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Posted By Charlie Sahner On Sunday, July 22nd, 2012 With 2 Comments

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  1.' Chris Paul says:

    Someone in leadership in New Hope has to pretend that they are a tourist coming into the town for the first time and see how they fare. We drove in yesterday to take a ride on the little railroad. Whether that was a good idea can be the subject of another discussion. But the problem was parking.

    When we parked on the street, the first payment kiosk we went to was dead – nothing. In the cold and wind we found another one. It would take my dollar bill, but it wouldn’t credit the bill for time. It would take my debit card but not give the option for a given number of hours. Gave up and went to the parking lot by the train station: $20 for a one hour train ride. When I questioned that, the attendant pointed out that I could park there for 24 hours, and seemed incredulous that I was incredulous about that possibility. Went to the large parking lot up the hill and finally found a place way, way in the back. Kiosk took my debit card and charged me for two hours without giving me the option for anything else. It took me ten minutes to walk/run back to the train, something my health doesn’t favor. Suggested to train ticket person that they need to say something about this on their website, but she wasn’t sympathetic and said only something along the lines of the city leadership doesn’t respect its small businesses.

    What is going on there? I don’t know, but I do know that with my out of state license plate I could have parked without worrying about a ticket. But I try to operate in good faith, an attribute not returned by a town with broken parking machines and excessive parking fees. I don’t know if it’s a problem with city leadership as the ticket person suggested, but I do know that I would advise anyone to stay away from the parking trap town of New Hope.


    NEW PA Dog Laws! No tethering of dogs outside for more than 9 hours in a 24 hour period. Lots of this going on in New Hope.

  3.' Sandy Hornor says:

    Charlie – You wrote the story below earlier this year, it is the best of many I read on the subject matter. Kroll was scheduled to be sentenced on 19 July 2016 but I can’t find any information available about that sentencing. Do you know what happened? Thanks for your reply.

    Timothy Kroll, 44, of Solebury, was scheduled to be sentenced Tuesday for participating in a scheme with partner Carlton Cabot to defraud real estate investors by using over $17 million as a personal slush fund, and covering it up with manipulated financial statements.

    But U.S. Southern District Judge Jesse M. Furman ordered that sentencing be adjourned until July 19. No reason was given, and public officials didn’t return phone calls seeking comment.

    • Hi Sandy, the PR team working for the U.S. Southern District unfortunately likes to duck reporters it seems, and their behavior in this case also begs the question of why they’re suppressing the terms of their apparent arrangement. Either way, this information is retrievable by folks like us online for $1 or 2 (, I’m just galled I the have to pay a government profit center to track down public information. Expected better out of Southern NY D.A. and court system.

  4. Charlie please do a story on an awful event that happened in the Riverwoods neighborhood this past Sunday. A resident was walking their Bichon in the neighborhood and another neighbor’s pit bull got loose and attacked and killed the Bichon. It’s the second incident with this dog. The police don’t seem to be doing anything. A mad pit bull that can kill another dog can certainly kill a 3 year old kid. Please publicize this.

  5.' Sid Ginsburg says:

    The question of a sign on the river, and the possible lighting of that sign, brings some points to be pondered. The Deleware River is a “wild and scenic” river. When we view the river we see a beautiful picture. That, of course, would be gone with the introduction of advertising on the river. Does anyone doubt that more concerns would demand the same treatment?

    The recent sighting of a bald eagle family along the river, between New Hope and Lambertville, has given many along the river the thrill of seeing bald eagles on a tree branch. Will eagles or other birds remain on the river with an electric light shining of the river?

    Borough council is correct, the river is wild and scenic and should remain that way. we are all proud and pleased that the river has been cleaned up over the last 30 years, let us not eye pollute it now.

  6.' Eric Bleaman says:

    I don’t mind the Peapod/Giant pick-up ad posing as an article. But the claim there is no fee for the service is simply wrong. I fell for it, created an account, spent time creating a big order, and at the end, saw the service fee. I deleted the page, disgusted by the waste of a half hour of my life.

  7. Your article on Mr. Gerenser’s circumstances said “you all know the story”, well I certainly don’t. And I bet there are more like me than the insiders who do know. Can you share your insider information with the rest of us?

  8. You did not include the Toy Shoppe that is opening on N. Main St. !!!!

  9. Is there a way to connect or recieve copies of your
    publication directly on email. If I don’t have facebook
    how can I read it daily.

    Thank you very much

  10. Charlie:
    This website just gets better and better! The community needs “The Free Press!’ Keep up the good work.

  11.' Robert Beck says:

    Dear Editor,

    I don’t get to vote in New Hope but it is where my business and social world is tightly rooted. My friends live here, I frequent the shops, restaurants and events, and I support many of the civic and charitable organizations. It is a very special place with a wonderful spirit. It’s my home and I care about its fortunes. If I could, I would vote for Mayor Keller.

    The Mayor and I aren’t of the same political party, but that has no relevance. It’s not about red or blue or what goes on in Harrisburg and Washington; it’s about how well he serves New Hope. When the river flooded you found the Mayor moving furniture out of houses on Main Street, not checking voting registration. When there is a problem in town he is on site, representative of all of us, lending a hand, searching for the right solution. He does a good job.

    Mayor Keller promotes the art community – an issue that matters to a lot of people – not just in words but in time and effort. He’s the President of New Hope Arts and a huge reason why it is such a vital and important force in the region. And NHA is not the only organization to which he devotes his time. The Mayor is very involved in the town he loves.

    Mayor Keller exhibits character and dignity – traits unusual in today’s political climate. He is a respectful man with an ethical sense of purpose. Mayor Keller has done an excellent job of looking after the safety, needs and interests of this marvelous, diverse congregation of individuals, and of being New Hope’s face to the outside world, and I hope we have the benefit of his service for another term.

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