part time museum curator” just mindlessly follow this ridiculous Lentz directive.

    128. Jimmy was my teacher, mentor, and friend. For two years I worked in Jimmys studio carving his prices from beginning to end, thrilled to have him place his signature on the work he guided me in creating. He taught with love, and by his life example of searching for personal artistic expression and perfection of craft. I believe my life as a designer, sculptor, professor and mentor is largely due to the time I spent with Jimmy and the years off our friendship. I He was extraordinary. I will miss him greatly .

    129.' Melvin Band says:

      Believe it or not but on Sept. 16th the superintendent of the New Hope Solebury School District, Dr. Charles Lentz, sent out a memorandum to the community stating that at home athletic contests only parents/guardians of the players would be allowed entrance to the games.
      This directive effectively prevents all grandparents and siblings of the players from enjoying the events. Each family of an athlete was given two tickets for ONLY the parents. Giving a grandparent a ticket or a younger child to take the place of a parent does NOT increase the number of people going to the game which by order of Gov. Wolf can not be more than 250.
      It must be noted that ALL nine members of the school board gave their blessing to this very restrictive action by not challenging Dr.Lentz “SILENCE IS SUBMISSION “

    130.' Becky says:

      Jim was ALWAYS one of my favorite people in town. I met him and his little dogs when I worked at CVS and he always had such interesting stories. He was a wonderful, kind man and I am gonna miss him horribly.

    131.' Bill Low says:

      We knew Jim only a little bit, sharing his love of dogs as he walked North Main, as he proudly displayed the “tricks” his little white dog(s) had learned. Another New Hope treasure lost.

    132.' JoeSchmoe says:

      Always a familiar face on North Main street.

    133.' Heather says:

      I am sad to hear of Jim Martin’s passing.

      I had admired his wood carvings, in the window of his store/home for many years.., long before moving to New Hope.

      On the way to my office, I always saw him walking his little white dog. Even as he became weaker and needed a walker, he was still out there walking his little dog, regularly.

      I hope, Coco, will be going to a good home, It was obvious that Mr. Martin loved that dog.

      I did not know Mr. Martin personally, but I always looked forward to seeing his friendly familiar figure walking his cute little dog, Coco, through the borough.

    134.' Roger says:

      Good to see the spy bot at work. Over sized Gumby. How come it don’t have no mask on bro.

    135.' Roger says:

      The gestapo speaks no fun!!!! Old saying glass house.

    136.' Melvin Band says:

      As children go back to school and some of them come down with covid, a lot of questions will be raised in terms of informing the parents and the staff. Here are just a few. (1) If a k-5 teacher tests positive, will he inform the parents of his students or acquiesce and let the district simply send out a form letter stating that someone in the district tested positive and with the advice to practice the usual hygienic protocols?
      After much soul searching a teacher who tested positive (as reported in the New York Post last March)at Brooklyn Technical High School contacted all of his students parents for a total of 170 students in his five classes. (2) What should high school teachers do? (3) What about parents whose kids test positive? Keep silent or inform the parents in their kids class?
      If I were a parent my child would be given an assignment every day especially after the school sends out that form letter. “Son, was there anyone absent from your class today? Get the picture.

    137.' REGGIE says:

      Tell me the mortality rate not the spike.Also the states that indicate COVID as cause of any death in their states.

    138. My wife and I have stayed at the Logan Inn many times. Although I do not deny the right of the Logan to expand and see the benefit of the extra rooms, being unable at times to get a reservation there, this expansion removes the intimacy of the original Inn for me. The scale for instance battles the original building for prominence and wins by regulating the original building to an annex. The new part, overpowers the scale of the street, which is the charm of New Hope. Historical looking buildings (as this one is attempting to be) if not done right, become ‘cartoons”. Many of the historical elements (vocabulary) are in-authentic and fictitious. I’m sure the efficiency of the building will be state of the art and the interior as well. But the proportions are clumsy with multiple centers, a confusing main entrance and faux materials. The balconies are superfluous
      Over all? This is a cliche which many allow larger parties on Main Street but doesn’t respect it

    139. Norman…why is everything you don’t like Trump’s fault? This letter has been hanging inside of this restaurant before he even thought to run for President. The man has stated publicly numerous times his denouncing of racism and white supremacy groups. Find me a factual statement of the opposite, I would love to see it! This President has been attacked since before he even took office by the powers to be, is that right? It was proven publicly the Russia collusion was a hoax and manufactured by Hillary and company as stated by EVIDENCE not rumors. I get Trump is a tough pill to swallow if you are on the other side of the aisle with his bombastic, band aid ripping style of speaking and not concerned if he hurts your feelings. He is true to the person you saw on tv and read about in magazines and newspapers. Many times I cringed because he states things that are not publicly smart in my opinion and can hurt his message to those left of him but they are the naked truth.

      Remember Matthew 7:1 “Do not judge, or you will be judged”!

      Back to the issue at hand. The letter looks like it was made as a joke but in very poor taste and probably by someone with borderline racist’s biases but it is not the President’s doing. You want him gone even though he wants to help Americans from the Washington deep state which is taking more of our freedoms and monies from us to build a society, that WE will eventually be totally dependent on them for survival and to reap the power of true tyranny and fascism over their fellow man.

    140.' Ray J says:

      People act like the place was a monument to gay people or something. It was run-down, old, bartenders were thieves, the owners were thieves, after dark the place became an outdoor bathhouse with people staying in the rooms leaving doors open for sex. So please spare me the theatrics and the “Blame 45” or “Trump Derangement” – the place never changed to meet the times…Get over it.

      •' Ed z says:

        Wow what a bitter Old queen you are, I had many great memories here probably because I didn’t care about tge bartenders and management private affair, just having a good time was my goal and I accomplish it many times unlike you..

    141.' Joe says:

      It’s amazing these morons who manage to bring in Trump to this topic- your hate-filled rants and intolerance is what got Trump elected and will win again!!! Trump2020

    142.' REGGIE says:

      Tell the Governor Wolf to open up the state let kids go back to school and stop playing politics.

    143.' Roger says:

      I can’t see how a profit can be made with 36 rooms, guess it’s the 1000.00 per year fee to eat on a roof. Glad to see we have a new average income inclusive business in town. Wonder what the real reason it was built for?

    144.' Roger says:

      The whole Halloween thing is worship of demons type thing. The second thing all the chemicals in candy let alone the corn syrup and sugar.

    145.' Melvin Band says:

      When I brought up the topic that federal Judge William Stickman IV found that Gov. Wolf’s directive of 250/25 was unconstitutional, Lentz said that he was following the dictates of the Pa. Department of Education.
      Needless to say, but Stickman’s verdict came on Sept. 14, 2020, while the Pa. DOE directives to keep Wolf’s directives were last issued on August 17, 2020. Too Little too late for Supt.Lentz.
      As Abraham Lincoln once said, You can fool all of the people some of the time; Some of the people all of the time; But you can’t fool all the people all of the time. And even though the school board members sit back and don’t challenge the supt. there are people who watch his every move.

    146.' Yvonne Valdes says:

      Yes I am wondering where would be best to look for Parking? …First time coming to your town

    147.' Bo says:

      Would be helpful to know how many tests were also done since there’s a 3% false positive rate. Could be different now that some nursing homes and other places have quick testers.

    148.' Melvin Band says:

      At the New Hope Solebury School Board meeting last Thursday, Sep. 24. Supt. Lentz stated that in spite of Judge Stickman’s ruling against the 250 outdoor limit and the 25 person indoor limit the district would still follow the Pa. Department of Education’s edict in favor of the 250/25.
      Just one SMALL problem folks- The DOE’s edict which which was created on July 16th was last updated on August 17th almost a month BEFORE Stickman’s decision.
      But the big problem in this district is the fact that All nine members of the board refuse to challenge the Supt. time and time again.

    149.' Melvin Band says:

      What must be brought out and emphasized is the fact that ONLY two biological parents or a legal guardian can attend the games. NO grandparents or siblings will be allowed to attend. This means that even if one parent and a grandparent want to attend the game- a total of just two people which is what the district rules allow, the grandparent will still not be allowed.
      Age Discrimination? Perhaps one of the affected families will call up the nearest ACLU or at the very least speak to a friend or member of his family that has a lawyer. Or how about a you tube video- New Hope Solebury grandparents and siblings Verboten from athletic events.

    150.' Melvin Band says:

      Blindly”Exercising Raw Governmental Authority” a phrase used by Judge Stickman found in the next to the last paragraph, accurately describes the actions of the New Hope Solebury superintendent and 8 school board members who under the guise of “protecting players, coaches and those very few who are allowed to attend games, poisons the relationship between the New Hope Solebury Community and the school district. I said eight members of the board because there was only one who said NO to having fall sports. Just one board member out of nine who stood up the the other eight. Just one person out of nine who had the guts and courage to stand up to the superintendent the
      main cheering leader urging the board to vote for Fall Sports. Just one board member who is not a rubber stamp.

    151.' Melvin Band says:

      Regarding Valerie’s comment about, “any high school civics student”. that’s the problem. It was only last year that the Pa, Department of Education made it mandatory to teach civics in high school. A little too late wouldn’t you say when compared with the fact that NYC was making Civics a mandatory course back in the 1930’s.
      In fact, the Pa. DOE makes it a point that Civics doesn’t have to be taught as a separate subject. It could be integrated( and hence lost and buried) with other subjects. High math and reading scores achieved by teaching to the test is the Name of the Game coming from Harrisburg.

    152.' Kit Taylor says:

      Don’t complain. If you are not a 1%-er, then you can not even think of entering this plush place. We are an “artistic community”, but we do not want any struggling artists here. You have to prove the size of your hedge fund to enjoy our artistic attractions. NH is such BS now that it has become just another North Philly suburb. I’m glad I left.

    153. If they had some sense or could know the temperature of the room…they would have an opening for local residents. But no.

    154.' Mr Matson says:

      I will be there tomorrow morning with my wife and son, who is one of New Hope’s most renowned corned beef hash connoisseurs. Gov Wolf is a monumental douche.

    155.' JoeSchmoe says:

      Heck of a time to be opening a new hotel.

    156.' Melvin Band says:

      I just received an email from the president of the New Hope Solebury School Board, Liz Sheehan, which states, “Our current Athletic Health and Safety Plan, and its regulations for spectators, remain in effect.”
      By the way, while the safety committee did not as a whole object to the Draconian spectator limitations, the duly elected school board members have, as yet the opportunity to say, yea or nay.

    157.' Don Sparks says:

      What if they opened a luxury hotel and nobody came?

      •' Don Sparks says:

        All of the pictures are “renderings”. Has anyone actually been able to take a picture of the real deal with living, breathing customers in evidence?

    158.' Melvin Band says:

      As restrictive as Gov. Wolf’s provisions are when it comes to high school sports, a letter dated Sept.16,2020 sent out to the New Hope -Solebury Community by the NHS superintendent, Charles Lentz, is in some ways even more restrictive.
      Even though Gov. Wolf will allow 250 spectators at outside events, NHS Girl’s tennis, Girl’s Soccer and Girl’s field hockey, each of which has about 30 players, each player will be given just two tickets per event for their mothers and fathers for a total of 60 tickets per event for spectators. That means 30 plus 60 equals 90 AT MOST. For the opposing team, a league rule for the pandemic will not have any spectators allowed in. At most we have the aforementioned 90 plus 30 more, if that, from the opposing team. Add a few refs, ticket takers, stats people and we get 135. The Athletic Director knows this but refused to speak out at the last Facilities meeting. I spoke out along with a committee member who stated you’ll never get more than 100 people.BY the way, under the Supt. direction, grandparents and siblings, and long time community members who are taxpayers will be shut out.
      It is said that a person’s reputation precedes him. When the present Supt. plans to leave this district to go to a larger one with more money, hopefully the school board members of the new district will ask him about his letter of Sept. 16, which is on the NHSD website.

    159. Mel the indoor 25 rule is just slightly more idiotic than the outdoor 250 rule. After you count all participants/officials/staff on the field there will be around 50 spectators allowed in bleachers that in most high schools have a capacity for 3000 to 5000. Just parents of senior players and cheerleaders (maybe). Everyone else, including ALL visiting parents, are screwed. And all the while 22 teenaged boys are climbing and piling over one another on the field, exchanging blood, spit, and sweat. How some state govt moron came up with this number, and how all the other state govt nitwits played along without pointing out the obvious imbecility of this number…is a case study govt feeble-mindedness and gullible Covid panic.

    160.' Melvin Band says:

      With the law on its side, how many high school superintendents will have the courage and guts to disregard the maximum 250 outside maximum and the 25 inside maximum for their sporting events? Will the president of the PIAA, Dr. Robert Lombardi have the courage and guts to ignore the governor’s decree and tell the 500 Pa. school districts to disregard Gov. Wolf’s 250/25? If not will the various leagues have the courage and guts? Will the duly elected school board’s have the courage and guts to stand up to the Gov?I seriously doubt it.
      New Hope Solebury’s school Board will have its virtual school board meeting tomorrow night, Thursday,9/24 at 6:30 PM via Zoom. Tune in and participate by going to the website,
      As far as the 25 maximum rule, all high schools in the state that have just a girl’s volleyball team are blatant victims of discrimination since they, unlike all the outdoor teams, are not allowed to have any spectators- parents siblings, grandparents. In fact, just by playing they are in violation of the 25 max rule. New Hope Solebury’s girl’s volleyball team has 25 players. When they play another school with even just 12 players plus coaches referees, scorekeeper, they are well over the limit.
      Is there just one parent who will contact the ACLU to go into court and get an emergency injunction against Governor wolf to rescind his 25 rule law?

    161.' Kit Taylor says:

      Cuomo is a little more easy going.

      According to Lambertville, I should sit up in my second floor window and scream while I throw candy down at the kiddies in the street.

    162.' Sandra says:

      These are guidelines NOT laws. Do what you choose on Halloween.

    163.' Matt says:

      The fact that this level of obvious racist BS is being defended is the issue. It is 2020! This short of garbage should have gone out with the fax machine, or maybe even the telegram.

    164.' Kelly says:

      He and his wife are racist anyway you look at it I hope they get run out of town

    165.' Max says:

      Shameful… lying pos who said they would rebuild… must be related to 45 cuz no one lies like him… lots of memories of days at the pool and evenings at the bar…sounds like a Ponzi scheme…

    166. It’s been a while since I’ve been to Fred’s or the Landing, having moved from New Hope this past year, and I have to say, I have mixed feelings. While I’ve never been a fan of PC, there are extremes, one of which I recently wrote about in the Star-Ledger and – “Fear and Loathing in New Jersey.”

      On the flip side, I agree that some of the people who are most critical about the sign in Fred’s should get a life, and maybe even take concrete steps to help in the struggle for racial justice. Of course, it’s easier to protest in lily white New Hope than take more meaningful social action.

      But here’s where I have mixed feelings. While I appreciate the humor in the sign that has since been taken down, I’m a white man. I wonder how I’d feel about it if I was Black and sitting down to breakfast at Fred’s with my family and read the sign. I think I’d find it offensive.

      Maybe that’s the litmus test. It’s not about PC, it’s about being sensitive to others with different cultural frames of reference, and about understanding that we need each other now more than ever.

    167.' Howard Kurs says:

      Donald used to frequent my store, Lazer Illusions first on West Bridge St, and then on Main St. New Hope. When he came in he totally took over the store as if he owned it. He talked to the customers and demonstrated products even if he didn’t know how they actually worked and attempted to sell them. He told stories and became the center of attention. He also held huge parties at his large home and invited the whole town of Nee Hope, posting invitations on phone poles all over town. These parties were catered and there was great and plentiful food beer, wine and champaign for everyone. There was always a band, playing music at full blast. On one occasion the police came because a neighbor complained about noise. Don came out dressed in an admirals uniform and told them to leave. Unbelievably they did. He was truly a one of a kind and will never be replaced. His passing was a tremendous loss to New Hope and to all that knew him, which was most of New Hope and Lambertville too!!!

    168. Well of COURSE its unconstitutional. Any high school civics student could tell you that. And don’t go on with some specious screed that it’s a Trump appointed judge. Irrelevant. That’s the way it works…presidents appoint judges

    169.' Roger Mudd says:

      Build low income housing for people of color and undocumented workers.

      •' Kit Taylor says:

        Build them right in Village 2. Classic. The New Hope “Karens” will come running down the drive with their kids screaming “save my babies!”.

        •' Heather says:

          Karen is an insulting, racist trope. I don’t like it, but I would never protest its use because I support free speech and thought.

          How ironic that people complaining about a racist trope feel it is okay to use a racist trope.

          Someone once said: “Be the change we want to see in the world.”

          It is a quote often erroneously attributed to Gandhi.

          No, Gandhi Did Not Say Be The Change You Want To See In The World

          As some have noted “Now this actually is good advice, and even though he didn’t actually say it the way we attribute it to him, I believe he’d support the idea. This notion of be the change you want to see in the world does 3 powerful things when we adopt it:

          It stops us from judging others;
          It replaces complaining about others with reflection on self;
          It stirs us into taking action within the only thing in the world over which we have any control: ourselves.”

    170. Thinking, they want to drive small stores out. Demolish all the old buildings along the river and build new. Turn the town in to upscale playground. Big power and money behind all this. What happened to the earth cam on main street? The Gay Pride thing will go next.Only one last place to drive out, then the super WAWA!

    171.' Jim Becker says:

      Surprised that NHFP reporter on the story recently posted on Protest in town took a side in their reporting and only reported 1 side of an issue and only 1 side of a multi accusation complaint.

      Poor reporting n poor follow up.

      • Owners of restaurant would not return my phone calls or email, so hard to express their viewpoint, making story less balanced. If you can somehow get them to contact me, I would love to publish their views!

    172.' Terrence Lowery says:

      It may have been meant as a joke but it isn’t funny. This type of thing should not be tolerated.

    173.' Gary Cohen says:

      The sign was clearly racist and even though many white folks would just find it funny and shrug, members of the minority communities who were the intended targets are right to be offended. And in these times there are certainly other funny things to post that are not so clearly racist and derogatory

    174.' Keith says:

      The outrage du jour. By next week, these clowns will be upset about something else. That’s one good thing about these social-justice warriors: they are upset by so many things, they usually don’t spend much time on any one issue. In a few weeks, this will be forgotten and Fred’s will be doing just fine.

    175.' Paul says:

      It’s good to see that the BLM protestors behaved peacefully this time, and didn’t resort to violence, arson or looting like they’ve done in cities across the US this past summer.

    176.' Annelies says:

      Anyone who thinks this sign is funny needs a sense of humor no. 1. It’s not a,difference of opinion that needs to be tolerated! It’s not what new hope was, most of us moved here for it’s open-minded accepting ways that seemed genuine to me, it’s where people could be different and fit in.

    177. Tolerance also definitely means leaving alone views and expressions you do not agree with. You can’t agree with everything. Tolerance means acceptance and moving on.

      •' Joseph Mansley says:

        This is a myopic worldview George. I come from the “boomer” generation, and through my lifetime, mostly recently, I’ve seen what tolerance for stupidity can yield. Look at the current state of our country. This happened because people tolerated bad behavior for so long, saying things like others in this thread like “oh you can’t take a joke”, etc. These people really just don’t want to own the fact that they’ve aligned with the wrong side of history. The only other person I can recall saying “oh they can’t take a joke” in my life are abusive husbands and schoolyard bullies. Lot’s of people can take jokes. This wasn’t one. Whoever wrote this had hate in their heart, and Fred’s should have known better on multiple occasions. The first was allowing this person membership. The second was hanging this on their wall, essentially saying “we like this”. I heard the owner tried to deflect, suggesting they just hung up something a member gave them (mistake number three in a long series of mistakes that are ultimately evidence of where they stand on this important issue). I don’t just “hang up” things people give me in my house unless they have some meaning to me personally. This is a weak excuse, and nothing more.

        This is a time of incredible positive change in this country, spurred by decades of injustice and white privilege being “tolerated”. It’s time to admit that things can be better, instead of hiding behind empty platitudes and forming tribes with people we have nothing in common with other than the fact that we’re white and we’re easily scared by propaganda from the far right.

        For anyone claiming a sense of humor would alleviate all of this, I think they’d be wise to go to a comedy club so they can see what actual comedy looks like. The worst joke ever told is probably funnier than any humor you might find in this. This was malice disguised as humor by someone who is too much of a coward to outright say the hateful things they believe in their heart. There’s far too much of this today, specifically coming from my own generation, which has disappointed me incredibly lately.

        It’s time to listen to younger people and make space for their voices to be heard instead of trivializing their concerns so much that they feel the only option they have left is to protest.

        •' Heather says:

          Whether or not this is a time of “incredible positive change” is an opinion, and remains to be seen.

          I also find the term “white privilege” to be an incredibly presumptive generalization.

          This term is typically leveled by someone who is actually privileged, no matter their color.

          I think there are many, hispanics, asians as well as poor white people who find the term offensive and demeaning and lacking in sensitivity for their plight in society.

          If you think all whites automatically enjoy white privilege, then you need to take a drive through poor white areas of Appalachia or Louisiana.

          I think this article written in 2001 by a black author may be an eye opener for you.

        •' CommonSense says:

          I would like some “non white privelege” so I can skip work, leave the basement, destroy property, burn, loot, shoot and otherwise exercise my right to create mayhem.

          Of course while receiving all those handouts that are due to me.

          In fact, I need some reparations. I am shorter than 6 feet and have glasses. Oh, I also believe in God so I am a true minority.

      • Yes, tolerance should apply to everyone.

        The same people protesting the wording of this sign are the people who think it is okay to refer to President Trump as the “orange man.”

        Trump is fair skinned and has no control over the way the sun effects his skin.

        As a fair-skinned person, the sun tans my skin a golden orange color.
        Therefore, I find the term as applied to a fair-skinned person offensive.

        I hold a full time job, and do not have time to hang out protesting everything I disagree with.

        Even if I had the time to protest the phrase “orange man”, I would not because I support free speech and I truly am tolerant of other points of view.

    178.' Lenk D. says:

      It’s a pity that nowdays people can’t even laugh at joke, so many people are standing on their toes and suspect insults from everywhere and everyone. What has happened ???

      •' Fred says:

        It never was a joke to black people. What’s happened is young white people are more woke and have had enough of their parents generation’s racist B***s**t.

    179.' Liza says:

      They guy who said he’s never seen any racism in this town clearly didn’t go to school here.

    180.' Nancy Walton says:

      One of the reasons why I love living in New Hope was the diversity and the progressive atmosphere of the – gay rights before it was even popular in the 80s.
      I remember every one was welcomed here with only a handful people that weren’t inclusive. Look we all know the system is broken and change is what is needed. While it is needed to be tolerant of others opinions it is inexcusable to put hatred on paper and frame it.

      •' Fred says:

        Well said Nancy. America needs to end it’s denial of institutional racism and the affect is has bad on our society. Provoking a conversation about injustice is how we become better.

      •' Keith says:

        You are contradicting yourself. You said “it is needed to be tolerant of others opinions” but then said it is inexcusable to put hatred on paper and frame it. You just demonstrated you are not tolerant of others’ opinions.

    181.' Alyssa says:

      Every day it becomes less and less desirable to live in new hope because bigots are everywhere

    182.' Ben says:

      Suddenly I want pancakes from Fred’s.

    183.' Howard says:

      Enjoyed a wonderful breakfast at Freds today. Great weather, great food, amazing staff!

    184.' Kit Taylor says:

      I always felt Fred’s “Breakfast Club” was a snotty and pretentious concept anyhow. What undesirables are they trying to keep out? A member has to sponsor you? It’s a freakin’ diner, for pete’s sake.

    185.' CommonSense says:

      Last night I woke up hungry from an amazing dream.

      Instead of pumping money into our cancel culture, basement dwellers, takers, and the faux-rona virus, investment was put into creating a vaccine for liberals.

      Only a dream, but I am hungry for breakfast.

    186. Nowhere in the (somewhat childish) sign does it say anything about race. Why do people immediately jump to the conclusion that the sign alludes to race? This is an issue of the stereotypes held in the minds of those that are offended. They need to work on that issue with their counselors.

      •' Samantha says:

        …it literally reads that the dogs are mixed in color. We all know race is a social construct with a basis in skin COLOR. Taken in the context of the other attributes mentioned, which CLEARLY are meant to personify the dogs with attributes commonly recognized among humans, it’s exceedingly clear this had racial overtones, undertones, actual statements about race. Please don’t be obtuse. We can talk about being overly sensitive because there are certainly those times when people overreact. This is not one of those times. Don’t be a gas lighter. It’s completely counter productive.

      •' JAY says:

        It is so sad to see all the HATEFUL people in NEW HOPE.

    187. Sorry, friend, being a liberal does NOT mean tolerating the self-righteous new style racism of the #DonaldDumbass era. We liberals have EVERY right to call out racist attitudes, jokes and policies, especially those of us whose lives are detrimentally affected because of such attitudes. The new style of racism and hate; we have every right to be ignorant, hateful and discriminatory, but YOU are wrong for mentioning or calling it out. You want to be ignorant, hateful, mysogynist or racist? Then you pay the price. Cancel culture works BOTH ways. Telling those of us affected by racism and our allies to stay silent is NEVER acceptable, even from a so-called liberal like yourself. Racism is not merely a difference of opinion. It is an attempt to demean deaden the lives of others.By the way, this applies to POC who apply racist attitudes to whites as well. Peace.

      • Isn’t it racist when the liberal left refers to Trump as the orange man. Trump can not help having that skin color.

        BTW: Biden’s skin also appears orangey, when he tans. All fair skin people tan in a golden orange way.

        As a fair skinned person who also tans golden orange, I find the term “orange man” offensive, but I never make a big deal about it because, I am not a pansy.

        • Heather, his color is make-up!

          •' Heather says:

            Pat Thiede:

            You know this, how?

            I grew up in Manhattan and actually met Donald Trump in person 20 years ago.

            He was NOT wearing makeup. His skin tone was similar in color to mine.

            Makeup can not totally hide one’s natural skin color, anyway. Makeup is an enhancement not a cover up.

            In any case, that is neither here nor there, the term is a racist term, as is the Terms Karen or Kyle to identify middle class white people.

            I find it offensive and racist.

            Why is it that the same people complaining about this sign, think it is okay to use the term orange man for anyone.

            Offensive racist remarks are a two-way street. If one wants respect, they must give respect.

            Also, one loses their moral high ground when they are screaming about racism but using racist terms to identify people of another color.

    188.' Fred says:

      Same person owns The Landing next door.

    189. How about we change the sign to read, my figs are white in color. They just arrived from Ireland and speak broken English and there are five different fathers. Is that racist?

    190.' cindy says:

      when did people lose the ability to know when something is a joke? Anyone offended by this, get a life

    191.' Mary JB says:

      The owners had an opportunity to take a look at something offensive, develop compassion and insight for a variety of opinions, and engage in civil discussion. They could have been an example of unifying people in a community they claim to care about. Instead, they fanned the flames, invalidated real concerns, took the “shut up and dribble” stance, and their business will suffer.

    192.' Alex L says:

      I’m writing a historical fiction novel about a fugitive slave (Charles Ball) living in New Hope working discreetly on the canal and I haven’t been able to think of a good name for the coworker he has a racist encounter with that almost blows his cover. The name of the character is now Chris Bollenbacher and he is going to have a line that incorporates this controversy.

    193.' Scott McGrath says:

      As a liberal, I will say the joke isn’t funny. But then again, it’s not offensive either. A true liberal is tolerant of other opinions and others sense of humor. I may not like the joke but I will fight for your right to tell the joke. This is still America. Freedom of speech is a right. If you don’t like the message or the joke, it’s ok. If you find it funny, it’s ok. In a free society, who are we to judge someone’s sense of humor or opinion. This cancel culture has gotten out of hand. Labeling someone a bigot or a racist because of a bad joke is extreme. We don’t need labels. We need tolerance. There is nothing racist about the picture posted on the wall. It’s a statement about the welfare system. It’s a statement about a system that has obvious flaws that allow people to take advantage of that system. If you find the joke unfunny, change the narrative. Instead Of boycotting a hardworking staff, protest against the state and ask them why this system has these obvious flaws. It seems that my fellow so called liberals are no longer liberal. There is no acceptance. No free thinking. If you find something offensive, it must immediately be cancelled. Stop boycotting hard working people and boycott those who take advantage of our society.

    194.' Your Name... says:

      It’s when stupud things like this happen I learn of new places to go. So as far as Fred’s goes all this publicity is bringing new business. Thanks Freds!

    195.' Aunt Libby says:

      Lets see if Antifa shows up!

    196.' don says:

      Trump has nothing to do with it .

    197.' Cecelia says:

      I guess it all depends on how you read the sign…

      “This morning I went to sign my dogs up for government assistance.” “At first the lady behind the plexiglass protective shield, said, the dogs are not eligible to draw benefits. I then began to explain to her that, my dog’s meet the qualifications defined on the paperwork. They are gender “neutered”, identify with multiple and diverse personalities. They are unable to find jobs because they are verbally challenged and have a limited understanding of verbal commands. They were raised by a single mother until they were, at a young age separated from their siblings, placed in cages until a foster or legal guardian could be identified… My dogs get their first check Friday.”

    198.' Charles says:

      Typical leftist bullshit. Democrats are the most racist and the biggest assholes.

    199.' Putin says:

      If you displays such bigoted a hateful sign in your business window you have to pay the consequences.

    200.' Kelsey says:

      Oh give me a break. This is a horrible time we’re living in and you liberals aren’t making anyone’s life any easier. I hope everyone goes there to EAT!!! Grow up. You all say support local business.

      •' Mike says:

        Are you saying that if you are against a bigoted sign, you are automatically liberal? Does that mean if you are OK with bigoted signs you are automatically republican? I will never be going there to eat. I will support local businesses, but not those owned and operated by bigots too stupid to keep their backwards views to themselves.

    201.' Jeff Hegney says:

      It’s offensive, no doubt about it. But speaking just for me, I don’t get worked up over it or feel the need to organize a protest over some stupid words on a sign. If I was younger I might attend to meet liberal girls…news flash, that’s why a lot of dudes go to these things. What’s more confounding to me is the stupidity of a business owner hanging that sign in his restaurant. In New Hope! Have fun at the protest, I might stop by for the entertainment value.

    202.' Cecil Taylor says:

      Same scumbag who sexually harasses employees –

      Boycott Fred’s and The Landing.

      What a sham New Hope’s “inclusive” image is – just tourism marketing. But at least I guess it’s cool that our old white racists wear tie-dye while sexually harassing young girls.

      •' Rich Mosca says:

        Cece, that’s borderline libelous. I read your pasted link. There’s nothing in there that suggests sexual harassment by the owner. It was mostly unproven allegations against “New Waitress” by what appears to be a very sensitive litigious employee. And the main beef was that the owner didn’t intervene with New Waitress. The panel concluded there was no harassment. But hey, don’t let the facts contradict your oh so predictable narrative.

        •' Cecil Taylor says:

          Fair enough, let me be clearer:

          Sexual harassment took place in his establishment with his knowledge and with his involvement. Instead of eliminating it, he defended it and told her to (paraphrasing) “stop complaining or be fired”.

          The board ruled against him, in favor of her.

          He appealed to the court.

          The also ruled against him.

          Digging in his heels over and over, whether it comes to sexual harrassment complaints or posting bigoted “jokes”, doesn’t seem to be doing him any good.

          •' Edsel Ford says:

            Ford is a big company…no doubt there have been legit accusations of sexual harassment in that org. By your logic CEO Jim Hackett is guilty of harassment. Dude stand down on the knee jerk liberal reactions…you’re the most predictable poster on this site. Try thinking first before your prescriptive reactions.

          • Cecil:

            Wrong: Actually it was NOT concluded that sexual harassment was involved. The information at the link cited: Intolerable work place and the people reviewing the case stated that it was a close call, but decided to give her unemployment insurance, anyway.

            Here are the exact words taken from your link:

            (((“Leavitt concluded, “The Board concluded that Claimant demonstrated an intolerable work environment. She complained to Owner, who did not address her concerns. This is a close case, but we cannot say that the Board abused its discretion in holding that Claimant established a necessitous and compelling reason to resign. Accordingly, we affirm.””)))

            In addition, Cecil, This waitress was not specifically claiming to be sexually harassed.

            In addition, there were no witnesses mentioned to support the claim and the waitress exhibiting her boobs had no complaints.

            Personally as a woman, I hate when a waitress shows off her boobs. But it is her problem not mine.

            Also, as a woman, I unfortunately have have met a handful of women, who joke about making a career out of leveling spurious claims against their male employers in order to provoke them to settle out of court for money.

            One of these women admits her claims are false. She laughs about her “he said/she said” claims, but crows about how she has three times, provoked an employer to simply hand her large sums of money to go away.

            It’s a tactic used by some unscrupulous women.

            This type of fraud annoys me because this can hurt women by making men reluctant to hire women for certain positions.

    203.' Norman says:

      Trumps America. These nasty bigots think they can bigot without repercussions, but we will no longer allow this. We will destroy your rep and your business. When trump loses bigly, you bigots will crawl back into the sewers and never be seen again. God bless America.

      •' Sandra says:

        Well, at least when I eat in there now I will be surrounded by like-minded people. I expect it will be quite pleasant. Hopefully, Norman stays far away after his virtue-signaling this Saturday. “We will no longer allow . . .we will destroy . . . our foes will crawl. . .” Are you typing this stuff from your basement, Norman? Loser.

      • Trumps America? Give me a break. 4 or more years ago, before the PC movement, comedians were saying things like this on TV or in comedy clubs all of the time and most people found it funny and laughed. People need to lighten up.

    204.' Mama & Papi says:

      I’ve seen them all over the place! They have invaded this area. In the beginning I killed one and reported it like I was suppose to and no one contacted me about it. So I assumed they just don’t care. They should spray so the crops and trees don’t get ruined. And to all the Karen’s don’t come at me about the damn spray that may be harmful 🙄

    205.' Melvin Band says:

      Another significant step in the right direction that shows Covid being controlled and decreasing in Pa. But that is not good enough for the selfish teacher’s unions in Pa. that want zero spread of Covid or a vaccine to totally eradicate the virus before they step back in the classroom.
      Too bad our school boards, especially the ones in the suburbs don’t have the courage to say to the teachers – the very vast number of them who do not have doctors notes stating that they have underlying conditions, “if you don’t come in to teach, your leave of absence is without pay. You want to sue, go right ahead, be our guest.”

    206.' Melvin Band says:

      Legalization of recreational pot is just one more thing motorists in Pa. will have to worry about. In addition to drunken drivers, texting drivers and those taking on hand held cell phones and watching out for Bambi, doesn’t Governor Wolf realize that whether he is driving or being chauffered he can become a victim?

    207.' George says:

      Wolf simply wants to make certain that the electorate is so stoned that they will not notice or push-back on his Covid dictates. That means the worst is yet to come and he is making an advanced move to counter.

    208.' Cecil Taylor says:

      Do it.

      I say that as someone that’s smoked pot once, more than 45 years ago. I have no self-interest in it, but if you think making it illegal stops anyone from buying and smoking as much pot as they want, try walking around downtown New Hope for an hour.

      Stop pointless arrests and fund the state budget. Better yet, do it at the federal level.

      • Also expunge all arrest record for past offenders. How do you get a store to sell it. First you will need a 500,000.00 plus bucks and be on the in. Another closed game like in NJ.Might as well try and open your own bank.

    209.' Pat Kirk says:

      Cecil you just lost all your credibility. What do you call nightly fires, destruction, violence, and occasional murder. Mostly peaceful protest? You are a joke. Ok now cut and paste some more silly articles.

      •' Cecil Taylor says:

        “Silly articles”. It’s your right to stay uninformed. If you think it’s silly to know, for example, the breakdown of voter affiliation in a huge election, guilty as charged. But feel free to abstain from reading and rely on a Facebook echo chamber.

        When it comes to the social unrest, perhaps everyone should keep asking nicely for the police to stop being big meanies shooting people for another couple of decades. But in all seriousness – sometimes this is what happens when things hit a boiling point.

        Are you old enough to remember the Stonewall Riots? Incredibly important in the history of LGBT rights in this country. And yes, they were violent.

        Unfortunately, when the LGBT community tried asking the NYPD to stop arresting them, beating them, or destroying their establishments for being (*gasp*) gay, the NYPD didn’t want to listen. Cue the Stonewall Riots, and the ensuing advances in civil rights.

        Today, the NYPD still hasn’t learned anything – decades after Abner Louima and Amadou Diallo. Years after Eric Garner. And as we’ve seen since the iPhone era, a lot of other police departments are angling for a new Stonewall of their own, and surprise – they’re getting it.

        So let’s ratchet it back and start with a peaceful first step that we should all be able to agree on –

        People on the right usually like to selectively destroy unions, so let’s go that route – can we PLEASE start by eliminating all police unions so they can stop acting as roving executioners and be properly fired/prosecuted/jailed?

        That would be a great first step.

        I also think we all hate ISIS, so let’s destroy the new American ISIS – angry, undereducated incel men between the ages of 17-50 loading themselves into the back of pickup trucks, waving guns with flags hoisted.

        For example –



        Surely we can all agree on that.

      •' Doug stone says:

        That’s beautiful dude, Stonewall was more than 50 years ago. I think our society has made some progress on gay rights. But sure let’s use stonewall as an excuse for 100 days of destruction, fires, and violence in the name of…..welI I don’t know and neither do the rioters. You can count the number of police shootings of unarmed black people on 2 hands. Each one a tragedy, and someone needs to be held to account. As long as the “black people are being slaughtered by cops” narrative can be related to general national misery that can be pinned on Trump. And I hate the guy too but you and the other malcontents are just so transparent in your disingenuous motives. Would you be so apocalyptic about bad cops and Covid if Hillary won? Be honest. At least we can agree that all unions, including police unions, are useless self serving democratic political apparatchiks.

        •' Cecil Taylor says:

          Society has made progress on gay rights, no one said otherwise. That’s the point. Sometimes tipping points matter, and it’s not always comfortable. It doesn’t have to be comfortable.

          You act like progress is fast – Stonewall was more than 50 years ago. Gay marriage wasn’t legalized federally until 5 years ago. A kid who’s currently in 1st grade was alive while gay marriage was still illegal in this country, because half the country fantasizes about dragging us back to some unholy union of Leave It To Beaver, Lawrence Welk, and The Osmonds.

          If you don’t know what the current social unrest is about, that’s on you. If you think things are going to quiet down as long as cops are treated as paramilitary, allowed to kill or maim anytime they feel nervous, and rarely given more than a slap on the wrist, you’re wrong. The genie is out of the bottle. What do you think is going to happen? People are now going to change their minds and say “you know what, it’s fine. shoot away!” and things are going to go backwards? Change is happening and more is on the way. You’re finally starting to see cops arrested and charged, the next step is ensuring convictions.

          And no, I don’t agree for a second that “all unions” are bad. I fully support ALL labor unions, except police unions. I support all unions that aren’t used to hide or defend murder.

          Don’t worry, though. If your fantasy is a country where rich white men get to pay the non-unionized rabble near slave wages, and then have a roving security force shoot them whenever they get antsy, you’ve already got it.

    210.' Facts Matter says:

      Folks, please don’t spread misinformation. This is far too important.

    211.' GIO says:

      I would assume they have less of a desire to build anything at this time due to the current pandemic restrictions. I don’t think anyone wants to take that risk. As for ownership and who owns Gateway should be a matter of public record. Just go to the town hall. In any case, lets face it New Hopes decline began around the end of the 90’s. With everyone becoming “gay friendly” there is not much need for Gay Bars nowadays. The Millennials don’t know much about the history or importance of these gay establishments. Gay/Straight they all hang out together at like a Jakes in Flemington. So guess what? if you remember the importance and value like I do, that just means we are old. lol= I have to admit I really miss it there and all of the fun times. Even if they rebuild it will not be the same.

    212.' Rod Keyes says:

      Cecil the only issue I take is the “Trump votes my mail” thing. There’s a difference between absentee voting (I did it when I was in college many years ago…I’m very old) and universal vote by mail. We’re trying to change the fundamental rules of voting TWO MONTHS BEFORE THE ELECTION??? …..DURING COVID AND THE RIOTS??? That is insanity. We don’t have our sh*t together as a country to pull this off, not by a long shot. November and December are going to be a NIGHTMARE. Bush/Gore is going to look like a walk in the park by comparison. I’m serious when I say…if I’m right (and I hope I’m not), I’m not sure our democracy will survive it.

      •' Cecil Taylor says:

        Well then you should have no problem with Pennsylvania – it is regular absentee voting, not “universal”.

        And give me a break about “the riots”. No one should be falling for the disgusting dog whistles of Trump’s “they’re coming for you suburban housewives”, straight out of some Bull Connor playbook. Even if there were “riots” around election day, better that more were already mailed in early.

        And if the United States “doesn’t have our sh*t together” to pull off something as easy as mail in voting in 2020, you have one man to blame.

        There are two reasons Trump doesn’t want mail-in voting.

        The first is one where he’s shooting himself in the foot with his messaging. Take North Carolina as an example:

        “As of Tuesday, 53% percent of the requests came from Democrats, Bitzer said, compared with 31% from unaffiliated voters and 16% from Republicans. While Republican requests were seven times ahead of 2016, he said, those from unaffiliated voters were up 17 times and from Democrats, 22 times.”

        That’s the result when you spend months telling your supporters it’s bad, and it could haunt him.

        The second is simple:

        He doesn’t want a paper trail. The more mail in ballots, the more solid the paper trail is for any “voting irregularities”. Perhaps if he’s worried about voting problems, he should have spent time focusing on the “voting machine problems” that crop up in every election, for example:

        Since we have so many poorly secured voting machines around the country, many of which have no paper backup, the idea of a rock solid paper trail via signed, postmarked ballots is scary to a man that opened his presidency by having Sean Spicer scream at us about having the “largest crowd ever” at an inauguration. Alternative facts indeed.

    213.' Cecil Taylor says:

      Well, the Jonestown crowd is here, Kool-Aid in tow.

      Your Dear Leader votes by mail, along with his entire family, and has for many years. They are all able bodied citizens perfectly capable of walking into a polling location in person.

      Sitting Presidents, Governors, Mayors, Senators, Congresspeople, and their families do it in person all the time, usually with camera crews behind them. Why can’t President Nero?

      If “being too rich to vote in person” is a valid excuse, so is “there is a global pandemic and no one can predict what November 3rd will look like”.

      If “being too rich to vote in person” is a valid excuse, so is “the sitting President of the United states is encouraging armed vigilantes associated with the Proud Boys, Patriot Prayer, and Boogaloo Boys to show up at polling locations”.

      For those who do choose to vote in person, I’m glad the NBA will be opening their arenas and organizing a campaign to hire many more poll workers. Hopefully all of the other professional sports organizations will follow suit so we have as many of these mega-locations as possible – urban areas are going to need them if the GOP led targeted polling site closures are any indication (witness the Georgia primaries).

      Stop being scared of people voting.

      Now get me straight – I think it’s TOTALLY FINE if you choose to vote in person. I’m absolutely not saying you shouldn’t be allowed to – by all means, go for it. I support you voting in whatever way you can – for whomever you choose!

      But you need to stop trying to stop others from voting by using the EXACT method the Trump family uses. Voter suppression is not ok. Don’t f’ing tell me how I “should” vote, and I won’t tell you how you should. It’s none of your business.

      If it’s ok for Trump to vote by mail, it’s ok for the rest of us.

      Look at his actions (voting by mail), not just his Twitter rants. Stop letting him give you the ol’ Giancarlo Granda treatment while you sit back and watch.

      •' REGGIE says:

        Let us all remember Absentee ballots are fine what we do not want is 10 Million ballots for 8.882 million citizens in NJ.Flooding the state with ballots after what happen in Paterson,NJ should give a hint what Murphy he has in mind.

    214.' BRENDA says:

      The kidnapping of Mailboxes!!!Oh the humanity. Now NPR tells us that saying Riot or Looting is now a dog whistle for racism in states where slavery never even occurred. Sorry NPR we are all wise to your tricks why could you not have kept Juan Williams he does belong in your arena of ideas and now he gets 2 million a year to make us sick on another Network.

    215.' REGGIE says:

      Fear and panic mongering.In other words, the virus accelerated the demise of some very old and unhealthy people, causing a spike in deaths, but has now burned through most of the poorly-protected nursing homes, and as the younger population gets tired of the ridiculous lock-downs infections are trending up, but deaths aren’t because working age and younger people rarely get very sick,except one 32 year old and the death rates are now being far less skewed by deaths in nursing homes. In other words, the destructive lock-downs should never have been imposed on the population. If the idiot-despots like Murphy,Wolf and Cuomo had simply protected the nursing homes (they actually did the very opposite), and advised the morbidly obese to self-isolate, with those able to work from home doing so, he could have kept the state’s economy chugging along on all four cylinders with scarcely a hiccup.

    216.' George says:

      Simple, if you can go to Walmart and every other retailer you can get off your ass and vote. Both Fauci and Birx have stated that there is NO reason to avoid voting in person. Mask, 6 feet and you are done.

      •' Cecil Taylor says:

        1. I don’t go to “Walmart and every other retailer”. I’ve found it rather easy to avoid literally all in-store shopping since this started; in fact it’s been a pleasure to not jostle around big box stores, relics of the late 20th century. I can’t imagine what I’d need to see in person at a Walmart.

        2. By your logic (“if you can go to a Walmart…you can…”) – if I can do 100% of my retail business via mail, I can vote by mail.

        3. The big question is this WHY do you care if I vote by mail? I don’t care if you vote in person. I completely support you voting by whatever method you choose – voting is good! So again – is there a legitimate reason you don’t want others to? Explain.

        If you’re going to say “voter fraud”, let me submit this first –

        Right here in Pennsylvania, a federal judge asked to Trump campaign to produce evidence to back up it’s claims of vote-by-mail fraud –

        That’s right, in response to the request for evidence, the campaign came up with zero instances.

        So one last time – I don’t care if you vote in person, why do you care if I vote by mail?

    217.' Allen Shale says:

      We all should be aiming to vote in person the same way we have all been going to the grocery store. With a mask, keeping a safe distance and some hand sanitizer on hand. This way people who have legitimate reasons for not voting in person can vote.

    218.' Melvin Band says:

      As I predicted, a very easy prediction, in my last post, the school board last night at the urging of the superintendent voted 8-1 to allow for Fall sports while at the same time keeping in place no in-person teaching with the possible exception of special education.
      It was at the August 12th school board meeting that the superintendent stated, “The staff has to feel protected and comfortable.”That is why there is no brick and mortar teaching. No question about it, in New Hope Solebury, TEACHERS RULE!

    219.' Cecil Taylor says:

      Common sense steps. As of one week ago 30 mail sorting machines have already been removed from Pennsylvania –

      Dejoy lied to Congress, saying these steps would be halted until after the election. This brand new sorting machine was thrown out in Colorado this week –

      The only reason we know about it is because a citizen noticed. It’s still happening.

      (As a side note, I suppose this is what now counts as fiscal responsibility – purchase expensive machine with taxpayer dollars, spend months setting it up, immediately dismantle before using once, move to dumpster.)

      If they’re going to go to extraordinary lengths to slow the mail, we need extraordinary measures to make sure the mail arrives where it needs to get on time and is processed correctly.

      •' Sandra says:

        Did a little fact-checking, Cecil especially since you cited Newsweek as your source. I know CNN says Democrats don’t lie, so there’s no need to fact-check, but I know they do. It was an old machine & it couldn’t be fixed. Fake news, what a surprise!

        •' Cecil Taylor says:

          Soooo, just so we’re clear –

          1. Clerk that works in the actual mail facility where it happened says it was a new machine they were ordered to throw away. They imagined what happened.

          2. USPS “spokesperson” (i.e. who’s job it is to relay whatever information Dejoy and others at top want out there)

          3. If you’ve already decided to accept the Dejoy spokesperson’s statement, we also accept the coincidence that the machine broke and was discarded during the exact period that it’s happening across the country, as if these machines are dumped like this regularly.

          That’s some mental gymnastics.

          Vote in person Sandra, or vote by mail, or vote using a dropbox – and please allow everyone else to vote however they would like to as well.

          In fact, I wish we cared enough to have a society where EVERYONE felt they had skin in the game and followed the Australian/Belgian model of compulsory voting. Until that day – let’s all vote, by any means we choose.

    220.' John Dechant says:

      Trained UPMC providers are collecting specimens. These workers are wearing personal protective equipment, including N95 masks or respirators, gowns, and gloves. Collection occurs in negative pressure rooms. This assures that air does not leave the room until it flows through a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter, which removes pathogens.

    221.' Melvin Band says:

      And let’s not forget the non voting but very influential board member number 10, the superintendent, who quietly pulls the strings behind the scenes. No question about it, if the vast majority of parents who wanted a return to brick and mortar had protests and demonstrations in front of the district office on Bridge Street and invited the media the result may have been different.
      Prediction- The school board will vote to have Fall sports because they know if they don’t their will be massive demonstrations from the kids and their parents.School districts never want to draw media attention to themselves when the attention is negative.

    222.' Cecil Taylor says:

      Masks, closed bars, restricted indoor dining… it works. Good news.

      Now queue the “”Q” cult chiming in with ideas on how we can increase spread to get our numbers back up.

      Love that it’s working, stay the course!

      •' Sandra says:

        “Masks, closed bars, restricted indoor dining… it works. Good news.” You type that sentence and call it good news. Do you even realize how brainwashed you are?

    223.' Sandra says:

      Catch up . . . they have moved on to the Hijacking of the Post Office scandal.

    224. This is what you get when school board leaders with no practical experience on a vanity project meet with a real crisis. No leadership, no willingness to make hard decisions. Easily influenced by panic porn media and social media. No one looking at real data. When asked about what data informed their predetermined decision to close school, the board was unable to answer and said they would post the data on the website. Of course they did not do this. Just ignore the wishes of 81% of NH parents. Ignore the overall welfare of New Hope’s kids in favor of zero Covid risk (which itself poses statistically zero risk for kids)

    225.' CommonSense says:

      Oh no…you mean the Libs may not be able to stretch this out until November?

    226.' Melvin Band says:

      In response to Steve Petit’s question about removing a person from a school board, there is a mechanism for doing so as outlined in an article written by Christina Tatu on May 13, 2014 entitled “Parents petition to remove 2 from Stroudsburg School Board.”
      Now to paraphrase Mrs. Sheehan’s statement from what Mr. Petit said, that unless the chances of catching the virus are zero, the risk is too high, I would ask, is the probability of catching the flu at zero or is it above zero? If above zero, should we close the schools until it reaches zero?
      Now here are the big questions that will be facing the flip flopping school board at its next meeting.Since the PIAA ruled today that schools will have the authority to have Fall sports or not have Fall sports, how will the school board vote?Yea or Nay? If they vote in favor of having Fall sports can they present substantial evidence that the risk of catching the virus will be substantially less on the athletic field where they will be literally on top of each other during play without masks than being in the classrooms with masks 6 feet apart with windows wide open ( except when it rains) for Sept. and Oct.
      The Board can’t have it both ways. Either school is open for in class academics AND sports or no sports and virtual learning for both. The ball is in the Board’s court.

      • Mel the football and soccer teams have been practicing every day for weeks. Everyone knows this is safe. Their PARENTS are OK with it. All they want…all that is incremental to what they’re already doing…is to play a few games. Why are you trying to take that away from them? They’ve been robbed of so much. Can’t you just give them that?

    227.' Steve Petit says:

      Mark Richel…no only did Liz Sheehan keep repeating “the risk is not zero…” she actually then said “…and that’s too high for me”. God help us if a person with such simple intelligence is making decisions as important as this. Serious question (I’m looking at you Mel Band), is there a mechanism to remove school board members (or a school board President) for incompetence? If not, and with this utterly moronic and ultimately tragic zero risk bar, then this idiocy will not end after 1 marking period

    228.' Melvin Band says:

      The sad fact is that this school board, unlike all of the others that I have seen in the 17 years I have been coming to meetings, exhibits a total lack of direction, leadership and a commitment to take a stand without flip flopping. They are followers,seeing which way the wind is blowing and going with the wind.
      Ask them what will be the specific criteria that will determine when you will reopen the schools? And when the schools are opened, how many positive cases will it take to close the schools? Will their answer be,” we will play it by ear?”
      One way to increase public speaking time is for the public to actually run a town hall meeting not to call for a town hall meeting but to actually run one wherein they are in charge, not the school board or administration. You can also have demonstrations right outside the school making sure it is video taped with the media invited.And do get permits. Administrations like publicity like Superman likes krytonite.
      Tomorrow, Friday will will be a defining moment when the PIAA will rule on Fall sports. If the PIAA says yes, then how can a district in good conscience say yes to sports and no to classroom learning which would be hypocritical. We will soon find out.

      •' Doug Stone says:

        Mel….my guess is that the board members, who are for the most part amateurs, are deferring to Dr Lentz. He’s a pro with all the right bona fides. Smart young guy with a long career ahead of him…he’s got his eye on much bigger Supt gigs. Of course he will recommend the least risky and safest path to his own career, which is in conflict with the OVERALL safest decision for the students.

    229.' Slow Joe says:

      Orange Man bad. Must inflict maximum pain on American people and children, and show how it is all because of Orange Man. No human cost is too great as long as Orange Man go away in November.

    230.' dan benbrook says:

      I’m as interested about shrub sales as the next guy. But the story in this town now is Covid and our school’s response. How about a story from the perspective of parents, students, and athletes in this town? That is, your readership.

    231.' Mark Richel says:

      I agree with Joe P. The school board members have proven to be inept and they have shirked their responsibility. Limiting public comment was an abomination. Past issues over the years have been discussed at meetings without an imposed 1 hour limit. The board’s smug and condescending repression of debate made this a meaningless kangaroo court where the 9-0 unanimous decision was predetermined. I used to admire our school district, but what they have done to our kids is beyond the pale. And I’m not optimistic looking forward. The President of all people (Sheehan) kept saying “the risk is not zero”, as if this was some intelligent insight. If zero risk is this idiot’s test for opening school then we are doomed

    232.' Melvin Band says:

      Regarding day care that can be obtained from the Bucks County YMCA. Is Supt. Lentz aware that the cost is $1200 a week paid for by the parents? Do the math. For one marking period of 13 weeks the cost is $15,600. That is about the same amount of money that teacher aides make in a whole year. Compound this with the fact that child care is essentially a baby sitting service that will take place in a building just 200 yards from the New Hope Solebury campus.
      And get this. Supt. Lentz who is supposedly so opposed to brick and mortar learning at this time is okay with little kids bunched together in an enclosed environment?

    233.' Melvin Band says:

      To Joe Pignatore’s point about accounting for the radical switch by the school board from a vote of 8-1 in favor of two options- virtual or in school, to a 9-0 vote to have only a virtual education.For the first vote of 8-1 the expression shown on the faces of the 8 who voted for the two options( via Zoom) was very positive for they and the supt. were going forward feeling good that they would have the best plan to educate all the kids
      Yet when I looked at their faces for the 9-0 vote even at the beginning of the meeting ( it was already a done deal) you could see the negativity. Supt Lentz had a change of heart feeling that he could not handle two options even though his administrators are all top of the line professionals. The vote in fact was a referendum acknowledging their lack of confidence in his leadership.

    234.' Think says:

      What is the emotional effect on a child who becomes infected with Covid and then passes it on to a parent or grandparent? Likely the child will be fine, even asymptomatic.

      There has been and will continue to be community spread in New Hope and Solebury. Until there is an effective vaccine or adequate testing and contract tracing, we cannot just pretend everything is fine.

      • Oh you’re one of the “until there’s a vaccine” people. Vaccine’s a long way off and we can’t even get our shit together for tests you think we can vaccinate everyone a year from now when there’s a vaccine in the best case? If we listen to you and your ilk we are doomed. And to your earlier point, yeah a severe minority of kids might give the bug to their parents, although you really don’t know how it happened. And the parents will probably be OK. Let’s just shut down the country forever to appease intellectual lightweights like you

    235. Shame on the School Board! How do you go from near unanimously in favor of live school to the unanimous vote for no school in less than 2 weeks? Other districts are doing it? (Districts 5 times our size). You read something about a camp in Georgia? You heard that kids are testing positive in Arizona? All those kids and campers are fine. You know how I know? Because if they weren’t you would have giddy 24/7 coverage of it from the media and twitter, you know, the things that control your weak brains. You are all worthless and weak and have no regard for the well being of children. Bunch of brain dead nitwit followers.

      •' Cecil Taylor says:

        “…the things that control your weak brains. You are all worthless and weak and have no regard for the well being of children. Bunch of brain dead nitwit followers.”

        Angry keyboard rants and childish name calling are usually the signs of a strong man and an intellectual heavyweight. Teach us from on high, master.

        But on a more serious note –

        I’ve seen a lot of people here say “other districts are doing it”, or “bigger districts are doing it”, or “private schools are doing it”, or “Catholic schools are doing it”…so why can’t we?

        This is the start big experiment, isn’t it? We don’t know the results yet, and who will end up looking wise by October or November. Anyone that claims to know is lying or delusional.

        Are we going to consider the plans of these private schools, Catholic schools, or other public districts a great success if they start shutting down again by late September?

        Or if, while trying to remain open, dozens of kids and teachers at a time are constantly sent home to quarantine after exposure, turning the year into a chaotic mess – never knowing who will be there and who will not?

        Even though I support the side of caution and starting virtual, I truly wish the schools that are reopening full success, because I want to get “back to normal” as much as anyone. If schools reopen and everything goes well I think everyone will be happy.

        The only thing we actually know today is that some districts and private schools are planning to reopen, but as Mike Tyson said – “everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth”.

    236.' John Josip says:

      We are NOT central bucks. NHS could have handled this. But Lentz is a shameless careerist who does not have what’s best for the well being of our kids as his first priority. Complete lack of leadership, courage, and yes, ethics. Lentz’s sole focus is the minimalization of his own professional risk over the minimalization of our students’ health risk.

    237.' Melvin Band says:

      At last night’s emergency New Hope Solebury school board meeting, all nine members of the school board voted to have ONLY virtual learning for the first marking period. What exactly happened to motivate eight members to switch their vote from giving the parents an option of brick and mortar or virtual to ONLY virtual- from 8-1 in favor of both to 9-0 for ONLY virtual. What was the motivation to have them flip the switch?
      I do not buy into Supt. Lentz’s explanation given in the above article that we have to base our decisions on what happens in the other parts of the country. So what happened?Only the board members know for sure.

    238.' Eddie says:

      Seems like 5.4 million dollars is alot to spend on a property for a parking lot.just where is all these millons of dollars coming from I can only imagine the cost of that hotel is got to be around 8 to 9 million ,sounds like a Ponzi sceme to me. ashame new hope has lost its character forever

    239.' Sandra says:

      Decisions to open or close are made by school boards & district superintendents. Liability & the desire to not be the focus of media attention if an outbreak occurs are the two motivating factors, not the best interests of the students. Teachers are not at these meetings. They are not consulted. Media gives the false impression that teachers want to stay home. Not true. The media listens to the loud-mouthed Democrat Marxists that have taken over the state teachers’ unions who are pushing a socialist agenda that has nothing to do with educating children. Why have educators become the answer to every problem in our society (childcare, nutrition, healthcare, mental welfare, etc.)? Yes, the daycare worker is underpaid, but she is babysitting not educating children. No disrespect intended, but do not compare apples to oranges. Teachers have died in schools protecting their students and they are reminded of that possibility every time the school practices their lockdown drills. Cowards? I’ve sat in dark, locked classroom closets with 20 scared kids behind me trying to keep them quiet & calm. I’m no coward & I earned every cent they paid me. Shame on you, Karl.

      •' Cecil Taylor says:

        “…the loud-mouthed Democrat Marxists that have taken over the state teachers’ unions who are pushing a socialist agenda that has nothing to do with educating children.”

        The non-unionized private schools attended by Barron Trump and Ivanka/Jared’s kids will not reopen in September, so those Trump kids will be going virtual.

        Just sayin’.

        •' Sandra says:

          Just sayin’ what? Here’s one example of the Democrat Marxist leaders that have taken over teachers’ unions. The United Teachers of Los Angeles (UTLA) is the poster child for this level of extortion. Their motto, I’m sure, is to never let a good crisis go to waste.

          “The UTLA issued a report with a list of demands to return to teaching in the Los Angeles United School District in the fall. It is full of critical social justice gobbledygook and requirements that have nothing to do with keeping children, teachers, or staff safe.” Defund the police, eliminate charter schools, Medicare for all, universal coverage for illegals, wealth tax on billionaires, etc. I doubt that the non-unionized schools that are remaining closed made these types of demands.

    240.' Melvin Band says:

      Speaking to Linda Wardell’s comment about Supt. Lentz’ lack of courage.
      Our district needs people at the top who are leaders not followers. Just because nearby districts are going virtual( which have several times our enrollment) must we be a bunch of sheeple and follow them? Here’s what I would tell the teachers who are too afraid to go back into the classroom if I was supt.Take a 3 month unpaid leave of absence. The district will save the money from your $100,000 plus salary and increase the pay for substitutes from $100 a day to $150.
      My job as Supt.First and Foremost is to do everything possible to ensure the safety and welfare of my students in All aspects of their being. This means having them sit in front of a screen for 5-6 hours a day at home is detrimental to their physical health.Likewise being at home is detrimental to their emotional, pyschological and social health. Believe it or not the % of students in New Hope Solebury who are legally classified with disabilities of all sorts is above the national average. They need to be physically in school.

    241.' Melvin Band says:

      To answer Joe Schmome’s question about where the money goes that is saved. It will go into the general fund account to used for what ever the board deems necessary.

    242.' JoeSchmoe says:

      Will I be getting a property tax reduction? No bus drivers, custodians, cafeteria workers.

    243.' Reggie says:

      Alas the lost generation.These are the people that will be caring for us in a few years.Melvin,Cecil,Linda,Steve and Jeff I enjoy your comments but nothing replaces in person teaching certainly not Zoom.Now if Game Boy(Nintendo) Sony and the others game companies switched only to Education(reading,writing ,math ,civics history) then there could be hope.But I fear the dumbing down has occured at such a rapid rate that it is hard to reverse.AHHH do not think I do not have hope maybe just maybe rationale,common sense thinkers will push against this trend and make our school system which was the envy of the world back again.I pray for that day.

      •' KARL says:

        Reggie I too fear the laziness that is going on. I have a story to relate. The Children’s Center in Doylestown was hit by what they think was a Tornado they had no warning one person screamed TORNADO a worker there immediately pushed the children into a large closet held it with her hands her body in front of the children and did not open until the Fireman came and opened. SHE IS PAID POVERTY WAGES in comparison to the high salaries and gilt edge benefits that teachers get just look at Council Rock as one example BUT these cowards won’t even brave a classroom. They talk the talk but never walk the walk. Sad very sad.Shame on you Teachers shame.

        •' Dan says:

          Karl is wildly off-base; this is not driven by the teachers (all of whom would risk their lives to protect their kids).

          The hatred for teachers will never cease to amaze or horrify me.

          Cowards. Such vileness. Shame on you.

          •' Patty says:

            Sorry Dan your dead wrong.Teacher in your family?

            •' Sandra says:

              That would be “you’re” dead wrong, Patty. Guess you have a chip on your shoulder when it comes to teachers. Let me make that chip a little bigger. I’ll type it correctly for you with the proper punctuation, sentence structure and spelling. Sorry, Dan. You’re dead wrong. Teacher in your family?

        •' Cecil Taylor says:

          The teachers you’re attempting to be shame are the same ones that regularly train to protect children when an active shooter breaches their doors. They’re braver than you’ll ever be, so keep the word “coward” out of your mouth.

          The difference between the lunatic with the gun they’re ready to defend against and today’s situation is a simple one:

          The threat of losing their life to the virus will pass. Pandemics end. This one, likely while it still says 2021 on the calendar. This is a temporary shift.

          I hope our teachers know that most of us appreciate them. Don’t let the online bullies like Karl get to you.

        •' Richard Rife says:

          It’s not the teachers. The vast majority of them have no use for the unions that take their money and advocate endless closing of schools, not to help teachers but to appease their Democrat party benefactors. Overwhelming majority of teachers want to go back to work. Your beef is with the unions, the cowardly superintendents, and the two-bit local politicians on the school boards

      •' Cecil Taylor says:

        Two comments:

        1. This isn’t permanent. Pandemics end. There is every indication that vaccines will be widely available in the next 6-9 months. Oxford, Novavax, Pfizer, and Moderna are where I’d put my money, but even beyond them there are dozens more showing extremely promising results. After fears in the first few months, consensus seems to have coalesced around the idea that this is not a particularly hard virus to inoculate against.

        If people are worried about the speed which with it’s been done, bear in mind that for viruses that don’t directly disable the immune system (i.e. HIV), the biggest hindrance to developing vaccines is funding. This is the first time in history that the best minds at private companies, universities, and governments around the world have simultaneously been funded to defeat a singe virus. In addition, the Oxford vaccine is a variation on the MERS vaccine they’ve been developing for many years, with safety already well established.

        It’s a matter of months, not decades, and will not result in a “lost generation”. Things will return to normal, it just may say 2021 on the calendar instead of 2020, and in the meantime we will do the best we can. It may not be 100%, but it will not be the downfall of a generation. WWII didn’t ruin a generation, and a few months of virtual schooling will not either.

        2. The “dumbing down” of America being blamed on this is a farce; it began at least a generation ago, and it was on purpose. We could talk all day about the current system that allows inner city public school teachers to buy all their own classroom supplies while the others arrange for Buffy and Tucker to study trust fund management and attend equestrian camp. But hey, we see those fun corporate tax cuts, the elimination of estate taxes, payroll tax cuts, untaxed capital gains…

        Let’s address the the big picture before we pin a “lost generation” on 6 months of virtual schooling during a global pandemic.

    244.' Melvin Band says:

      I just saw Dr. Fauci ( we all know who he is) being interviewed by David Muir at ABC TV ( 806) who said that we can’t lump all regions of the country together. In regions where the rate of infection is low, SEND them back to school!The negative pyschological consequences of keeping them home must be considered.

    245. “Looking at the empirical data” Bullsh*t !!!
      They’re not looking at any empirical data. They’re just following the hysterical herd. Taking the easy way, path of least resistance. Path of minimal political risk. Pathetic careerist.

    246.' Facts Matter says:

      If the staff can’t stay well, they can’t teach the entire year and we get substitutes coming into an already challenging virtual teaching method. I feel for the parents with younger kids – this will be hard. But now at least we can all plan and not have to “react” to sudden closures. Thanks to the school board and staff for looking at the empirical data from the recent school openings and getting in front of it.

    247.' Melvin Band says:

      Although I did not take part in the last virtual school board meeting, I did listen to the audio. Can someone tell me why NO teachers spoke during the public speaking part of the meeting? Where was the head of the teacher’s union to give his input? We have two nurses yet they didn’t give their first hand input. Why Not? Will they be available for the next meeting? Will Supt. Lentz impress upon them to give their feedback?
      Now it is hard to measure what the kids lose by not being in school besides academics. How does this quarantine affect them emotionally, psychologically socially especially students whom have learning disabilities?

    248.' Melvin Band says:

      Supt. Lentz’s decision to close the schools and go virtual is based on reports throughout the country that even with many safeguards in place there is concern that the level of infection will spread. Even if the level of infection does increases along with an increase of the spread of disease there are questions to be asked
      (1) Is the spread due ONLY because the kids are in close proximity to each other in the classrooms and hallways, gyms etc OR in addition to this closeness our middle school and high school athletes are basically on top of each other during practices, scrimmages and game? Can you entertain sports and yet close the rooms?If so, this is hypocrisy.
      I just saw on TV that the Philadelphia Catholic League has shut down all sports until 2021. Will the PIAA follow suit?(2) Apples and oranges. Even if there is a rise in cases in school districts throughout the country in school buildings that are mirror images of ours, we have to compare the rate of infections in the communities in which the schools are found. Does Supt. Lentz have numbers? By the way, as of now by order of New York Gov. Cuomo New York City schools which have 1.1 million students which historically have class enrollment in the 30’s will be reopened for virtual/ brick and mortar learning compared to New Hope Solebury with many classes in the teens and low 20’s.

    249.' Steven says:

      Quarantine has been shown to slow nothing. Remember in March our genius governors?…”2-3 weeks quarantine and everything will be back to normal”

      Here we are 5 months later and nothing has changed. I have been to work everyday since this pandemic. I’m not even an essential worker. I just have pride in my work. Maybe teachers should as well?

    250. Gutless. Lentz takes the easy route, that is harmful to my children, and that requires zero courage or leadership

    251.' Cecil Taylor says:

      Great decision.

      We have enough districts around the country acting as guinea pigs in this “experiment”, and so far the results are as expected – instant spread, kids in school for two or three days followed by half of them having to quarantine for two weeks, random school closures for “disinfecting” (useless hygiene theater – pretending the spread is caused by gunk on the floors and not the hundreds of kids breathing the same air) –

      I understand the desire to have the kids back in school; but the chaos of open/close/open/close/open/quarantine/etc is pointless.

      Virtual may never fully replicate the benefits of in person instruction during a stable time, but surely the stability of online is more beneficial than being in school for 2 days, 150 kids quarantine for two weeks, close the school for disinfecting, back in class for 1 day, repeat…

      This was a wise decision for stability, the safety of teachers/custodians/staff, and the health of our community.

    252.' davidharper says:

      Nice Post. Thanks For sharing this Article.

    253.' Melvin Band says:

      Responding to PATTY’S comment that she feels that the school system has failed to teach history, civics and even math.The fault for this lies with the state legislature and the governor for when the fish stinks it stinks from the head down. The state through its education committees sends its standards to the school districts and in less than 20 seconds washes its hands of the matter in terms of holding the districts accountable. Would you believe that last year- 2019-2020 was the first year in which the Pa. districts in high school were required to teach civics. And even here there was no requirement to teach it as a separate subject. This means you were allowed to integrate it with other subjects which simply means that it gets second billing or to put it bluntly, bury it. Check out the U tube video, New Hope Solebury School District uses Outdated American History Textbooks. One high school text is 19 years old.

      •' SUSAN says:

        Thanks Melvin so they are actually teaching about the Founding Father,Sons of Liberty the struggle that went on for almost 25 years to create a Government never seen on this planet and the ability and freedom to allow free speech FOR ALL not the loud 5%ers who wish to stop that right(I am a female so I understand the PC Squad may get me about GENDER).Look a Chicago and example of Chaos and what we should fear the most.Washington,Monroe,Adams,Franklin Jefferson must be rolling over in their graves.When this starts happening in our tiny area of beauty what will people do throw up their hands and say I surrender???? Please no one say do you mean FIGHT I mean vote a large group of the Congress out in November as our Founding fathers wanted and died for.Be civil and use that right that 2 thirds of this planet does not have.Wake up people NOT WOKE UP.

        •' Cecil Taylor says:

          I can’t decipher the majority of these run-on sentences with all of the random capitalization and punctuation, but I believe part of it is about our need to vote and change Congress this November.

          I completely agree.

          It’s going to be great to watch Susan Collins, Cory Gardner, Martha McSally, Thom Tillis, Steve Daines, and Joni Ernst lose their seats, returning control of the Senate to Democrats.

          The latest polls even have Lindsay Graham vulnerable in a 44%/44% tie with his Democratic challenger – we certainly don’t need his seat to gain control, but it would be a sweet bonus!

    254.' PATTY says:

      Looks like Cuomo has seen the light and reopening schools. Sorry Teachers Union your plans don’t appeal to common sense thinkers. Sorry long vacation over I no longer wish to pay for this extended time off. The attempt to stop Charter, Private and Religious Schools from opening will fail also. Please help the working Mom’s and Dad’s to get back to a somewhat normal schedule. Start really thinking of the pain your inflicting on millions because of your hatred of one Man.Now if Wolf can finally do something rather than get paid for sitting on his hands.

    255.' Marie Whire says:

      Thank you for the update

    256.' Marie White says:

      Thank u for sharing and the important info

    257.' Asch says:

      This is regressive. You want people to come and spend money. Earn your money that way.
      BTW Does this mean the $4 an hour public lot just north of the bridge will be $8 an hour?

    258. I agree with the people that said don’t complain about the small stuff …..Much bigger things a head to be concerned with…All be safe and pay attention to what really matters

    259.' David Cooper says:

      This seems like a reactionary move to make up for 5 months of lost ticketing.

    260.' Rich says:

      If a $1.50 parking keeps people away try NY. The cost of everything goea up. Want nice streetscapes and regular maintenance….. this is to help cover some of those costs. I live an hour away but will gladly pay street parking of $1.50 an hour.

    261.' Tom says:

      So New Hope is raising parking to a 1.50 an hour. Try to get parking down at the Jersey shore for that amount. With all the shiny new Harleys and Mercedes convertibles you see in town, I don’t think a $1.50 an hour is going to keep them away. Business is down because of fears of contracting covid-19, not because the parking rate is going up. However, I do sympathize with hourly workers having to pay for oarking,but that’s another issue.

    262.' Donna says:

      Seriously complaining about the smallest things gets us NO WHERE! The average person is probably in town no more than 4 hrs. $6.00. Lots charge up to $20.00 seems a bargin to me!

    263.' Jackie says:

      My husband and I have been coming to New Hope for the past 25 years and we live at the shore and our parking when we drive is $1.50 an hour as well so in my eyes if you want to drive in to town and your not lucky enough to get off street parking it is what it is , No one wants to see such a beautiful town succumb to people not visiting because of this and yes 2020 has been particularly un kind for all businesses everywhere and that’s why we need to patronize these businesses and restaurants no matter the parking fee . Cannot wait to come back <3

      •' Marie says:

        I agree I to have been going to New Hope for about the same my husband and daughter were just there twice in July we go every year love it and right now people need to help it has been a bad year for everyone so people have to understand and enjoy the town.

    264.' Layren says:

      That’s totally rediculous, that’s going to keep people away having to pay for parking at a higher rate. Not just that they need a employee lot us employees shouldn’t have to pay to work in New Hope. This is not fair !!!!!

    265.' Linda says:

      Increase yes double NO NO NO
      We are coming end of Sept may have to rethink this.

    266.' Parking says:

      Parking in new hope has been a problem since the early 80 and part of the problem is the vendors like the woman and her mother from NYC or with ny plates most of the vendors take up most of the spaces on main st

    267. Business owners: Maybe the problem is that 2 of the 4 directors of the New Hope Chamber of Commerce work for New hope boro. Or that the River Towns Chamber collects dues up & down the river, pockets it, and won’t ever stand up for business owners. If you want the parking increase reversed, go to their Facebook pages and demand they speak up for businesses or give you your money back.

    268.' Lori says:

      This is outrageous. What happened to the money that was not spent during the lockdown. New Hope is falling as it is. People are not shopping or spending money. The town is not supporting the small business owner. The council should tell the truth. Who is the developer that is paying the off.

    269. I have 2 teenage kids in New Hope. About a dozen kids and some parents positive in the last week. Of course it’s troubling but we still let them out to see friends, work their summer jobs, etc. We worry about Covid of course, but honestly I’m FAR more worried every time they get in a car with themselves or a friend behind the wheel, go to the beach and swim in the ocean, hang out at the wing dam or the rope swing on the Delaware, go to a party with alcohol at college or home.

      •' Cecil Taylor says:

        We all understand that the overall risk of death to kids under 20 is very low; the issue is that this behavior is now (and even more once school starts) contributing to spread in the wider community.

        The teens get it at house parties, it spreads to parents (who are at greater risk), or grandparents (at high risk), or an asymptomatic parent gets sloppy and spreads it at a store downtown, etc.

        New Hope/Solebury has done very well up until the last few weeks – now that people are “bored” I just hope we don’t see some kids without a mom or dad by Christmas.

      •' PATTY says:

        The new scare tactics so Teachers Unions who’s taxes we pay to pay them can have an extended vacations.No Teacher or State,County or Government worker has suffered one bit during this pandemic while the people that pay their salaries do.The disruption of a daily parent schedule for regular workers has been upended and or has caused mental anguish.Please don’t cry “Think of the Children” time for vouchers,school choice before the complete dumbing down of children locked in a Public school system that has failed to teach history,civics and even math.I maybe alone in this opinion BUT i doubt it.

        •' Cecil Taylor says:

          “No Teacher or State,County or Government worker has suffered one bit during this pandemic while the people that pay their salaries do.”

          The vindictiveness on display here is so saddening. Instead of trying to inflict more pain on your target to alleviate your own, we should be moving to alleviate the current suffering.

          Countries like South Korea band together to provide for wage relief during lockdown, and send care packages full of food and essential items to any citizens that need to quarantine. As a result they’ve got 301 deaths as of this minute according to Johns Hopkins.

          Meanwhile we pit citizen against citizen in a cage fight to make sure each group suffers as much as the next.

          No wonder there’s no end in sight here while much of the world moves on…

          •' Reggie says:

            Let the Catholic Charter and Private Schools show the way Teachers Unions want no competition so they make all suffer. Yes it is the Teachers Union not vindictiveness just cold facts. Get them back to work it can be safely done.

    270.' Melvin Band says:

      To Fred Oster who says that he will listen to the scientists and CDC. And what do these two entities say? They say keep at least 6 feet apart and wear masks. As soon as an athlete gets a positive return on his test, the whole team and the whole league ( according to the PIAA Guideleines) has to be informed. In other words, Game Over!

      •' fredO says:

        Mel I was talking about the near unanimous opinion of experts that kids need to be in live schools, not about sports. But on the subject of sports Mel I know you’re a NH sports fan…why are you of all people advocating a shut down of sports? Forget about what the unions say…what do you think?

    271.' Erin says:

      This is Not the time for an increase. We need people to come to town. A couple months ago I used the app to pay for my parking and my mother’s parking (she has NY license plates) they ticketed her despite her being totally paid. And we were parked next to each other. Most of my customers come from out of town. We need them to keep coming. For the council to think this is the right time means they are totally out of touch as to what is happening. This place is dead. Raising parking won’t help. Disgusted.

    272.' Abbie Adams says:

      I have ta ask Cecil…are you related to jazz pianist Cecil Taylor?

      •' Cecil Taylor says:

        Taylor is actually my middle name…so no relation. But of course he remained on my radar for as long as I can remember as a result, and the coincidence opened my eyes to a world of music I might have otherwise not known much about!

    273.' Sandra says:

      Brave police officers risking their lives. Thank goodness the horse didn’t need to wait for a social worker.

    274.' Cecil Taylor says:

      Charlie –

      Today’s numbers on the Bucks County arcgis Covid map don’t add up for the first time with regards to total cases/active cases/recoveries.

      Before today, the number of active cases + the number of recoveries always = total cases.

      Today, active cases + recoveries = 1 less than total cases, with “deaths – redacted”.

      Any news on if Solebury has lost it’s first resident to Covid? Really, really hoping for some good news and another explanation…

    275.' Melvin Band says:

      I wonder what will happen with team sports especially football? Imagine this. Even if the kids are 6 feet not three feet away from each other in class and are wearing masks and now even goggles ( the virus can enter through the eyes}, ALL of this is for naught because in a football game there will not be any masks( maybe goggles, BUT BUT BUT there will be contact, heavy contact at times which is called piling on. And yet at the end of the game the players will line up and touch elbows after the damage is done as if this will stop the spread which will be brought into the classroom in both schools.

      •' Cecil Taylor says:

        It’s unfeasible. Look at MLB right now. Ultra-wealthy teams, owners, players, coaches that have every advantage available to them. Testing constantly. Protocols in place, the best money can buy.

        One week into the season, it’s already completely falling apart.

        • I don’t think it’s unfeasible. I personally know most of the New Hope kids that got the bug recently, 1 of them had flu symptoms for a couple days. Kids have a much bigger chance of drowning this summer than dying of Covid. I’m also familiar with the football program. Yes football involves close contact, but Covid is not dangerous for the kids in comparison to the actual flu and other things that involve risk (I.e., living their lives). They practice distancing with coaches, who are masked. If a kid does get Covid, then they quarantine for the CDC prescribed 10 days. I hope fall sports don’t fall victim to group think and media Team Apocalypse. We must focus more on the LIVING Of the many over obsessing on death of the few. One man’s opinion.

          •' Cecil Taylor says:

            We’re on pace to have roughly 300,000 deaths in the US by the end of the year, and the official numbers we tally are undercounted so in reality it’s much more –


            That would be over the course of 10 months; flu deaths are typically 20k-80k over 12 months, so we’re talking something like 4-12x more from covid. I don’t know that I would say we’re “obsessing on the death of the few”.

            That said, being quick to dismiss something we don’t know enough about is dangerous. For example, recent studies are showing possible long term heart damage in roughly 70% of recovered patients –


            In addition to lesions in the lungs, “blank spots” on brain scans, etc.


            “Not dying” is wonderful, but it’s irresponsible to let a generation end up with lifelong heart/lung/brain problems because we couldn’t take 12 months off from some of our hobbies.

            •' PATTY says:

              Teacher’s Union talking points.We see thru this ploy.Go back to work I am paying you to teach not to be on a extended vacation at the Jersey Shore.In the 1880’s to the 1960’s Teachers had a much more difficult time they had a true calling to REALLY teach now it is about how I can use this to my advantage.Zoom does not teach when Game Boy is on the other screen.Human interaction.

            • No shortage of sources from Media Team Apocalypse. Sciencemag? Statnews? 300k I doubt it…but A triple flu season is not worth this. I want Trump out too but this is not worth it

            •' Cecil Taylor says:

              Replying to Phil Katrilski –

              Did you really just dismiss Science (sciencemag) as “Media Team Apocalypse”, as if it’s not a source to be trusted?

              Science is one of the most important peer-reviewed academic journals on the planet, and has been since the 1800’s…


              Foolish to dismiss something just because you’re personally unaware of it…

    276.' Fred oster says:

      Well when it comes to what’s best for kids we can listen to the CDC or the gullible coronabros Mel and Cece. I think I’ll listen to the scientists and common sense.

      •' Cecil Taylor says:

        Which CDC guidelines would you like to go with? The ones that the CDC originally wrote and were retracted?

        Or the current ones that were released only after Trump intervened, because he deemed the real ones were “too tough and expensive”?

        You mean the same CDC that screwed this country during the first six weeks of the pandemic by manufacturing millions of defective tests that ended up in a dump?

        Since you want to listen to scientists (I absolutely do too), let’s quote Dr. Fauci on what to expect for students and teachers –

        “”In many respects, unfortunately, though this may sound a little scary and harsh—I don’t mean it to be that way—is that you’re going to actually be part of the experiment of the learning curve of what we need to know. ”

        If you’re a teacher, that’s great – make your own decision to be part of the experiment. If you have children, feel free to sign them up for the experiment.

        If you’re not a teacher, or you don’t have school aged children, do us all a favor and stop volunteering others to take the bullet for you, brave guy.

        • Like you, Everybody picks the “scientists” that agree with them Cecil. Dr Fauci is a doctor, not a policy maker. Doctors actually take an oath to “first do no harm”. That’s the LAST thing you want to drive policy in the Covid world. His job, and that of other medical experts (it’s not just the infallible Fauci), is to advise policy makers who have the hard job of making wise decisions in the context of the Big Picture of societal health. Just me talking but I think schools need to open. There is a pediatrician in my family who has never written as many antidepressants to young adults (15-18 years old) as in the last 3 months

          •' Cecil Taylor says:

            I disagree with you, but you make valid arguments and of course your opinion is welcome.

            I’d just say there’s no reason for the quotation marks in your first sentence – I’m not sure if it’s your intention, but along with the sarcastic use of “infallible”, it makes it seem like an eye roll at the entire concept.

            Fauci is an easy go to as a name everyone recognizes, so I used it. But he’s far from the only source I rely on to stay informed.

            Whether it’s the boogeyman Rupert Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal –


            – or keeping informed of the latest studies in pre-print or after peer review via the NIH –


            – it would be helpful for all of us to spend a little more time sifting through primary sources like Litcovid or experts outside of our own hyper-politicized country so we can make decisions that aren’t distorted by the opinions of garbage cable news outlets (doesn’t matter to me if it’s MSNBC, Fox, or CNN) or personal anecdotes.

    277.' Alan Garrett says:

      New Hope’s tourist and weekend traffic shows that people are no longer taking Covid seriously. I am constantly amazed at the throngs of people meandering through New Hope, shoulder to shoulder, without a mask or any sense of social distancing. It’s only a matter of time before we get “locked down” again and locked out of our favorite establishments. Look to Florida and see our future if we don’t step up, take precautions and follow common sense protocols.

    278.' Sandra says:

      In the school district where I used to live, a poll was taken of all parents with school-aged children. 83% want their children back in school with temperature-taking, distancing & enhanced disinfecting. A separate poll was taken of staff. 70% wanted a return with the same stipulations as parents. Has a poll been conducted of NewHope/Solebury parents & staff?

      •' Cecil Taylor says:

        I can’t speak for the NHSSD specifically, I don’t believe that poll has been done – or at least I’m not aware of one if it has.

        On a national level though, the Kaiser Foundation just released one –

        Overall, the results are fairly opposite of the numbers your old district posted.

        “With the new school year quickly approaching, the issue of whether and how to reopen schools looms large for both parents and policymakers. On balance, most parents with kids in school (60%) say it is better to open schools later to minimize infection risk, even if students miss out on academics and social services and some parents will not be able to work, while about half as many (34%) say it’s better to open schools sooner so parents can work and kids can get services, even if there’s some risk of infection. A majority (71%) of the public overall say that public schools in their area need more resources to reopen safely, and 66% of parents say the same about their own child’s school. Parents of color are more likely than White parents to say it is better for schools to open later to minimize infection risk, and to say that their own child’s school lacks the resources it needs to reopen safely.”

    279.' Melvin Band says:

      If you read the article very carefully as I always do especially when it deals with education, you will not see a single word from any teacher, school worker, administrator except for Supt. Lentz.
      What is the teacher union leadership’s take on the situation? Shouldn’t the parents and community want to know how many teachers of the 145 jn the district would prefer virtual learning over classroom learning?
      I wrote to the district administrators and also to the teacher union leadership for feedback. Nothing so far nor am I optimistic to get a response.
      This is a school district where the teacher and administration culture is very clear- shut your mouths; don’t speak about controversial topics; do you your job, don’t make waves; just ride the waves.

      •' Cecil Taylor says:

        Wholeheartedly agree with this.

        I would love to hear the opinions of the actual teachers – the ones that will be sent into the classrooms with the young people that are now silently spreading the virus in our own town and all of their siblings.

        I think it’s becoming more obvious by the day that there will be NO in-person classes in September, and the administration privately knows that’s the reality.

        It would cause a small uproar with some people if they announced it in July though – there’s a “How can you make that decision already when we don’t know what things will look like by fall?” crowd, even though it’s only five weeks away.

        Waiting to announce online-only not only delays that headache for them, but it allows both the district and the county more time to let Governor Wolf make the decision for them. Then the district can simply say “we wanted to open our doors to in person teaching as much as anyone, but it is not our choice – please direct your questions and comments to Harrisburg”.

      •' Jeff Hegney says:

        Melvin there was a NYT headline yesterday that teachers unions were threatening to strike against reopening schools AND remote learning. At least they’re being honest and saying they want to get paid for not working. So I disagree with your point about asking what teachers “prefer”. I would prefer to work 2 hours a day 3 days/week and get paid a full time salary but I’d be crazy to expect that. If you’re a teacher you need to teach. If it’s in person, mask up, be hygienic, stay behind the partition, and don’t get close to kids…it’s not going to be fun but it’s got to be done. Call me a murderer. Some teachers will die with Covid. So will a lot of grocery store clerks, cops, nurses. Its the world we live in but let’s not forget about the LIVES of kids as we obsess about deaths.

    280.' Cecil Taylor says:

      The 20th century philosopher F. Gump said it best – “Stupid is as stupid does”.

      I really hope that this selfish behavior doesn’t lead to any tragedies in our community. Lots of vulnerable older people around here, and lots of houses with 2-3 generations under one roof.

      Stay safe everyone, and tip your delivery people well. It’s going to be a long second half of the year.

      •' Wow says:

        Wow. Someone just quoted Forest Gump. In a statement about not wanting schools to reopen. Let that set in. I rest my case.

        •' Cecil Taylor says:

          Do all of your thoughts stay only on the surface, resulting in shallow zingers and no rebuttals?

          “Someone” used a tiny joke with regards to the stupidity of people believing graduation parties and house parties are a good idea right now, using a quote that was NOT actually written by the fictional character Forest Gump, but by the real life author Winston Groom.

          Mr. Groom’s famous line is a comical way of saying “one’s wisdom, or lack thereof, can be judged by their actions”.

          I’m sorry that went over your head and you went with “Forest Gump, hurr durr”.

    281.' Ashley says:

      Too bad $18,750 of the $25,000 this conestant raised will go directly to Maxim. This article, should be corrected and state that she raised $6,250 for the Jarred Allen found. Because that’s accurate.

    282. Reviv is the number 1 she is amazing i❤️

    283.' Sandra says:

      So, is this what the “essential” PennDOT employees were working on while they remained at their jobs & got paid during the lockdown? Our tax dollars at work? Spokesperson said, “Our identity documents are critical to how we navigate the world, and having an affirming and accurate ID is critical for access to employment, healthcare, housing and so much more.” Yet a particular political party INSISTS certain members of our society have NO access to this and therefore can not present any of these critical documents in order to vote. Having ID is critical or it’s not. Which one is it?

      •' Dan says:

        So, what does being a Russian troll pay these days? We know you’re trying to tear our country apart, but we vow to build it together!

    284. steve008444@icloud.vom' Mark says:

      This should be fun !’

    285.' Karen says:

      Shortly before Covid you turned me and 3 of my friends away from your bar because I gave you a goofy card that had instructions on how to make a margarita the way I like it. It was a joke but you rudely told me and my friends to go to another bar. It’s that type of attitude that will put you out of business, not Covid. Good luck.

      •' Jahzzie says:

        Oh, you sound delightful.
        That is a crappy stunt and I’m glad they tossed you.
        You didn’t mean it as a joke, the bartender did not have time for your stunt and told you to hit the bricks. Now your nose is out of joint.
        Go to a chain brand restaurant with that foolish stunt. You may not get thrown out but they’ll serve you a premixed drink from a tap, call it a margarita and do it with a fake smile.

    286. Elected a black man President of the US two times. Most large cities are run by African American governments. American zeitgeist, which is led by the media and sports leaders, is 100% supporter of BLM. The US is by far the most racially tolerant place in the world. But, yeah, systemic racism…

    287.' Rock Quarry says:

      Ok Rock Madison gets my vote for best post ever on nhfp. Stockholm Syndrome is the perfect call for what’s going on. And now, John and Peters, our fearless (when it comes to his own family business exempted from lockdown) Governor Orwell-Wolf is spending his time defining “what is a meal”. The dollar hot dogs at J&Ps may not make the grade according to Wolf’s Ministry of Meal Definition. Not kidding…google it.

      •' Rock Madison says:

        Thanks for the kind words! Just in from the Penn. Restaurant & Lodging Association: forecasting 7,500 restaurants in the state to permanently close and take 200,000 jobs with them. It’s more important than ever for business owners to stand up and refuse to be put out of business (among other things it is a clear violation of their Constitutional rights under the 14th Amendment). Also time to get the county officials off their as*es and stand up with them. They can wave or suspend any licensing-related actions. They have a health department we pay for that should be calling the shots instead of incompetents in Harrisburg. Tell them to work for you.

    288.' svh says:

      well said !!! you guys are doin it and makin it work proud !!

    289.' Melvin Band says:

      Perhaps some sort of justice will come of this if Paul’s family stars a lawsuit in civil court where at least his medical expenses will be paid for the day to day trauma he is experiencing.

    290.' Jean Cervi says:

      Everyone should be wearing a mask walking through town or wanting to spend time in local establishments. Anyone who does not wear one isn’t being cool or independent — they are endangering themselves and other people. When wearing a seat belt, stopping at red lights and securing kids in car seats are all considered acceptable because they save lives, what is in the minds of some who consider masks to be an infringement on their liberties rather than a responsible safety measure. If they don’t want to wear masks for helping to stop the spread of the virus so that we can all get back to our lives, then they should stay home.

    291.' Rock Madison says:

      Your insight and empathy are certainly genuine and heartfelt, and you willingness to persevere is inspiring. But also consider getting out of the “Stockholm Syndrome” mode and start recognizing that your executive leadership is the problem, not the solution.

      Yesterday’s Wall Street Journal identifies Pennsylvania as 6th highest in the country for permanent restaurant closures (joining California, Illinois NY, Michigan and NJ in the top 10). Your governor (I can’t consider him mine at this point, since he hasn’t shown up for work in months and aggressively vetoes any transparency efforts) insisted you could operate at 50% capacity– spoken like a true non-businessperson– and now expects you to stay open at 25% capacity. Maybe you should take that up with him and explain Business 101?

      He’s being charged with negligence for his infamous bungling of the unemployment system after putting millions of my fellow Pennsylvanians out of work– yet had state IT resources get a “snitch portal”up and running in record time. While some of the unemployed are STILL waiting for checks. I see comments complaining about “mask-reporting ‘Karens'” up above. Sounds like “blame the victim” instead of being able to blame the person responsible: your governor.

      So if you really want to make sure New Hope businesses can survive and thrive, and “get back to normal” (instead of this so-called “new normal” green-phase whatever you’re going to be locked into indefinitely) get on the phone and email and tell state and county officials to stop empowering him and start fighting for your interests instead.

      I do wish you the best of luck in staying open and viable through this.

    292.' Krayl says:

      Well said Michael!
      Thank you for everything you and all the small businesses in New Hope / Lambertville are doing to stay open safely!
      Wishing you lots of cool sunny days.

    293.' JaneAdele says:

      Mike –

      Your comments are so well-stated. Wishing you strength (and rest!) as you navigate the next few months. The New Hope community loves and respects you!

    294.' Mike Daley says:

      Science will eventually solve the problem but community and mutual respect is the answer to survival. Hopefully we will all rally behind this gem of New Hope! Your message is heartfelt and poignant Wishing you success and a bright future. I will try to do what I can. Thank you for what you do.

    295. Michael … well said – You are absolutely on point with EVERYTHING..
      let’s hope people read and respect your words –

    296.' Sandra says:

      Please remember, the owners of these small businesses did not make the rules. They are complying with the rules imposed upon them by the state. There are plenty of “Karens” out there who are all too willing to make a quick phonecall about non-compliance and get a business, that is already suffering financially, hit with a fine or shut down. You don’t want to wear a mask? Fine, go somewhere else. Don’t interfere with someone else’s livlihood/dream.

    297.' emm says:

      Interesting that the mother’s charges were dropped. Why? If people can say the girl was so young, it was an accident blah blah, then the mother should most definitely be charged bc she is not young and her actions were no accident. She is not a young child and should’ve known better than to let her unlicensed expired permit daughter drive. Sickening. Sending my thoughts to Paul, Barbara and Loki.

    298. So according to Dear Leader’s new rules we are protected from Covid by eating chicken wings or nachos while drinking beer. What a douche

    299.' Felicity G says:

      Why did they drop so many charges? And why didn’t the charges for the mother go forward? The mother let her daughter drive illegally and her daughter nearly killed an innocent pedestrian just out walking his dog.

      Why wasn’t the mother driving? What about the dangers this very bad driver clearly posed to her younger kids in the car? So many things wrong with this case. It was a really really bad accident that happened NOT because the driver was driving defensively but because she was incompetent. Plus she was driving illegally.

      I was there at the scene and it looks like the poor injured man will not see justice.

    300. Inexperienced driver kid panicked and hit the gas instead of the brakes. We have all been new drivers and some of us have new diver kids. There is risk there. Don’t ruin her life. Right decision. Don’t let her moms stupidity hurt her.

      •' Sandra says:

        Jeff, would you feel differently if she had mowed down you or your wife? She is 18, old enough to vote and serve in the military. She is an adult, not a kid. She consciously got behind the wheel of a car knowing full well she had no right to do so. God forbid we ruin a little of her life! The man she hit will suffer with his ruined life for many years to come. Driver & her mother guilty of depraved indifference for human life. Sincerely hope he files a civil suit against her & the mother.

      •' Felicity G says:

        No she didn’t “hit the gas instead of the brakes.”

        The “official” story which has changed over time was that she was trying to get out of the way of someone turning left into her lane. But that’s not true either as was clear at the scene.

        This was during extremely slow traffic on a lazy February.

        She was clearly distracted probably on her phone, or talking to her mom or young siblings.

        And to pile right into a pedestrian way up on the sidewalk (nowhere near the intersection) like that was NOT about being “inexperienced.”

        She should never receive a license, should go to jail, and afterwards do community service . At the very least.

        And her mother lied to the police about a lot of stuff.

        No, those of us with driver age kids do NOT universally support leniency with no repercussions as you do.

        •' Doug Nahorey says:

          Felicity was in the car and knows the girl floored it with murderous intentions while talking on the phone. What a malicious nitwit! Oh and Felicity never talks to other passengers while she’s driving…because that’s a jailable offence. This miserable human would throw a girl (yes an 18 year old is a kid) in jail for a mistake that led to a tragic result. And Sandra is just as bad. Of course I’d feel different if my loved one died as a result of an accident. That’s a moronic question. Any objective observer would realize this was a tragic accident

    301.' Sandra says:

      Outdoor events and gatherings of more than 250 persons are prohibited unless it is a “protest” supporting BLM.

      •' Winston says:

        Sandra says:
        July 16, 2020 at 2:43 pm
        Outdoor events and gatherings of more than 250 persons are prohibited unless it is a “protest” supporting BLM.

        …AND TRUMP RALLIES…right???
        …AND FOR VOTING (later on this year)…right???

    302.' REGGIE says:

      Is Wolf’s family business still exempt.Welcome to Socialism and a Tin plated despot.Only two other states sent more to their deaths than this Governor.Can’t wait to vote him out.He is not for our health and welfare but hatred of one man.

    303.' Fred Oster says:

      Don’t worry everything will be ok once we get past Nov 3

      • Well the virus will still be here but at least after Nov 3 the media will finally stop the 24/7 drumbeat of end-of-the-world panic reporting. They will have either been successful in their quest to oust Trump, or he will have won another 4 years….but since he can’t run again maybe the media will STFU and go back to being somewhat nonpartisan

    304.' Cecil Taylor says:

      And there it is, right on time.

      The unsavory mix of conspiracy minded “anti-maskers”, young people who think it doesn’t matter, the crazies that decided Myrtle Beach and Florida were good places to vacation as a pandemic spikes there, and all-around dummies are going to ensure that this goes on for a long…long…long…long time.

      Watching the success of the EU and Asia while we fail so badly is truly depressing.

      If the Black Plague hit today there’s no doubt we’d have a lot of our neighbors take up rat-licking as a hobby.

      • Your comments are absolutely accurate. The USA is failing dismally in the battle to reduce the Covid-19 statistics and the reason is obvious: too many residents of the USA are selfishly ignoring the facts of virus transmission. Leaders in most European countries are setting examples and enforcing safe socialization behaviors such as wearing masks and avoiding crowds. Leadership in the USA is refusing to accept FACTS and is hosting major crowd gatherings and pursuing bogus medical practices. Thankfully, many state and local leaders in the USA are smart enough to lead their constituencies with the goal of safe guarding lives and, indeed, our entire society.

    305.' Tes says:

      If you do enough digging , you can find out plenty of who Gateway,llc is.
      A crooked Shell organization with lots of $$. They gobbled up many Commercial properties in New Hope out of nowhere . To just name a few ;
      1. The Bucks County Playhouse
      2. The Odettes property
      4. The Logan Inn
      5 . The current Clarion Hotel , which is a haven for Prostitutes and drugs.

      • I personally spoke to Gateway’s representative, Julie Yaeger several times after The Raven officially closed on Sunday, October 13, 2019, and more recently in September, 2020. She has confirmed that The Raven will be newly open sometime in 2022, and that any and all arrangements for the parcel of land to serve as a parking lot for The Riverhouse at Odette’s would be a temporary plan.

        She has told me that The Raven will return on three separate occasions. Either she is a liar, or the plans had to be delayed until 2022 (as she originally stated), in the wake of the Covid-19 ‘SCAM-demic.’

    306.' Paula says:

      Pulling down statues and changing names seems to be the rage now for injustice.In West Virginia a telescope is named after Robert Byrd once a Senator. Should we not change that name because of the awful KKK things he did in his past BUT he went from that to being revered DOES THAT MAKE SENSE??????You cannot erase or cancel History.It was not a easy feat to get where our country is today.Tell me where else you can live and pursue happiness.

    307.' Cecil Taylor says:

      Bravo. Appreciate seeing things like this in the local community.

    308.' Melvin Band says:

      Does Dr. Levine or Gov. Wolf have the legal authority to “ORDER” people to wear masks? I am under the assumption that ONLY the state legislature must first pass the law and then it has to be signed by the governor. Is there a lawyer who can straighten this out?
      My big concern is the fact that the Bucks County Department of Health has as its “Guide lines” the fact that when kids return to school that(a) the school does not have to check the kids temperature upon entering the school (b) Kids can sit just 3 feet apart and (C) they do not have to wear masks.

    309.' Sandra says:

      “…we felt it was important to continue to create awareness…” Morgan Freeman was asked how to stop racism. He said, “Stop talking about it. I’m going to stop calling you a white man and I’m going to ask you to stop calling me a black man.” Let’s listen to him.

      •' Cecil Taylor says:

        What makes you so uncomfortable that you’d rather cherry pick one convenient comment from one person instead of listening to the millions and millions of voices rising up at once?

        You’re free to put in earplugs and bury your head in the sand, but BLM is here for good.

        •' Sandra says:

          I am not uncomfortable, Cecil. Perhaps I choose to listen to what a black man says about this issue rather than some Lambertville artists who are virtue signaling and are not black. Whose life experience carries more weight? I’ll go with Morgan and what he asks of us. I believe BLM is here, but certainly not “for good” as you claim. BLM’s own founders boast about their Marxist training. Not good, not good at all.

          •' WJ says:

            Looks like your black man “crutch” has failed the test of time. Morgan Freeman has abandoned that position of, “…stop talking about it…”
            Morgan Freeman has joined the Black Lives Matter movement and the Hollywood star wants to hear from you as part of his social media campaign. As part of Morgan Freeman’s Black Lives Matter campaign, the Hollywood A-lister is opening up his social media channels to help amplify the voices of ordinary people.
            In an effort to continue the conversation beyond the protests, Freeman announced the initiative on Friday, June 5th.
            The Shawshank Redemption actor announced the following via his social media platforms: “Let’s continue the conversation. Please DM me your stories to repost.
            “Racism is defined as: prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior. This includes overt racism, systematic racism, micro aggressions, etc.”
            Let’s continue the conversation. Please DM me your stories to repost.
            Racism is defined as: prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own…

      •' REGGIE says:

        Thank you Sandra.Words of wisdom.Maybe they should also listen to Alveda King when quote”America wants solutions America wants leaders.No more tabloid politics” unquote. America is not a racist nation the 5% who yell the loudest are the ones who add gasoline to the fire and fuel the flames of hate.They have talked for 60 years and always the same old hate never a deed or accomplishment that they can point to.

    310.' Roger says:

      More people die in car accidents and suicide. Other flue seasons have been much worst. You are getting tested for monetary reset. From cash to bit coin and it takes a long time to load a computer system with all the money in the world. Nothing will ever go back to normal. How many people do you know who had it?

      •' Cecil Taylor says:

        “How many people do you know who had it?”

        Just listing people I know personally, as in I speak to them with regularity and could call their homes today (not counting people I’ve just heard about through others, which would add a lot), five.

        I know two that have it at this very moment that are active cases in Solebury.

        And I know a family of three that had it in May (my sister’s neighbors of the last 30+ years). The father died at the end of May.

    311.' Roger says:

      Look at it from the money stand point. Family destinations don’t want gays around not, good for income. Laws, and rights don’t make every ones mind accept. Of course they never intended to have a gay club. Guess the next place to go….

    312.' Peter Kaiser says:

      So is Gov Milktoast also gonna exempt rental property owners from paying their mortgages, and mortgage lenders from paying bond holders?

    313.' Melvin Band says:

      I was there the night that Dan Peele came before the New Hope Solebury Facilities Committee to present his plan and thoughts on how the school district could repair and renovate the six tennis courts based on his years of experience and positive results. His presentation went in one ear and out the other just as New Hope and Solebury taxpayer’s money goes from our savings to fund over te top expenses.

    314.' Sandra says:

      What a great idea!!!

    315.' Tim says:

      Oh Cece you’re proving the point. You and your ilk: “if you disagree with me you are either a poor ignorant rube or a bigot, racist…name your ‘ist’”. It’s such a turn off it drives people who don’t live on the coasts (or were educated in Madison) to vote for that d-bag. So thanks a lot.

      •' Cecil Taylor says:

        Now you’re getting desperate Timmy.

        When the “Coastal Elite” thing didn’t work out, you’re trying to paint Wisconsin as a liberal bastion.

        I went to college in the famous elite liberal cauldron known as Eau Claire, WI.

        Back to Menasha.

        Then a little over a decade in ultra-liberal, elite enclave Wadsworth Ohio.

        And now, finally, as I’m on the coast (of the Delaware River). Give me another few years and I may get to an actual coast before I pass away.

        Stop normalizing the glorification of ignorance and science denial. Your behavior is EXACTLY what lets them get away with it and why we’re in the situation we are today. As I said the first time – grow a spine.

    316.' Paul says:

      Poor management is being blammed for the Raven’s failure, but there’s more to it than that. Nightclubs are failing around the World in numbers. Millennial’s have no interest in the club scene.

      The Raven became an old lady and so did the clientele. What’s bothersome is the way that people were lead to believe that something bigger and better was to come. That’s one we’ve all heard before.

      •' Allen Shale says:

        I believe the reason the Raven was sold in the first place was due to court order. I don’t recall all the particulars but I think the owner took on a partner who started laundering money through the business and it got ugly, I may not be 100% on that but that’s my loose recollection. The business itself was pretty strong at least in terms of alcohol/food sales. Gateway to New Hope LLC is interesting, very hard to find any info online about them other than Compass Management Partners is doing business as Gateway to New Hope.

      •' Stevey says:

        Obviously you have never been to wilton manors Florida, the bar and night club resort scene is thriving with guys from all age brackets from 21 to 51 and beyond so your wrong

    317. various experts are all seeking the most painless, quickest way to coax back a person into abandoning their dependence on their addiction and seek out a healthier, more normal way of living. Some of the more effective methods are usually those practiced in sober living homes found in various places

    318.' BRENDA says:

      Sad.Next step will be changed mind build 10 Townhouses at one million a throw.Gateway makes money back 5 times over.New Hope will become a bedroom community trying to escape the big Cites such as New York and Philadelphia We hope they do not bring their failed politics here as we will all suffer.28 stores in New Hope closed!!! Next step is housing.Don’t worry about zoning or council there is always a way to get around them many pictures of Hamilton comes to mind.OH!!! can’t say Hamilton or see the play.

    319.' Carmine says:

      Shame that what made new hope special and different is gone. And then there was none … happy pride !

    320.' Joseph says:

      Just remember when the time comes to remember, and “vote” with your wallet, because they don’t care about anything else obviously.

    321.' Sandra says:

      Why did the Raven fail? It was a poorly-run business, that’s why. If it meant so much to so many people in the gay community, why didn’t someone or a group step up, buy it and turn it around? It was for sale. Gateway bought it. It belongs to them & they can do what they want. Less crying, moaning & nostalgia and more action would have prevented this.

      •' Mark says:

        I’d guess the physical assets were worth more divided up than as the operating business. It’s how progress gets between here and there, even when it’s unpopular.

      •' TJinBucks says:

        I know several business owners who looked at the property, and the structure had numerous issues. Also, it was priced at a SUPER high rate that made tear down and development the only really viable option for it. It was priced for demolition, not operation.

    322.' Paul says:

      Gateway did a Trumponian. It’s ok to lie is the new norm. It never made sense to believe they’d tear down a functional structure, and then come back later to rebuild it.They must think people are gullible.

      •' CINDY says:

        Sorry Paul your using wrong name.For 44 years Joe has been lying.I could give a list but that would not fit your narrative.Have a pleasant day.

        •' Tom says:

          Both are liars, fools. Worse — both are old men with outdated ideas.

          •' Carl says:

            Only one has been in public office 47 years while the other is an accomplished well-known businessman….Get over it – he won and he’ll win again dummie

            •' Jim says:

              As he failed so often in business now he has failed at politics. The world will be a better place when that loser leaves 1600 covid Avenue.

            •' Joe says:

              Yeah Jim- he failed at business you’re an idiot – he’ll always be a president and you’ll be a crying moron in New Hope…. The world would be a better place without people intolerant like you.

              BTW did Obama or will Biden not take a salary you idiot

            •' Jim says:

              No one failed more at politics than Beijing Biden moron

            •' Jay says:

              Can’t wait for Biden to be taken down… Trump is the best president in years Jim and you’re the loser!

      • minnifield@yahoo.ocm' Mark says:

        Astute comment. It didn’t sound right the first time around, and the proof is in the pudding.

    323.' Kurt says:

      Let’s just make sure we remember this deceit and betrayal when River House at Odette’s opens. It’s disgusting. Too many contributors to the demise of the last of the big, gay clubs in New Hope, including Raven management.

      •' Don Sparks says:

        If the deceit and betrayal of the Gateway Gang doesn’t presage failure for its doomed project, then the fact that River House at Odette’s has all the paucity of charm of a rust belt fulling mill, next to a stagnant slough, most hopefully will.

    324.' Don Sparks says:

      They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.
      Don’t it always seem to go, you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone?

    325.' Cecil Taylor says:

      Awful. Screw every last one of these a-holes.

    326.' Michael says:

      i knew it. i knew it. They were lying the whole time. They did not want a protest or an uproar.They knew they were not gonna build anything there.

      • Is there an expiration date on public protest and assembly? You can STILL use activism, protest, rally and resistance to demand that The Raven be rebuilt, in keeping with Spokesperson Julie Yaegar’s repeated affirmations to me by telephone that The Raven WILL be rebuilt, albeit later in 2022, which is what she repreated to me over the course of a year, and most recently again in September, 2020.

        ALAS, without challange there can BE no change. Print up some petitions and canvas the New Hope residents and ask them to sign the petition, and when there are several thousand signatures, deliver them to the city council and demand transparency and accountability to hold Compass Management Partners d/b/a Gateway to New Hope to honor their commitments to the gay community, and to rebuild a new and improved Raven (as they assured the New Hope Free Press that they WOULD, back in September, 2019), and then: Never give up, never give in and never take ‘NO’ for an answer (whenever public goodness is at stake) if Gateway’s management and representatives were not being honest and transparent.

        Because, the public good must ALWAYS outweigh the crushing weight of all private (and, now public and political) gain, which must never be negotiable.

        Life is a battle, fellow Ravenite supporters: If you don’t enter it armed——then, SURRENDER IMMEDIATELY!

        •' EddieName... says:

          What I can’t understand is why they tore a perfect good performance hotel and entertainment destinationsthat just needed a management revamp for a parking lot while less than a 1/4 Mile away was huge swath of empty land where the treetops catering hall and the cartwheel once stood. Would have been much cheaper to build on empty unused land ?

    327. John and Jeff are right Cecil. You are the reason We have Trump

      •' Cecil Taylor says:

        1. You realize John was responding to Sandra, correct? Try to follow how nested comments work.

        2. I lived the first 47 years of my life in Neenah and Menasha Wisconsin, aside from being away for college for four years, and three more at my first job before returning to my home town. If I’m the face of “Coastal Elitism”, ok. Menasha is so small town breadbox midwest, it no longer exists as of a few years ago and got absorbed into surrounding towns.

        3. Keep placating. 59,000 new cases yesterday. As of the past two days, the 7-day rolling average of deaths has begun rising again nationally for the first time since the decline. God forbid anyone should call out the people causing our country to be the BIGGEST failure on the planet during this crisis, due to Trump’s failure, his boot lickers (Ducey, DeSantis, Abbot, etc), and his throng of cultists.

        ““There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that ‘my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.”

        If calling bigots, racists, fascists, white supremacists, misogynists, conspiracy theorists, and science deniers “deplorables” is all it takes for America to turn into a failed state, we get what we deserve. Grow a spine.

    328. CecilI, want him out just like you but your “I’m smarter than all you unenlightened rubes” position is why he won 4 years ago and why he might do it again. Coastal Elitism is not helping

      •' Cecil Taylor says:

        It says more about the sorry state of the country that things like believing scientists and doctors, acting responsibly for the common good, and calling out conspiracy theorists, bigots, and adults that throw temper tantrums at Costco about wearing a mask in a pandemic are the things you call “Coastal Elitism”.

        I think it’s a shame that Fox/Breitbart propaganda talking point has even entered the dialog.

        Only in 21st century America is science “Coastal Eitism”.

    329.' Melvin Band says:

      In line with what Reggie is saying, of the 504 deaths of which 404 were from long term facilities,how many of the 404 were the result of returning these poor infected souls back to the facilities from the hospitals? Also the increase in suicides from this time frame from last year to this? Also the increase in deaths from opioid and alcohol addition?. You won’t get these numbers from the main stream media?

    330.' JoeSchmoe says:

      It is only common sense. It is proven that wearing a mask cuts back on the spread of infection. Protects both you and other people.

    331.' Joseph jesus says:

      I’m extremely disappointed that you do not honor the original 1st gay couple. I hope and pray race has nothing to do with your decision. Do what’s right and give historical credit where it’s do. Regardless of 6 years past or not. Shame on you.

    332.' Lisa says:

      I’m sorry but your article is wrong. My cousin and his husband were the first gay couple to be married in New Hope. He has tried to tell you this but you refuse to recognize your mistake. They were married May 21, 2014.

    333.' Sandra says:

      Pennsylvania Secretary of Health Dr. Rachel Levine is telling me what I must do? Don’t think so. I’ll put myself and what I want first, just like she did with her mother. When Rachel looks a little healthier, Rachel can give advice.

      •' Cecil Taylor says:

        And I’m sure you will be one of the complainers when your actions lead to “non-essential” businesses being closed again later this year and a stay-at-home order enacted.

        It’s because of this attitude that ‘Murica had 48,000 new infections on the same day that the EU as a whole (which has 115 million MORE people than the US) had only 6,000.

        It’s unreal that we have 25% of our population denying science because they get off on “stickin’ it to the libs”.

        The US is an abject failure in 2020.

      •' John DanaherYour Name... says:


    334.' Cecil Taylor says:

      Modern day Nostradamus:

      People will continue to act stupidly irresponsible, cases will continue to rise, bars and gyms shut down by mid-late July, other “non-essential” businesses and schools shut down along with stay-at-home order by September 1.

      Without sever measures mandated, people are too stupid and irresponsible to take the simple steps necessary to allow things to function safely.

      I want everything to reopen as much as anyone, but 20% of the population is still a lot of people and they’d rather kick and scream than put on a mask and keep a comfortable distance.

      We’re cool with “no shoes, no shirts, no service”, but a mask to prevent those around you from a potentially life threatening pandemic and “but muh liburties!”…

    335.' Melvin Band says:

      As I was reading Rob Staley’s comments about future generations the following thought came to mind. Wouldn’t it be terrific if future generation viewed the real Tom Wolf? How about erecting a statue in Gov. Tom Wolf’s memory with a human head and the body of a fish with the plaque stating, “When the fish stinks, it stinks from the head down.”

    336.' Sandra says:

      Hope it goes better than it did here in Solebury where they didn’t even print the ballot on the correct sized paper to fit in the machine! Not exactly a shining moment for the League of Women Voters.

    337.' Cecil Taylor says:

      Pennsylvania’s cases have begun to rise again in the last week, driven mostly by counties that reached “green phase” a few weeks ago. Numbers will be rising here again shortly. Downtown New Hope has looked a lot like Florida and Texas – few masks, no meaningful distancing, very little common sense or precaution.

      So just like Texas and Florida had to go backwards and order all bars closed, the same will happen here sometime in the next 3-6 weeks.

      If Abbott and DeSantis, two dyed in the wool POTUS boot lickers, knew they had to reluctantly go backwards and close all the bars again when their constituents refused personal responsibility causing an explosion, you can bet Wolf will.

      I’d guess the new upward curve in PA will continue because of the Facebook echo chamber denialist crowd acting like the pandemic doesn’t exist, so you can be sure the bars will be closed again by the first week of August – and at that point, heading into autumn, it will be the end for many.

      Japan’s citizens used common sense and universally wore masks and observed social distancing without whining. As a result, their country has continued to function well and they only have 971 deaths as of today.

      971 deaths in a country of 126,000,000. If we had acted just as responsibly and apply that same percentage to our 328,000,000 we should only have 2,500 deaths. Instead we have 128,000 dead today with no end in sight.

      European countries won’t let us travel there. Elective surgeries are being cancelled again in many places, nurses and doctors are working exhausting shifts to their breaking points while risking their own health and that of their families to help others…

      But I’m glad the anti-maskers and people that think “distancing is for wimps” are able to get drunk again. Somehow I think they’ll be the ones whining the loudest when the bars are shut down again in a few weeks, and “non-essential” businesses are halted in the autumn.

      Everyone likes to say “we’re not shutting down again” – but wait. If DeSantis and Abbott are, you can bet we will too.

    338.' JANE says:

      Remember who our council members and the enforcers are.Money talks and (@#$%) walks.Just like zoning play the game WINK,WINK.

    339.' REGGIE says:

      So we have a low mortality rate a treatable flu that most recover from and people that do sadly pass on who are people in my age group with multiple other issues diabetes,heart and morbid obesity. 504 deaths out of 638,000 residents.How many had died from regular FLU or were sent by our Governor to Nursing homes????
      Get ready for New Yorkers,New Jerseyians and other states that contributed to high mortality move to our area with there failed Governors and not learning that their leaders were at fault and bring there misguided views to our happy county.

    340. On 6/23//2020 My wife and a other couple decided to visit New Hope. We felt with everything going on we should support small towns and small stores. We spent close to $100. We parked in the Union Square Parking lot. We were about to pay at the kiosk , but there were signs that said do not use the kiosk, use the app. 3 people tried the app , it did not work. When we returned we had a $20 ticket. I contacted the police and they told me ,in a very rude way, to bad. In a time when small stores and towns should be doing everything to get people back, New Hope is not. Next time we will go to Peddlers Village(free parking) Goodbye New Hope. Stephen London

    341.' Theresa says:

      Thank you Governor Wolf for keeping Pennsylvanians safe! Thank you teachers for figuring out at a moments notice how to teach our students remotely! You all did a remarkable job!
      Nobody ever said that being a leader would be easy, it comes with challenges and complications at every stage! We are not out of the woods yet. Everyone keep wearing your face masks!

    342.' Kathy says:

      I Aam glad to have governor who is smart enough to follow the task force’s guidelines to reopen! Not everyone cares about keeping people safe. THE Amish Market in Bristol already stopped requiring customers from wear long masks..

    343.' REGGIE says:

      Thank you Governor Wolf while your family business is exempt and you and your Administration get a full paycheck as well as Teachers.Thanks for nothing was the old saying. Why can’t we monitor your businesses and do a CITIZEN ARREST when your not in compliance.Coward!!!!!!!!

    344.' Nck says:

      Do as I say, not as I do. Wolf is a joke. Covid is a virus just like the flu. Get over it and move on. It’s all about power. We need a Conservative governor in this state.

    345.' George says:

      I have to laugh, the lady in the front row, I would be willing to wager, would be the first one to scream at you for not wearing a mask. And yet, there she is with it below her nose. So, that would make it what, 50% effective?

      •' REGGIE says:

        Over 25 million and tested so far.These are the so called SPIKES by the Media but no a word about tens of thousands protesting(trigger words AVERT EYES NOW rioting,non peaceful,rioting)Your right George she would be the first to do Virtue Signaling and Pander
        and don’t do as I do!!!DO AS I SAY.

    346.' Melvin Band says:

      First it would be wise to click on the link that is in blue at the bottom of the article to read the FULL copy of the letter sent out by the Bucks County Health Department. What is truly shocking is the 5th paragraph from the end wherein Dr. Damsker takes what I consider a blase attitude.
      Notice, he is talking about using strategies similar to those used with measles, pertussis and other infectious diseases.The problem with Dr. Damsker’s response is that these other diseases HAVE A VACCINE DUH. No vaccine yet for Corona.Hopefully this realization will give Dr. Damskera reality check.

    347.' Rob Staley says:

      You go Mel !! Wolf is a weakling and a follower (at best) and (at worst) corrupt with how he exempted his own business. Doesn’t have an ounce of leadership in his entire body. Future generations will marvel at the stupidity and gullibility of Wolf and his ilk.

    348.' JaneAdele says:

      Council is right about one thing. “There’s going to be a lot of experimentation.” To begin with, the ROAD CLOSED signs are intimidating and are going to discourage visitors and shoppers from walking up Mechanic Street.

      SIGNAGE is crucial. Make the signs welcoming and friendly with notices that say that stores are open. Otherwise, it’s not fair to the retail businesses on Mechanic Street.

      Is the entire street going to be filled with tables and chairs, or just along the curbs?

    349.' Melvin Band says:

      There is an old expression that states, “WHEN THE FISH STINKS IT STINKS FROM THE HEAD DOWN.” And who is the head? it’s not the New Hope Borough Council. It’s not the mayor. The head is Gov. Wolf. That’s right, Gov. Wolf. The same Gov. Wolf that has seen to it that his “essential”business, making kitchen cabinets never closed.Yet the medical building being constructed next to Jamie Hollander had to be put on hold; The same Gov.Wolf that saw to it that even grave side funerals with a few people socially distanced could not take place; the same Gov. Wolf who holds press conferences without allowing followup questions that would challenge his first response.
      Small shop owners must ask themselves a very simple question. Is Gov. Wolf being overly cautious in allowing you to reopen your business? If you answer yes, then when you go to the polls in November, vote against his party up an down the line.The same people who goose step to his directives never challenging him.
      Being a lame duck, Gov. Wolf is untouchable, but the members of his party that are up for reelection are not. Remember it’s up to the governors not the president who are responsible to take care of business in their states. And when we look at the stats we see that an overwhelming number of democratic governors, not Republican governors who were too afraid to go to the Green Phase.

      •' Sandra says:

        Well said, Melvin Band. I like you!

      •' REGGIE says:

        Vote to secure our future.It does not take much to see who we should get rid of and who can put common sense back in the equation.NO MAIL IN BALLOTS.Melvin you are to be admired.We don’t see people clamoring to see a CHOP ZONES in Lambertville or New Hope or to take funds away from the Police.Pandering is not the way nor wringing hands.

      •' JaneAdele says:

        I agree with Mel that rulings tend to be arbitrary – whether it is Gov. Wolf exempting his own kitchen cabinet company as “essential,” or our Borough Council not fairly enforcing the “No picnicking/no loitering” policy they had in place during the more restrictive phases (overlooking the violators at the Playhouse restaurants, but removing the benches from Fran’s Pub for health concerns.)

        And I might remind everyone that several of the most populated states that opened very early and with little restriction are now showing large spikes in COVID cases. And it’s not just because we are doing more testing. So, I support the overly-cautious governors who had a careful, structured plan in place for re-opening. I hope on Friday, that those who are anti-regulation will just think about those around them.

        Wear a mask, wash your hands, abide by the restaurant/bar regulations for distancing, and stop with the rallying cries of “Free New Hope.” COVID has no political party.

        The cases in the U.S. are rising, and PA has the chance to do the right thing by being careful.

    350.' Cecil Taylor says:

      You know, very often I find myself on the other side of issues from Melvin Band. And it’s not because he’s ill-informed or anything – he obviously reads a lot and is well informed on just about everything going on around here, we just have very different takes on a lot of issues.

      David Damsker and his buddies have me in full agreement with Mr. Band – these guidelines are completely incomplete, irresponsible, and in some parts a complete joke.

      Three feet of distance (what are we adding, an extra 18 inches to how they’re normally seated? Why bother?) and no masks required? Right at the time of year when all models are predicting a sharp uptick in community spread, with a virus that often doesn’t show symptoms for weeks and spreads silently.

      Luckily at least some of the school systems seem to be looking into making online classes an option for people not comfortable with returning. At least I know my granddaughter won’t be going back in person to be part of this experiment; her parents are already planning to switch to homeschooling if her school only offers in person in September.

      This is a long way from over.

    351.' Melvin Band says:

      I would just like to add, having young children sitting just three feet apart all day WITHOUT masks, WITHOUT having their temperatures checked upon entering school in rooms with windows closed in cold weather( no air circulation)is a recipe for disaster. All that is needed is just one uncovered sneeze or cough to start a chain reaction. And keeping young kids in their place all day- lot’s of luck on that.

    352.' Patrick says:

      Wow! The caption screws the merchants of Mechanic St. royally! The shops are not closed on the weekend! These merchants are trying to survive as well so how about a little respect for the people who make the town so quaint and special? Restaurants aren’t the only ones open people; just so you know.

    353.' Melvin Band says:

      I have a question for Dr. David Damsker of the Bucks County Department of Health. If a teacher calls in sick, goes to a doctor because he has what he thinks is the corona virus, gets tested and a few days later,( still home sick) is confirmed to have the virus, will the parents of this teacher’s class be informed by the school- the principal and/or the superintendent that their child’s teacher has the virus?And how quickly will they be informed?
      Is there any law that prevents the teacher from notifying the parents and also the contacts that he has had in the school ( other teachers and other students) for the prior two weeks before feeling sick which in a small school or district could be a multitude of people.
      Now as you know, since the corona virus is not just an ordinary virus. The sooner people are contacted that they or their children may have been exposed the better the outcome.

    354.' Cecil Taylor says:

      Ahhh, here we go. Everywhere else in the world that reopened schools and had success at keeping infections in check required much larger social distancing and students wearing masks at ALL times – classrooms, hallways, everywhere. Throughout Asia and Europe they’ve had great success with it.

      Undoubtably the decisions Bucks County are making are not based on best practices, but instead making huge concessions to avoid the oh-so-rebellious “muh liberties” crowd causing a ruckus.

      There is no other reason to not require masks in classrooms and hallways, but now Damsker and friends don’t need to worry about the conspiracy theorists acting like their rights have been trampled by taking simple safety measures for a limited time during a worldwide pandemic.

      Good luck, guinea pig school children of Pennsyltucky.

    355.' REGGIE says:

      485 deaths the Bucks County population 638,000.Can anyone tell me the stats on this maybe Governor Wolf can.How many died in car accidents in Bucks? Heart attacks? Depression and suicide?How many died in Philadelphia violently in March,April,May.You may be surprised at the answers IF YOU REALLY I MEAN REALLY CARED.Yes any life is sad to lose but start waking up to driven agendas.

    356.' Guy faulx says:

      Hr 836 ended the declaration there is no green any more!

      •' REGGIE.. says:

        Sadly the Emperor Wolf does not listen to mere mortals.They can riot and protest in large numbers with no masks and social distancing by the thousands BUT that is OK with him.Dare to open a Hair Salon and the wraith of Wolf is upon you.Make sure economy fails everyone dependent on government and his dreams have come true.In his case it was never about health since he sent thousands to die in Nursing Homes throughout the state.

    357.' Sandra says:

      Where’s the folLow-up story/photos to this? Not enough people show up? Here in Solebury?

    358.' Sandra says:

      Scheduled from 11 a.m to 12 p.m. It’s 12:11 p.m. right now. Guess they are all on their way to the shore now or maybe some backyard BBQ’s? Feeling smug & proud now that their virtue-signaling is over for the day. I’m sure they took plenty of selfies to share with friends on their Facebook pages.

    359.' Melvin Band says:

      I would like to know if there is a connection between all of the recent rallies in support of Black Lives matter and an increase in the spread of the corona virus? remember, the virus does not play. favorites. I would also like to know which school board member will be attending.
      This is a school board that has remained deathly silent in answering a simple question related to Gov. Wolf’s decision not to allow ACTUAL high school graduations to take place,thus far, outside where social distancing (6 feet) can easily be maintained. The question is this: explain how the safety and health of the graduating students is compromised when these students observe social distancing?

      •' REGGIE... says:

        Melvin the rules do not apply when PEACEFUL protesting (said sarcastically) is going on for Wolf.I was also amused by another Governor Cuomo who was upset when he found two or three Businesses not FOLLOWING THE RULES for small infractions but again PEACEFUL protesting was OK by thousands and I cannot even go to St Martin’s to pray because they say so.You cannot cure stupid but when the time comes we can vote them out(NO MAIL IN BALLOTS PLEASE).

    360.' CommonSense says:

      Spare me. Can we pander more please?

    361.' Rob Divis says:

      When loved ones died during Covid the liberal elites, media, and governors would not let you have a funeral. And they would send armed agents after you if you tried because having a family funeral was tantamount to murder. Now a man has died whose death serves ther political purpose and at last count there have been 3 standing room only funerals each simulcasted on all the major networks

    362.' Melvin Band says:

      To answer the question I brought up in the last line of the my June 7th post, the answer is found in the audio portion of the May 28th School Board minutes around the 35 minute mark wherein the school board president skirts the issue stating that we can not jeopardize the health and safety of the kids. Of course, since these meetings do not allow any engagement (back and forth questioning with the public)the Board skirts its responsibility to the public. If the 100 graduates and 200 parents stay 6 feet apart, wear masks and have their temperature taken and have the graduation on a field measuring 360 feet by 180 feet totaling 65,000 square feet, how does that compromise anyone’s safety? It doesn’t. It was also brought out by a student that several districts wrote letters to the governor,but not New Hope Solebury. The Supt. replied that Harrisburg was closed. And yes my dog ate my homework.The wind up is that this district refuses to challenge authority, What a shame!

    363.' SANDRA says:

      Anybody in Lambertville is compromised who is in politics. I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine. Lambertville deserves the mediocrity of their politicians running for office. I don’t see a movement to DE-DUND police there. After all do they not tote the line with current cities as far as lecturing in word but not in deed? Always wringing hands and feelings but never logic. Crying but never doing, just words to placate the poor ignorant people who would never understand.(THEY ARE WRONG. WE DO.)

    364.' Melvin Band says:

      As a followup to the last line in my previous post, did the New Hope Solebury District submit a Health and Safety Plan to the state for approval as a prerequisite to being allowed to resume activities starting July 1 as stated in the first line of this article?

    365.' DEIRDRE says:

      Visiting July 3 to 5 2020 will we be able to sit to eat or should I bring my own chairs I hope shops will be open?

    366.' Kit Taylor says:

      How many black people do you see? 1, 2? That’s what gets me about New Hope/Lambertville. They grab onto national events and try to be part of it because they are the entitled bored. I recall 9/11 when many were worried that the bridge would be bombed by Bin Laden. That plane over PA? Why, it was headed for New Hope of course!

    367.' Deborah Vari says:

      On a promotional flyer recently sent to all residents Benedetta Lambert stated she is serving on the Fisherman’s Mark Board of Directors. This is not true. Fisherman’s Mark thought this misrepresentation concerning enough to issue a statement on their Facebook page and sent an email to their volunteers stating that she is currently not on the Board nor a volunteer. Intentionally misleading the public that she currently volunteers on the Board of a respected social services agency certainly challenges her campaign’s claim that they can be trusted. She should verify her board member claim or admit that she lied.

    368.' Cecil Taylor says:

      These comments are getting depressing. I guess even though New Hope has it’s progressive repuatation, we are still part of Pennsyltucky and there’s more than enough small town aging white guys that get antsy when they find themselves fading into irrelevancy.

      The good news is they’re being drowned out by real change being brought on by the youth in this country. The “back in my day” crowd wishing it was still 1953 will fade into background noise and be forgotten, as the small minded older people that don’t keep up with the times always do.

    369.' Ed Farley says:

      Cmon Doc let’s give the racial hypersensitivity and paranoia a rest. I’m so tired of people looking for and finding racism around every corner. We’ve spent a solid week of 24/7 on riot coverage. Then our local paper covers our local protest and our local reader MB comments that it was peaceful…and that makes him a racist. You can’t utter or type the word “looter” (even tho you’re getting it in surround sound by the media) without somebody accusing you of racism

      • How can you be tire of an non EXPERIENCE I’ve never had to look for racism it was introduced to me…the stage was set in the constitution? YOU MISSED MY POINT AS USUAL YOU’LL FLIP THE COMMENT AS RACIST…

        • We were not talking about the constitution but yeah that’ 200 year old doc is racist as hell by today’s standards. I think we were talking about EVERYTHING being racist by the hypersensitive standards TODAY. Black people run much of all local government and don’t forget 8 years of presidency but I guess that doesn’t count. Black people dominate sports, entertainment, and social life. And now you have former criminals like Al Sharpton taking advantage of a tragedy while true leaders like Cornell West are on the sideline

    370.' Domenick says:

      I’m a 62 year old white male who comes to New Hope quite often for the beautiful bike trails and great restaurants just want to say that no one has mentioned blue lives many policemen have been killed throughout the country and injured but no one seems to ever mention them just George Floyd if any of you ignorant protesters would read the statistics there is no inequality between black deaths and white deaths by the police Nationwide so let’s have some respect for the men in blue who are protecting you protesting right now disgraceful Behavior 4 our men in blue

    371.' Melvin Band says:

      Since Bucks County, at the very least. is in the Yellow Phase, then it should be a no Brainer to have REAL high school graduations. New Hope Solebury H.S, for example has less than 100 students graduating. In fact,on the Home Page of the district you see a class picture of all of the students which amounts to about 90.There is no reason why these students can’t march in to the stadium 6 feet apart and sit 6 feet apart on a field that is 120 yards by 60 yards wide. While there is only about 300 seats in the stands, the school could always rent out CB EAST or CB WEST which has 5,000 seats in their stands.
      So the question is, will the 9 member school board give its stamp of approval to have the outdoor graduation in early July?


    373.' Doc Johnson says:

      REALLY..MB..UNLIKE.why don’t you say what’s really behind your comparative urban vs Lilly white community which l love and was an resident back in the late 70’s when New Hope- Lamberville was pure l’m A black male turn 81 this month and can’t begin to under how l can read between the lines of your comment and PLEASE!…I don’t think you’re an racist,l DONOT but your narrative clearly has sublimual undertone that only an mature experience eye can see…your BOLD “UNLIKE” GAVE YOU AWAY JUST APPRECIATING HOW PEACEFUL IT WAS…NOT GRATIFYING…YOU JUST had TO REVEAL YOUR REAL URBAN BIAS THOUGHTS….I’ll leave out what’s synonymous with urban that cutely substituted with looters, Anarchists….???

    374.' Cecil Taylor says:

      Hoping this doesn’t fizzle out anytime soon. Right now we have the most serious momentum for holding the militarized police state accountable along with POTUS Bunker Boy, the wannabe idiot king.

      I do not have a Facebook because it’s one of the main cesspools that has driven us to where we are today and don’t understand continuing to support Zuckerberg’s business, but I just looked at the New Hope Free Press public page there and noticed even here we have a few local bigots peppering in their comments.

      I’m glad to see the younger generation carrying the torch on this one. My generation made incremental progress, but way too little and way too slowly. It’s going to take the generation of people under 30 coming into their own. Of course there are some backwards looking racists in any generation, but I believe the sheer percentage of them that grew up with multicultural touchstones, and hopefully friends, may finally be large enough that they will push for the changes that my generation failed to deliver.

      It’s crystal clear who is currently placing themselves on the wrong side of history, and they’ll be remembered as the George Wallace’s of our time.

      •' Sandra says:

        Cecil you say, “I’m glad to see the younger generation carrying the torch on this one.” They are young, white kids, bored with nothing to do. It was a nice day and they showed up because it was something different. Believe me, another week or two will pass, summmer plans will kick in and your “torch-bearers” will just talk about this down at the shore over some beers. Tell me specifically, what will change after their march? Before you go leaping to any conclusions, I whole-heartedly believe George Floyd was murdered and that police officer should be charged with FIRST degree murder.

        •' Cecil Taylor says:

          First, I’m glad we’re on the same page about George Floyd. We also need to recognize that Floyd’s murder was a tipping point – yes, the protests are about bringing his killers to justice, but we both know it goes way beyond that.

          In the same way that the police raid on the Stonewall Inn was a single event that erupted into an uprising in the name of LGBT rights, Floyd’s murder was a point when enough became enough. It’s great that his murderers are being held accountable, but this happens constantly and it’s time to stop playing whack-a-mole where we just wait for a cop to kill someone, fire or charge them, and move on until the next time without changing anything.

          As for them being “young white kids” – that’s exactly why it’s an important piece of the puzzle. There is a generation of kids of ALL backgrounds that overwhelmingly believe down to their bones that there is systemic racism and inequality in this country, and they will carry that forward as the Boomers die off, replacing the corrupt old systems with something intrinsically fairer and better.

          It’s incredibly important black kids aren’t alone fighting for this – many live it every day – but when those black kids and “bored young” white kids are all in positions to make hiring and firing decisions at businesses, or law enforcement decisions, or electoral decisions, hopefully it will be second nature of them to not perpetuate the corrupt systems that have stubbornly remained in place for too long.

          So while these kids local march is important for those reasons, the marches across the country have accomplished a lot already –

          We’re already starting to see quick action taken against individual cops. Beyond the murderers in Minneapolis, we’ve seen criminal charges filed this week against cops in Philadelphia, Buffalo, Los Angeles, NYC, Atlanta, etc. I guarantee you that one month ago those exact same actions would have resulted in “the officers were put on desk duty while there is an internal investigation”. Today we’re beginning to see assault being called assault and murder being called murder.

          What else specifically?

          Police defunding has begun. Major defunding in Los Angeles announced, Minneapolis city council about to approve it, just this afternoon NYC mayor pledges defunding, etc. Cops should not have budgets that allow them to purchase massive amounts of military style equipment and weapons. Once they have their G.I. Joe toys, there’s too many of them that can’t wait to try them out. It’s great to see tax dollars being shifted to other investments in communities.

          What else has changed specifically?

          Minneapolis has banned chokeholds. California has banned chokeholds. Seattle, Pittsburgh, New Orleans, Denver, D.C., and Portland all have proposals on the table this week to ban the use of either tear gas, rubber bullets, or both.

          Next? Hopefully bans on no-knock warrants. And on…and on…and on…

          And all of that in just about 12 days.

          So sure, in our small town these rich white kids don’t have to face the same threats from police that people of color do (regardless of income – we’ve seen enough successful wealthy black people treated poorly lately too), or even many poorer white people. This generation is not selfish enough to only care about themselves, as too many of my generation are.

          It gives me hope to know that as Boomers disappear off the planet, they’re being replaced with something better.

    375. This is all very redundant. George Floyd was going to get justice on day one, as proven by the prompt response by the Minnesota prosecutors and Justice Department officials. Did they not get that news? It’s sad these people have been worked up by the selective reporting by the media, and being homebound due to corona virus.

      •' Rob McHugh says:

        Thankfully, some of “these people” had video of the horrific incident. It’s not just about George Floyd, it’s also about all the similar crimes that aren’t caught on camera.

    376.' Melvin Band says:

      What impressed me about this Protest March was the fact that it was totally peaceful UNLIKE many major cities where there are Looters, Anarchists and Arsonists. Anarchists typically stay at the back of the crowd pushing those in front of them into the police resulting in confrontations.

    377.' Bill Spees says:

      Joe Simone…the shutdown and the riots are about one thing…the media’s mission to make Trump lose in November. And they will succeed. Creepy Joe will win (unless his Alzheimer’s shows in the debates). Good chance Kamala will finish his term. Try to imagine what the last 3 months of Covid and the last week of riots would have been like if Hillary won.

      •' Johnna says:

        Look, free speech is a beautiful thing. But dammit can’t you leave your partisan politically motivated bashing for Facebook or tweating? This forum was not intended for this and I for one am disgusted by it. Please restrain yourself from the political crap on this forum.

    378.' Donna says:

      No matter the reason for doing this Reno. I certainly hope they do a better job than the first go around! Including a more diversified selection of products. And yes, please improve your produce! New Hope-Solebury deserves better!

    379.' Stephanie says:

      First of all, it’s not McCafferty’s, it’s McCaffrey’s, so if y’all love it so much, call it by the right name. And I love Giant just the way it is. If they want to renovate the store, fine, but they don’t need to. My wants and needs are always met and I’ve been very happy with the New Hope Giant for years. Seems like people always have to find something to complain about!

      •' Bob haskins says:

        Steph…I have a soft spot for Giant too but their management isn’t qualified to run a taco stand. Every other store within 20 miles has long since overcome Covid shortages while New Hope Giant looks like Soviet Union circa 1980.

      •' rick says:

        we are all happy that “Your wants n needs are always met”! After all thats all that counts, You!

      •' JaneAdele says:

        I agree with Stephanie. No grocery store is perfect. But I’ve been happy with Giant and I wish them continued success. Their bakery department is top notch. People are friendly. And they’re trying to make improvements every day.

        McCaffrey’s is a quality store as well. Prices are higher generally, and the selection is more limited due to size, but it’s well-run.

        Suggestion: Do “hybrid shopping,” like so many of us do. Some items at Giant. Some at McCaffrey’s.

      • I agree, Stephanie. Most of the items I need or want are sold at the Giant.

        It’s a fact of life that all humans make decisions based on their personal needs and wants. Everyone, who has insight into themselves, knows this.

        Yes, I would prefer that they have better produce, but I can always choose to shop elsewhere for produce.

        For those who feel their wants and needs are not being met by Giant…The solution is simple:

        Make an executive decision to follow your own free will and shop elsewhere.

        Problem solved.

    380.' Sue says:

      Get rid of that dam robot and less loud stressful musac

    381.' JoeSchmoe says:

      I hope with the renovation they are also able to be fully stocked
      like every other supermarket around.

    382.' Joe Donnelly says:

      Isn’t the Giant supermarket actually in Solebury Township?

    383.' Bob Mills says:

      No need to improve the physical store. Just get some better produce! Put the money into fresher food, not redesigning a beer garden that was just done a couple years ago!

      As a long time local, I’ve not hear one person claim they go to McCafferty’s because of the decor. Reasons 1, 2 and 3 are produce, produce, produce!

    384.' John Danaher says:

      Again, I am disappointed and basically appalled at the hanging of an extremely large banner on the side of Starbucks building to support one group in our “Embraceable” town when requests from “WinterFestival to hang a much smaller banner for our “Fundraiser” is repeatedly denied.
      Dana Stewart and I hung our banner..2′ x 10′ on that building for years before the current owner purchased the building.
      We are told every year that it is an “Insurance Issue”…..Really? Compare the size of the NHC banner to our 2’x 10′ banner and, in good conscience, tell me that it is really an “Insurance Issue”
      It would seem “Equality” only works one way in some instances in our town.

    385.' Don Tripp says:

      How wonderfully benevolent of a major corporate conglomerate to be so attentive to our small community. Could it be that the “locally” owned McCaffrey’s is cutting into the Giant’s marketshare?

    386.' Sandra says:

      Well, nothing like a little competition to get things moving. Giant has held this area hostage for too long. McCafferty’s is a beautiful store and I’ll continue to go there where robots do not block the aisles.

      •' JaneAdele says:

        It’s not Giant’s fault that they were the only store in town for a long time.

        If you prefer McCaffrey’s, good for you! If one prefers Giant, I hope you simply allow them have their preference .

    387.' Roger Mudd says:

      No compassion for the elderly.
      How about a crosswalk light in the middle of town so people dont’t have to walk so far to cross street. No place to sit with out paying. Side walks to narrow. If your old like I am and walk slow you get pushed aside and frowned upon. $$$ Rules Town. Try to get a free drink of water, yep water bowls out for dogs. Makes me thing about the spread of SAR-Covid 19 many dogs drinking from same bowl.

    388.' Don Tripp says:

      It seems to me that the work could take place day and night in order to expedite the repairs. But then again, this is the Toll Bridge Commission which for the most part, does not have to account to the local communities.

      Never have I seen a system where non-toll bridges are staffed around the clock with “patrol” officials. Security? How about cameras at a central headquarters? The staffing is a total waste of money.

      •' Sandra says:

        I asked. Straight from the horse’s mouth (a guy sitting in that little house on the Lambertville side) they are there to prevent jumpers. Now, don’t you feel so much safer?

    389.' Melvin Band says:

      I wonder what Gov. Wolf is doing about the 6 foot rule for the people in Philly who are protesting side by about the murder of George Floyd? Are they being summoned? Remember the corona virus is an equal opportunity protagonist. It doesn’t care who you are or what you do. If you are less than 6 feet, it will jump from one person to the next. In about 10 days this country will see how many of those viruses that were present on protesters took the leap from an infected person to a non-infected person.

    390.' JaneAdele says:

      To Sandra –

      New Hope has been designated RED for weeks now. Everyone in town was supposed to comply. The Borough removed benches at the south end of town because customers were sitting there to eat their food and not leaving. There is a huge electronic sign near the WaWa that says, “You know the drill. Social Distancing, Hand Washing, and No Picnicking after you get your Food.”

      So my question remains, why does this establishment get to flaunt the laws that have applied to all of the other restaurants in New Hope? The governor went so far as to say that restaurants could be fined for violating his order during the red phase.

      Hopefully, Bucks County will go “Yellow” on Friday, June 5th.
      And no, I’m not “happy with myself” for calling out an inequity in our wonderful town. I’m upset that rules are not enforced equally.

      •' Sandra says:

        “. . .flaunt the laws.” They are not laws. Do a little research on how a law becomes a law. Interesting that none of these “laws” are being enforced during protests & riots in all of the Democrat-run cities and states.

        •' JaneAdele says:

          Sorry you feel the need to pick apart words instead of addressing the context of my concern about inconsistent enforcing of rules, guidelines, laws – whatever you want to call it. Throwing in political digs is irrelevant too. Uh-oh. I used another trigger word. Are you going to analyze that too?

    391. It’s important to say right away how much I love this town and how grateful I am to have been raised here, as well as raising my children here. However, there are just too many inconsistencies with regard to the businesses in town as well as the residents.

      For starters, in the beginning of covid-19, there were three police in front of Fran’s Pub for eight hours a day. We would like to thank you for your police protection and making us here at Fran’s feel safe.

      Why are chairs and tables allowed at the Playhouse/Stella compound? Apparently it’s okay because it’s private property. When my customers come in and park on my private property, they are asked to leave.
      Amazing how the bench on the side of my property was removed for some B.S. about not being able to sanitize it. Do you realize how absurd when there are benches all over town still?

      At Ferry Market, customers are allowed inside to order. What happened to curbside? Folks we are in RED — read the rules.

      I think my favorite thing through all this is the wedding which was hosted by NHPD on Saturday, May 16 — serious!

      Maybe now would be a great time for property owners and shop owners to get their property cleaned up and looking good. Maybe it’s time for the borough to enforce its codes that were hand delivered, mailed, and even listed in the New Hope Borough Spring 2020 newsletter.

    392.' Tim o says:

      How dare these evil business owners who purchased these dilapidated buildings on the river, invested millions of dollars to rehab the buildings while creating many jobs for the area have the gall to want to reopen their businesses after going on 3 months of arbitrary shutdown by this clown of a governor. Welcome to liberal New hope… When you reopen we will be there to support you

      •' Becky F says:

        Except that they were NOT dilapidated. The Ferry Market was home to SEVERAL little shops, but the owner basically doubled the rent every couple years, and when he decided to kick them all out, they had VERY short notice. I *REFUSE* to go into the Ferry Market because of that.

      •' Jane Adele says:

        So, Tim O, what you are saying is that other restaurants in New Hope who have put their heart, souls and money into their businesses don’t count as much as the Riverfront restaurants?

        Why can’t they wait until Bucks County goes yellow on Friday June 5th, like all of the other restaurants have had to do?

    393.' Nancy says:

      The owners of the restaurant and playhouse, who moved to Doylestown approximately 15 years ago from Michigan, need to follow the same rules as the rest of the town, county and state. How dare them, that they assume the rules don’t apply. The sign is rediculous. This is a world-wide pandemic and is just as dangerous today as it was six months ago in Wuhan, China. Fine them; close them down immediately and the town needs to remind them that they are not special just because they bought another company from an elderly couple and sold the same company years laters, after the economy turned around, for a huge profit. They are just like the rest of us and the law is the law.

    394. When some people have so much privilege that restrictions feel like oppression….

    395.' Jean Cervi says:

      Two points stick out about the riverfront complex. First, as mentioned by Peter Markowicz, what is that big sign supposed to mean? Is New Hope not free because people need to wear masks and social distance? Is it not free because the powers-that-be decided to block off access to public areas and removed all benches so that visitors had no place to sit or to eat the takeout food they purchased? That reeks of a ‘buy it, spend your money and get the hell out’ attitude. Maybe those same visitors will remember being made to feel unwelcome after restrictions are lifted and will go elsewhere to spend their much needed dollars. Second, while other businesses were being gutted by the severe restrictions, the owners of New Hope’s riverfront complex continued making money by “being incredibly generous as to purchase those beautiful tables and chairs and providing porta potties for their visitors” (quote from a New Hope official). Note that those same visitors purchased takeout from the complex’s businesses and then sat around those same tables — the only seating in town. I personally have no dog in this fight but it doesn’t take being a rocket scientist to recognize the unfairness of what went down. Oh, sorry, I forgot — science is fake news these days.

    396.' JaneAdele says:

      Seems elitist, selfish and clueless, especially since the rest of the town has been asked to abide by the guidelines.

      Free New Hope? Really?

      •' Sandra says:

        ” . . .asked to abide by the guidelines?” Yes, asked and they declined. These are edicts NOT laws. Love your name-calling and the attempt to shame others into complying. Feel good about yourself now? I will definitely go there to eat & spend my money.

    397.' Ann says:

      Fine the owners for the outdoor seating.

    398. Yeah I feel bad for our seniors. You only get one senior spring…the funnest most carefree 3 months of your life. Wolf is weak sister, follower. No leadership. And don’t forget the juniors. Jr year is when the most important learning and preparation for the next phase of their life occurs. All wasted because of our gullible weak policy makers

      •' Student says:

        Yeah you people sound dumb. Even us TEENAGERS know that it’s a terrible time to open back up the county. NOBODY CARES ABOUT THE GRADUATION. WE HAVE MORE IMPORTANT THINGS TO TALK ABOUT!!!!!! I’m a sophomore at New Hope -Solebury, still learning online, currently WORKING IN TOWN!!!!!! I am doing fine, thank you for asking. Now. STOP BEING SO IGNORANT!!! Thank you for your time 🙂

    399.' Melvin Band says:

      I am curious to see what Gov. Wolf’s response to the four lawmakers request will be and how quickly he will respond. Will he answer directly or try to dance around the question. Remember, Gov. Wolf at his press conferences, refuses to take questions directly from the press. He also refuses to allow the press any followup questions to clarify what he said or to challenge his initial response. REMEMBER, in a true Democracy,the overwhelming, significant and crucial element is an engagement of ideas. You speak, I listen. I speak, you listen. Only Cowards refuse to engage.

    400.' Melvin Band says:

      I wonder, how many of the new cases and even the previous reported cases were and are attributed to students who are seniors in high school? You know which students I mean, the ones who will not have a Real graduation nor a Real senior prom because of Governor Wolf’s philosophy of “Haste makes waste”. What’s the matter, there isn’t enough room for social distancing on high school athletic fields which are 120 yards by 60 yards with a seating capacity in the stands for 5,000 people in some stadiums? And as far as a prom, likewise, the field is large enough.

    401.' Joe simone says:

      So we have a choice between a mostly insane lifelong d-bag sociopath and a mostly dementia addled dude with fake hair, teeth, and face who got thru college and law school (because of his limited intelligence) on plagiarism. We are f****d.

    402.' Steve Cohen says:

      Oh yeah, I’m gonna buy an $8 jack and coke in a styrofoam cup and bring it home and drink it while I have both those bottles in my cabinet. Moron.

    403.' Dave Taylor says:

      I can understand cabin fever but it will pass and it will pass a lot faster if people can manage to act responsibly and consider someone besides themselves. I personally know someone who got the virus and lived but it is not pretty, he has permanent holes in his lungs so while you are running around exposing yourself and everyone close to you remember the very bad results are not limited to death, this man will need portable help forever just to breathe in part thanks to *the rebels*

      •' FZ says:

        Yeah, I don’t know who you know who got the virus and got holes in his lungs, but, the whole world shouldn’t stop and is not responsible fore everyone on earth. It’s not cabin fever it’s part of making money to stay alive, we all can’t be essential, whatever that phony label means today

    404.' JoeSchmoe says:

      Time to reopen the State!

    405.' Mike Palasky says:

      Our children’s children will be astounded at the stupidity of policy makers in 2020. I’m an optimist in that I assume political and media norms will become less destructive in my lifetime.

    406.' Melvin Band says:

      Gov. Wolf doesn’t really care about the people in Pa. His family business in York Pa. got a waiver from the get-go. It is really an “essential” business making kitchen and bathroom cabinets even though at that time construction on buildings including medical buildings was put on hold
      . Now as far as Jeff Burnsides comments about being afraid, No body should be afraid of this Big Bad Wolf certainly not the woodsman who saved Little Red Riding Hood.

    407. Good Luck Steven! You deserve a BIG Success! You are a beacon of light in New Hope, long may you shine!

    408.' Melvin Band says:

      Have you noticed how controlling Gov. Wolf’s’s press conferences are? The media is NOT allowed to ask questions. I really don’t know whose questions they are considering the fact that just one person reads all the questions to Wolf or that medical doctor who keeps telling you to wash your hands for 20 seconds. In addition there is NO ENGAGEMENT, a back and forth regarding the questions and hence no challenging of Wolf’s replies. Imagine if Trump ran his press conferences this way..

    409. FDR said “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself”. He was a leader. All we get from this cowering follower Wolf is “be afraid. Be very afraid”

    410.' Tom says:

      does anyone know of a consolidated list of places in town that will be open and serving to-go cocktails? I’d love to go down this weekend and pick some things up, but don’t know where to go without calling every place up and down the street.

    411. Yellow doesn’t really mean anything. 2 months ago they said we have to flatten the curve. The curve has been flattened (which would have happened anyway). Now they’re saying we have to “bend” it, which has already started to happen. And now Wolf is starting to say we can’t resume life until there’s a “cure” or a vaccine. And we are all playing along with this outrage!

    412.' Bob Rizzo says:

      This is a ridiculous empty gesture, and frankly, insulting. This guy doesn’t have an ounce of leadership in his entire body

    413.' Art pereless says:

      Wolf you’re on the wrong side of history. You will be a leading figure on the embarrassment of these last 3 months.

    414.' John Waldorf says:

      Tom Wolf is inane and does not care about small businesses. This small effort will not help restaurants and bars who have already lost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Open up all businesses. Higher incidences of the covid will occur in homes where our parents live, they are typically older Americans with underlying medical issues. This is not rocket science. Why should small businesses continue to suffer. Open up the public parking lots and put the benches back out. We must be open for business. Our nation has gone from a nation of 50/50 lemmings /saners to 90/10 lemmings and saners. You lemmings need to man/women up and fight for your rights per the US Constitution.

    415.' Sandra says:

      Please clarify the time. I want to go.

    416.' Al Neeri says:

      What has New Hope Giant done to be so snubbed by its suppliers. Every nearby Giant or Shoprite no longer has shortages. NH Giant hasn’t had basic spices, rice, vinegar, paper towels, TP, Pam cooking spray for 2 months. Is it incompetence or is corporate putting them out of business?

      •' Funbud says:

        Ha! New Hope Giant is the most poorly run supermarket I ever had the misfortune to live near. Corporate may have it in for them but that store has always been a slow moving disappointment.

        •' Marketrover says:

          I agree, this Giant has the poorest customer service I have ever witnessed. Not only are they inventory issues still going on, but the little things like keeping the tape on the scales in produce filled.I went in one day and they were all empty. There is no pro active customer service. Why the store has no inventory still is a mystery. I have moved a lot of my shopping down the road where they actually have people taking care of you.

          •' Al Neeri says:

            Yeah I have always called their “customer service” counter the “ irony counter”. It’s the opposite of customer service. They’re only there to take money from degenerate gamblers playing the numbers. It’s 2 months since my last post and they still can’t stock their shelves. It took a full month just to switch a couple aisles. I give them a break during the dark days of Covid but in 4 months I’ve still yet to go and find everything on my list.

    417.' Tom Shebell says:

      This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Just open the state you braindead jerk!

    418.' Mike says:

      Yes that’s right, Grammy needs to die for your haircut and night at a restaurant. Let’s kill her already and move on. /s

    419.' Melvin Band says:

      Sandra says to defy Gov. Wolf. Here’s how to do it in a 100% legal way. Every small business owner along with their laid off workers and their families who are $uffering because of Wolf, must get out and vote straight down the line for the Republican Party whether you are a Democrat or not. Let Wolf feel the heat from his own people. Remember Pa. is a swing state with Bucks County a swing county They must start an online petition. And vote in person this November if you can.

    420.' JaneAdele says:

      What a wonderful idea!
      Need some clarification though. The Facebook notice says 1:00.
      The New Hope Free Press article says to meet at the High school at 1:30 with Parade at 1:55.

      Can anyone help out here? THANKS!

    421. In the DiNardo article, who pray tell is Patrick? I’m fully aware that I’m coming late to this very tragic saga, but when I reached the sentence that stated “Atty C. A. McDonnell who represents Patrick’s, grandparents”, my eyes glazed over, since no one named Patrick had been introduced in previous paragraphs.
      So intellectual curiosity inquires, who pray tell is Patrick?
      Thank you.

    422.' Sandra says:

      Let’s make Bucks County a sanctuary county for small business owners. Defy Wolf, just as he defies the federal government with his sanctuary policies.

      •' REGGIE says:

        That’s the ticket Sandra Like California defy and see if Wolfman sends in the Corona Police to PUNISH us.How did Pennsylvania ever get stuck with this dumb as a post Wolf.I am sure the PC correct group is rethinking their thoughts if they are a small business owners.Look how the Libs now think WALLS ARE GOOD NOW TO KEEP US IN.Who is Wolfman giving waivers to is also a question.

    423.' Bill Kennelly says:

      Well mr Milktoast aka gov Wolf will decide on yellow counties based on his guidance from Gov Cuomo. I hope he will remind Andrew that he needs to carry PA when he runs for president in 2024. FREE PA! We are not mindless children, we can make adult decisions about personal risk!

    424.' Jay Fiedler says:

      Maybe ask the actors and employees if they really want to be “protected”, or in other words,…unemployed, before you make this decision on their behalf?

    425.' Dave Mackely says:

      What a surprise! “Show people” towing the liberal line. Just busting chops (kind of). Seriously though, do you have to cancel the whole summer? We’ll know a whole lot more a month from now.

    426.' Frankie Roo says:

      Where is the outrage! We’re still following these tyrants and news anchors like sheep. STAY HOME if you believe the hype on TV and let the rest of us live. And by the way, Fauci is not the President, nor is he a governor. He and “the scientists” are there to advise the policy makers who then are supposed to make wise, albeit difficult, decisions. Doctors are focused on “do know harm”…they actually take an oath. So of course any opening before a cure or vaccine is going to do some medical harm and they would keep us locked up for another year.

    427.' REGGIE says:

      A staggering 68 percent of Pennsylvania COVID-19 deaths have occurred in nursing homes. That shocking statistic bears repeating. More than two out of three coronavirus deaths in the Keystone State had absolutely nothing to do with social distancing, business closures, travel restrictions, wearing masks, or any of the other measures “heroic” governors have demanded. Those have a single, common cause: the rapid spread of the virus among the elderly and other vulnerable populations in nursing homes.
      Gov. Wolf’s administration failed to implement a plan to protect nursing home residents that his own experts developed, but the ineptitude goes much deeper. Wolf also — in defiance of all sound science and basic common sense — ordered nursing homes to admit patients who had already tested positive for the virus, putting them in close contact with the very people most at risk of experiencing serious complications and death from COVID-19.
      New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, another Democrat who likes to lecture citizens about the importance of following his orders, is embroiled in a similar scandal.

      • And of the other 32% how many were over 85 or were residing in a nursing home before being transferred to a hospital? Here’s a crazy idea, can we segment our closure (I.e., “killing”) of the PA economy to the demographics that are most at risk?

    428.' Melvin Band says:

      Do to Wolf what the citizens of Wisconsin did to their governor. Take him to court. The judge sided with the people against the governor. The state is now opened.

    429.' Jean says:

      Punish,punish.Since the State has closed down why hasn’t he cut the staff without pay and let them apply for PPP and Pandemic unemployment and let’s see how fast they are protesting and uprising.Include the teachers in this and the STATE WOULD OPEN TOMORROW.How did we ever elect such a fool.

      •' Sandra says:

        I agree with your stance on the govt. workers, but eachers are paid by individual school districts not the state of PA. Talk to a teacher. They ARE working harder than ever!

      •' Common Sense says:

        Sadly, we did not. Takers from Filthadelphia (I lived there, it’s a dirt hole) and Pittsburgh elect their savior. Whomever gives the most handouts wins.

        The best part is my wife is not qualified for unemployment thanks to this idiot. Subs, who can work almost full time and take the crap assignments no other teacher will, are not eligible…considered seasonal help.

        If she were an illegal? Fahgetaboutit…she would triple her yearly pay. Liberals suck.

    430.' Melvin Band says:

      Not that long ago the New Hope Solebury School District spent a total of 28.5 million dollars on renovating and building additions to its high school and middle school. I repeatedly asked at school board meetings and facilities meetings if the labor was union, non union or both and how many layers of subcontracting there were. I never got a straight answer only a deflection of my questions. I also asked how many layers of subcontracting would there be. Once again I never got a straight answer. Understand this. The main contractor takes a piece of the action and sends the work over to the first subcontractor who in turn does the same thing until the last contractor is left with all of the work. So to make ends meet he cut$ corner$
      At the present time the district will spend 1.6 million for an artificial turf field and $200,000 for a new track. union labor? levels of subcontracting?

    431.' Brenda says:

      The Governor game plan is voting by mail.We all know where that leads and by whom STARTS WITH D. The Wolfman is not subject to the same scrutiny and bias as a Republican Governor would be UNTIL NOW!!! Don’t let them chip away at our freedoms.

    432.' Sandra says:

      “ . . .must stay the course and follow the law or there will be negative consequences.” When did the PA legislature pass a law about this? Edicts, yes, but law? He does not have the power to override the Constitution.

    433.' Bob C says:

      Thanks for covering this story. I support the picketers.

      “River House at Odette’s” is the worst thing to ever happen to New Hope. Not even open yet, and already hated by locals for a multitude of valid reasons.

    434.' Melvin Band says:

      What would happen if an 8 yeara old kid living in Lamberville makes a phone call to the police chief and says the following: ”
      “Hello Chief. I just want you to know that my father and mother are sitting in the living room with my four grandparents and a few aunts and uncles. None of them have on any masks. Do yuo want my address? Do the police have a right to “break up” this gathering?

    435.' Matt Lane says:

      Gov Wolf please tell your boss Andrew Cuomo that he needs PA to win the Presidency in 4 years, so he better give you permission to stop killing our state

    436.' Sparky says:

      It’s not about the job being done a few bucks cheaper by an out of towner, it is about protecting workers rights all around. Union labor provides a standard of wages and benefits that is not guaranteed by non union contractors. This is important no matter where you live or who you are.

    437. Oooh? Well didntn the River boat sell out of memberships to the roof top club at 1000 a pop..🙄🙄🙄🙄😏😏😏😏😏😏

    438.' Gene says:

      Profits over a living wage. It’s the reason most of what we have in this country is made in China. How’s that working out? It’s easy to hire non-union workers and win bids on jobs when you don’t have to pay the prevailing wage, health benefits that are usable, retirement or vacation benefits.

      •' Cecil Taylor says:

        But now the wealthy developers get to keep even more of their money as they build a boutique hotel catering to trust funders and soft white collar out of towners. No need to build a strong working class when you can just keep more for yourself.

        Better to leave the biggest possible trust fund for Chad and Buffy.

        Let them eat cake.

    439.' Sandra says:

      If they have time to stand around with a giant inflatable rat, I guess no one is hiring them. What does that tell you?

      •' Cecil Taylor says:

        It tells me that Gateway to New Hope continues to do what it does best – turn New Hope into an unrecognizable luxury spa while cutting corners at every turn. That bloated “boutique hotel” monstrosity was bad enough, and now Gateway is bringing a sex offender to town to do the wiring instead of supporting the union.

        Gateway is a blight on this town.

      •' Sparky says:

        Everyone of them is capable of working for lower wages, they are just unwilling. And thanks to their abilities and the protections their union provides they don’t have to. They’re there fighting for everyone’s standard of living. If you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything.

    440.' Mike Cox says:

      How can these comments make sense. They justify using a lower price when union contractors were not given the chance to bid the project. Money earned in the area usually gets spent in the area. You get what you pay for. Cheap labor gets cheap results.
      Keep drinking the cool aid.
      I hope the guys working there come back and spend their earnings in the area not in Elmer NJ.

    441.' Don Tripp says:

      If it’s just about the “price” then go to Walmart – where their employees are exploited. There’s a whole lot more of what made America, and labor unions created a playing field. Then came the union busting Reagan types and so-called “right to work” laws in red states. Now we have an income inequality gap that’s obscene. Many of whom are on the high side of the curve will soon be partying at Riverhouse Odettes

    442.' Cecil Taylor says:

      Union issues aside, it’s gross that they’ve chosen to give their money to sexual predator Dru DiSilvestro. Married guy that says goodbye to his wife, goes to work, and spends the day sending penis pictures to younger women that work for him telling them “this is what you’re missing out on”.

      Gateway to New Hope LLC is handing him money.

    443.' Pat Farley says:

      DT you just said it “officers protecting people from themselves”. If you are happy being a child of the nanny state that’s fine. But I’m an adult who can make my own decisions and decide which risks I want to take. Zero risk people are welcome to stay home and watch CNN panic (and ratings) mongering. I guess you would also be OK if the Lambertville po arrested you for eating a bacon cheeseburger, drinking too much wine, swimming in a pool with no lifeguard, biking without a helmet. After all we need armed govt agents to protect us from ourselves

      • Well said Pat Farley.

      •' Nicole says:

        It’s not about the risks you choose to take. It’s about the risk you’re imposing on everyone else. This isnt the equivalent of you choosing to eat a bacon cheeseburger, it’s the equivalent of you shoving a bacon cheeseburger down someone else’s throat, who doesnt want it. Please choose safety over your selfishness. You could be an asymptomatic carrier. Until people like you get this through their heads, we do need the policing. This is why we cant have nice things.

        • CNN is clouding your logic Nicole. Try to think for yourself. Free people should decide to go outside or not. That means Pat Farley AND other people who he might infect. Those, like you, who value “stay safe” above ALL ELSE, should stay inside until, well, forever…cuz this sh*t is never going away completely.

          •' Nicole says:

            The summons aren’t being issued for being outside. Don’t you think us free people who concerned about our safety should also be able to enjoy outdoor spaces with common courtesy and respect from those other free people who don’t care about their own? Wear a mask. Don’t get too close. That’s all people are asking for.

            •' George Hetz says:

              “Patrolman Wurpel stopped a group of individuals congregating”…”each issued a summons for failure to obey a lawful order”. Presumably that (illegal) order was to disperse, and these 3 young men decided to stand up for their rights. Yes the Chief should be punished and these 3 should be given citizenship awards

    444.' Mugman says:

      here’s the quote…“It’s a peaceful demonstration to raise awareness in the community that the electrical subcontractor they hired is not paying the area standard for wages and benefits,” explained Anthony Angelico, Business Representative for International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 269.”
      Question for y’all: You’re building a swimming pool in your back yard…You hear from the guy down the road that he’ll do it for $10K…You hear from the guy further down the road that he’ll do it for $8K…which would you choose?
      Have you seen what you pay for food in GIANT compared to the GIANT in Doyleston? Area Standards hopefully are at least flexible and may change over time but area standards are set by the wealth of the area you live and they aren’t codified which means property owners can still choose who they hire. Do you really want to regulate that?

    445.' Jon Rowe says:

      Is there a sidewalk there to protest on?

    446.' Spike says:

      Annex to previous message:
      Also appears no one is wearing gloves.
      Rat should be wearing gloves & mask too

    447.' Spike says:

      I wouldn’t hire them either !
      In pics, one without mask. All not social distancing.
      Please stop trying to cause trouble in our town. Thank you

    448.' Fred oster says:

      Let me get this straight. You’re mad at odettes because they would rather hire someone who does the same work at a lower price? Oh and you think workers HAVE TO live in the same county that the work is being done? What are you smoking dude?

    449.' Brian Hewitt says:

      I can assure you all that for every day that the liquor stores have been open throughout the pandemic, so have all of the parks, too, for some of us 😉

    450.' Jim murray says:

      Dan you’re not wrong. 3 months ago what would you have said if I said the govt will force private businesses to close, prevent people from leaving their house or going to visit family and friend under penalty of arrest, and force you to wear a rag around your face or face arrest? You would have said I’m crazy. Who’s to say that a slippery slope of virus police and detention camps are not going to be the next step?

    451.' Stan says:

      Every village has an idiot!

    452.' Cecil Taylor says:

      Glad to see the police doing the right thing.

      While I am in full support of the stay at home order and social distancing guidelines (yes, I trust the overwhelming consensus of scientists, doctors, epidemiologists, virologists, etc..), I also understand the economic pain the pandemic is causing.

      For that reason, I always feel conflicted when I hear of people breaking the orders out of financial desperation. It’s hard not to have sympathy for people choosing between risking their health and that of their families or paying the bills. It’s an impossibly sad choice for so many people right now.

      And then, on the other hand, there’s the people in this article. Zero sympathy. Whiners willing to sacrifice nothing for the greater good – these are not people trying to feed their families. They’re dude-bros trying to get in a round of “Ultimate Frisbee” or smoke up with their homies in the park.

      Thank you Lambertville police.

      (Queue the “patriots” piping in to compare an international pandemic response to Gulags in 3…2…1…)

      •' Chilly brown says:

        Hey Cece you don’t need to be Michigan AR15 kook to realize that cops arresting people for congregating in the “wrong” place with the “wrong” number of people is messed up. This is abuse of power and it scares the heckl out of me more than a bad bug that is under control

    453.' Beth O says:

      This is not America. Lambertville needs a police chief capable of independent thought and discretion. Instead we have a mindless automaton who slept through high school civics class.

      •' DT says:

        Beth, I don’t know the police chief but your comment made me cringe. Attacking and publicly disparaging a person may be free speech but it is mean. I don’t care if he slept through physics class or wasn’t good at dodgeball. What matters (at least to me) is that he does his job. From what I can see, he is doing just that – in this case the officers are protecting people from themselves.

    454.' Dan Benbrook says:

      Karen you’re so right. The media controls everything and have turned us into a country of mindless sheep. Viewership and ad revenue have doubled or tripled (its the only thing to see on TV or web). They want this crisis to continue AS LONG AS POSSIBLE. And these rich power hungry politicians and job for life government employees play right into it. And the sheep of America allow it to happen. Livelihoods are destroyed. People are arrested and taken to jail. Where does it end? Forced testing? Literal in house confinement enforced by soldiers? Detention camps? Don’t laugh…theyre already talking about setting up special “hospitals” just for Covid patients.

    455. I love your backstory. Keep up the good work. You are in the right place at the right time when so many people need your service to stay healthy and safe.

    456. Just wanted to say thank you for taking the time and effort to spotlight some of our locals during these trying times. And, finding the positive ways folks in our sister cities are adapting!

    457.' Joe Astoria says:

      How many untested 80+ year olds who die from respiratory disease, or regular flu, or pneumonia are chalked up to “probable” Covid? Yes follow the money. Also, the people who assign cause of death to these people are not immune to the Covid hysteria, nor are they immune to anti-trumpism. Even when frail octogenarians who are Covid positive die…did they die a OF Covid or did they die WITH Covid?

    458.' John Waldorf says:

      This article makes no mention of the Long Term Care facilities fraudulently labeling a death as ” caused by the Covid -19 when it is not. Who is doing the labeling? Follow the money. If a death is labeled as by the Covid-19 Virus this makes the numbers look worse and the state gets more money from the feds.

      Another consideration where do the older generation of people live? Long Term car facilities and Nursing homes. Wouldn’t it make since that these types of facilities might have a high rate than say the general population or a hospital.? I am afraid our country is becoming a bunch od lemmings. FOLLOW the MONEY.

    459.' Karen says:

      Nearly 1.25 million people are killed in car accidents each year. That means, on average, auto accidents cause 3,287 deaths per day. An additional 20-50 million people are injured or disabled.
      We are now going to BAN CARS…
      This is one Destructive Administration. Ask Yourself, WHY?
      He’s literally Destroying the lives of 12 million people of Pennsylvania. Something is so WRONG with this picture. While all around the World places like Italy, the U.K., Spain are all Opening they’re Economies.

    460.' Bev lawler says:

      Great article! So much talent and ingenunity!
      We should all reap some benefits from reading this amazing story!

    461.' George says:

      Glad your talents are showcased and enjoyed by your customers. Let’s have a dirty grey goose in the near future.

    462.' Confused says:

      I’m interested in why conservatives maniacally prioritize right to “life” above anything else when that right impacts the lives of pregnant women, but they don’t prioritize right to life when it impacts their own ability to sit on benches?

    463.' Melvin Band says:

      Does anyone have any statistics as to how many people, if any, who live in the New Hope Borough have died? How many contacted the virus and are now recovered?
      Finally,is there any information as to how long after an infected person sneezes in an open space- on the street in a park or on a path do the particles stay in the air and how long before the particles become inert- no longer capable of infecting someone.

    464.' JoeSchmoe says:

      My daughter is working on the front lines at St. Mary’s hospital
      with Covid patients. Believe me, staying home for a few weeks is
      not that difficult if we can save some precious lives. The suffering is real.

      •' ET McGee says:

        Kudos and respect to your daughter. Maybe for the next “few weeks” free people in this country can decide whether they want to shelter at home or assume a risk (to themselves and, yes, others who choose to venture out) and get back into an open society

    465.' Brenda says:

      One good thing Police,Fireman and First Responders are getting the respect that they deserve after their demonization from so many. I salute them as I always have for the great work they do.Wake up America the Wuhan Virus will not defeat us if we remain sane and rationale.