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Road closures, power outages persist in Solebury Township

Municipalities throughout hard-hit Bucks and Hunterdon counties on Wednesday continued cleaning up after tropical storm Isaias.

While New Hope and Lambertville largely saw electric power restored late Tuesday evening, public works and PECO crews in Solebury Township are continuing to clear debris and restore power.

PECO has so far identified 29 separate outage points in the township, with about 31 percent of customers in Solebury still lacking electricity, according to township officials. who said estimates for power restoration range from Friday, Aug. 7, to Sunday, Aug. 9.

Likewise, West Amwell, N.J., officials said power restoration there would be a multi-day affair.

Solebury officials said they would update information about power outages on their website. They urged residents to stay far away from any downed wires, and to assume that wires on the ground or dangling in trees are live and extremely dangerous.

Road Status (updated 2:44 p.m. Aug. 5)

  • Pidcock Creek Road between Route 232 and Covered Bridge Road (Closed)
  • Lower Mountain Road between Street Road and Aquetong Road is closed
  • Street Road is closed at Atkinson Road
  • Lower Mountain Road is closed between 202 and Aquetong Road
  • OPEN (as of 8:30 a.m. 08/05) Route 202 between Lower Mountain Road and Ingham Road is closed
  • Route 232 between Aquetong Road and Old Windy Bush Road (south) is closed
  • River Road between Aquetong Road and Route 232 is closed
  • Laurel Road is closed between Sugan Rd and Comfort Road
  • Greenhill Road closed between Route 263 and Aquetong Road
  • River Road closed between Route 263 and Laurel Road
  • Sugan Road – one lane of travel is open between Meetinghouse Road and Chapel Road (use caution as wires and a tree are blocking the south bound lane)

An updated list of road closures is available on the Solebury Township website.

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