Published On: Wed, Oct 14th, 2015

Short Screenplay Workshop – High School Seniors / Juniors

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Date(s) - 10/14/2015
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Short Screenplay Workshop comes to New Hope! (High School Seniors / Juniors come on down)

Starting Wednesday October 14 . Eight weeks. Wednesdays 7-9pm. Learn how to write for film. High School Juniors and or Seniors interested in building their portfolios or planning on pursuing Film in College encouraged to join the group. Present writers pursuing screenwriting can benefit as well as we will work on tightening dialogue and compressing scene descriptions. Also welcomed are natural storytellers who want to learn how to pen their thoughts to paper in a way that will enhance what they already have.

In essence, there is beauty in words that become alive. Dialogue paired with accurately timed descriptions can be both wonderful and life changing for the writer as well as the reader. Get get a grasp on the rhythm that is screenwriting, once you learn, it’s life changing as well as FUN! That being said, I’ve found that it’s easier to find the general beat and structure when introduced to the screenplay format on a smaller scale.

I’ll show you how to get a good start in learning how to tightly tie your story together and make it flow. You will learn how, in congruence, produce a densely rich short story that will be a mirror to your short screenplay. This can then be as a starting point for a longer form project, if you should chose to do so. I will also share with you my own experiences of learning how to be a better more concise screenwriter by eschewing negative judgments that so often plague both beginning and seasoned writers. You can find all the info on my website:

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